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Mesh Banners | Fence Banners

Mesh Banners | Fence Banners

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Mesh Banners | Fence Banners

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About Our Mesh Banners | Fence Banners

Mesh Banners | Fence Banners - FAQ's

FAQs related to Mesh Banners | Fence Banners

Fence banners and fence wraps are essentially the same product, meaning there is no difference between the two. We use the two names interchangeably because there are people who know the product by one name and people who know it by the other. Other names for this product include fence screens, fence coverings, and fence mesh. Whichever name you choose to call it, you will be dealing with the same product.
Yes. As long as you stay within the dimension limits, you can create a fence banner at any size or orientation you need.
Our mesh fence banners are not hand woven. Instead, they are machine fabricated, ensuring consistently high quality and durability.
Our fence banners can be used in various indoor and outdoor applications. This includes, but is not limited to, construction sites, school sports venues, stadiums, city parks and sports fields, marathons, marketing events, advertising locations, building renovations, concerts, and tradeshows. In addition, these banners are an excellent solution for displaying brand names, business logos, project information, new products, attractive sales, sports teams, sponsors, or anything else in need of public attention. 
It is challenging to say the exact amount of light each type of fence banner will let through, but we can say that the mesh option will let more light through than the solid vinyl option. This is because the mesh option has a 70:30 permeability ratio, meaning 30% of the material is missing. This also results in the mesh option having a less vibrant appearance than the solid vinyl option. The vinyl fence banner is entirely opaque. Thus, it allows no light through. Even for unprinted or blank vinyl fence wraps, the default material is white.
The mesh and solid vinyl fence screens are made with durable vinyl material and UV/fade-resistant ink, both weather and water-resistant. As for windy conditions, the reliable vinyl option can be used, but the mesh option is better suited for wind due to its 70:30 permeability ratio. Even though both types of fence screens are weather-resistant, we recommend taking them down in inclement weather to avoid rips, tears, or other potentially permanent damage.
Your fence screen has been designed to last 3+ years with proper care and maintenance. To maximize the longevity of your fence screen, we recommend occasionally checking to make sure it is securely attached to your fence. We also recommend removing the screen during inclement weather and storing it properly.
No. We only offer single-sided fence wraps. 
Grommets are small metal rings inserted along the edges of your custom fence screen at no additional charge. These allow you to easily attach your screen to any fence using bungee cords, clips, rope, zip ties, or other hanging mechanisms. You have several different options for inserting grommets into your fence screen. Grommets are made from brass and are thus bronze in colour. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer alternate coloured grommets.
Several differences exist between the vinyl mesh and solid vinyl fence banner materials. Even though they are both produced from vinyl material, the mesh option is 225gsm, whereas the reliable choice is 370gsm, slightly thinner than the solid option. Another significant difference is the permeability of each option. The mesh option comprises woven strands, resulting in 30% of the banner’s overall material missing. This allows wind to easily pass through the banner, making it ideal for outdoor applications. This makes the banner slightly see-through, giving it more of a faded appearance than any printed design. The solid vinyl option has no holes or gaps, catching more wind but displaying more vibrant, bold colours. If you are installing a fence wrap on a large fence in a windy area, we recommend selecting the vinyl mesh option due to its wind-resistant properties.

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