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Floor Stickers

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The production timeline starts after proof approval. Based on volume and product complexity, each order has a different length of production time.

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Floor Stickers

From "sale" promotions at trade shows to airport terminal maps, floor stickers can help convey any message with a straightforward design and eye-catching display. With the power of visuals on your side - including drawings or illustrations for more artistic styles as well as large lettering in black and white that's readable from afar - you'll be able to create wayfinding signs without spending an extra cent!

From drawing attention (with sale banners) to helping retail stores promote products. Floor Stickers are ideal for showcasing messages clearly while still being inexpensive. Turn traffic into opportunity. Make an impression with professional custom decals that turn heads.


Indoor Use - Hard Surfaces (FLOORTEX Ultra Non-Slip Floor Vinyl)

  • Interior Use Only - Upto 6 Months depending on traffic conditions.
  • 250µ textured vinyl
  • Unique printable heavy textured surface for non-slip walk areas
  • Thick film ensures easy application and removal
  • CSIRO slip-resistance tested to AS4586:2013
  • Clean removability for up to 6 months
  • Print and go – no laminate required
  • Suitable for short term floor promotions on all hard surfaces such as vinyl, tiles, timber and timber veneer.
  • Ultimate advertising solution in retail and exhibition situations. 

Outdoor Use -  Hard Surface  (AT13 Heavy Textured Aluminium Foil)

  • Perfect for Exterior Use.
  • 290μ material with an aluminium foil base and a matte white vinyl coating
  • Highly conformable without shrinkage or memory
  • High traffic up to 3 months, Low Traffic up to 6 months
  • Drive-over tough - no lamination required.
  • AS 4586-2013 NATA Slip-Rated R11 approved non-slip surface
  • No over-lamination required
  • Fast installation and removal
  • Brilliant print quality with superb results
  • Suitable for applications to asphalt, unpainted concrete, textured and low surface-energy situations.
  • Ideal for applications such as fast food and liquor drive-thrus, shop entryways, footpaths, bike paths and transit platforms.


  • Click here to learn about Print-Ready / Press-Ready File requirements

FAQs related to Floor Stickers

Our floor graphics are printed on a high quality self adhesive vinyl. These are then laminated with slip rated or anti slip floor graphics laminate so they can be used in heavy traffic areas.
The floor graphics are  2mm thick.
Yes, our floor stickers are laminated with a slip rated laminated. This allows this graphics to be safe as well as increase the life of the floor graphics by many many months.
No, we currently only offer circular floor graphics. However, our floor graphics are available in various diameters to suit different installation sites.
We have a wide range of sizes available. The small size we currently offer is 100x100mm and the largest 1200x1200mm.
The default material of our floor decals is white. Similar to how most graphics are printed, any white in your graphic will utilize the white of the material instead of a white ink.
Our floor graphics are intended for interior use only. Mainly designed to be applied on to almost all smooth surfaces such as tiles, concrete, laminate floors and hardwood floor.
Assuming the decals are placed and used only for interior use, they can last for as long as 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance. However, we typically recommend replacing the graphics from the floor within a year of installation.
No, our high quality laminate will protect the ink adhesion on the floor stickers. They are not prone to fading at all.
Custom floor decals have a wide variety of uses depending on the industry. In most cases they are used to promote in store sales, wayfinding signage, social distancing messages and many other forms of advertising and informative signages.
Most commonly one person is more than enough to install your floor graphics.
Generally our floor graphics do not leave any residue behind. Incase they do leave any residue behind the surface can easily be cleaned with any surface cleaner.

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