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Eco friendly display signs

Advertising is an essential part of promoting your business and making a name for yourself in the industry. However, your monetary goals shouldn’t make you compromise on other things that are important. In this time and age, people have finally turned their attention towards the environment, which has prompted the use of eco friendly products on a large scale.

Every aspect of life has been affected by the widespread decision to help the environment, and it’s fair to say that the marketing industry is also playing its part. Plastic usage is being regulated all over the world and with the help of environmentally responsible print and display; businesses too can play an important role in maintaining the Earth. This environmentally conscious decision means that businesses have to opt for alternatives that use recycled or recyclable materials or eco friendly display signs.

If you too are looking for such options, here is a list to help you get started!

·  Posters

Biodegradable budget posters are all the rage nowadays because of their quality. Not only do they help companies portray themselves in the good light, but they also help to preserve the environment. These eco friendly display signs make a great addition to promotional counters and are mostly used for outdoor marketing.  

·  Aluminium Extrusions

Made with up to 77% recycled aluminium, this option offers an environmentally friendly take on the traditional promotional products. They have a significant design appeal, but it is their structural integrity that has eventually made them the crowd favourite. Many businesses are now opting for this option in a bid to gain some positive PR from their environmentally conscious customers.  

·  Yard Signs

If you are a local business, you can make use of yard signs and bollards. They are a great alternative to plastic signs and offer convenience too. They are easy to set up and as they are lightweight, they are also portable.

·  LED Backlit Displays

Backlit displays are a preferred option for many marketers, but by adding LED lights to the mix, businesses stand to achieve much more. It’s true that these lights are 4 times more efficient and can last 10 times longer than an average light bulb.

·  Table Covers     

Fitted or loose, table covers are just what marketers need to promote their business, while keeping the environment safe. Textiles and canvas are materials that are innately recyclable and provide a great look to your promotional counters at business events.   


These are just some of the eco friendly display sign options that can help individuals promote their business, maintain an environmentally friendly front and impress their customers. The standard signage materials and products will always remain in fashion, but businesses that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet surely need to take advantage of this option.

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