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Fabric vs. Vinyl Table Throws

Custom printed table throws give your exhibition booth a professional look. Not only do they add aesthetic value to your stand, but also help you promote your business. When it comes to custom printed table throws, you can choose between many materials.

Fabric vs. vinyl table throws is the hottest debate when it comes to table throws. It’s often hard to choose the best option. Hence, we have conducted the research for you. So read on to know how each of these options can cater to your specific needs.

· Material  

The polyester fabric used for table throws provides a polished look to your exhibition stand. With the ability to hide away old and rickety tables, you can give off a professional look even within a limited budget. In this aspect, both fabric and vinyl offer the same advantages. So you can use either of the two custom printed table throw options to provide a splash of colour to your booth and help it stand out.

· Portable

Since you can easily fold fabric table throws, they are portable. Although they are easy to move from one place to another, folding them up can cause wrinkles. If you are in a hurry to set up your booth, you won’t have time to iron the cover. On the other hand, vinyl table throws aren’t so easy to travel with since they don’t fold easy. Transporting the cumbersome and heavy material can be a challenge sometimes. 

· Storage

Storing fabric table throws is as easy as ABC. Just fold it up and store it in a dust-proof space. Proper folds will cause minimum wrinkles and they, too, will easily vanish once you use a steam iron. Meanwhile, you need to take care when storing vinyl table throws. They can crease easily, so folding them isn’t a solution. They’ll be better off when rolled. Get a hard cylindrical object and then roll the vinyl table throw around it. This way, you’ll be able to use the table throw again, without dealing with any creases and wrinkles.    

· Waterproof

If your exhibition stand has a water display, it’s better to go for vinyl table throws since they are waterproof. Fabric table throws, on the other hand, will work just fine in situations that don’t involve water.

· Durability

Vinyl is durable and scratch-resistant as compared to fabric table throws. When it comes to measuring the resilience of fabric table throws, it can be a disappointment. Fabric is prone to tears and signs of wear. But the silver lining here is that fabric can be easily mended. However, if the vinyl table throw gets tears and rips, it’ll be useless. 

Final Words

These brief points can help you finally settle the debate of fabric vs. vinyl table throws. If you want to avail the best table throw printing services, Vividads is just what you need! With years of experience in the industry, our professional team can help you get custom printed table throws that’ll make sure you are the centre of attention at the trade shows. Email us at to get a quote today or call us at 1300 72 16 14 for more information!

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