Light Box Backdrops

No matter how amazing the design of your promotional backdrop is, poor lighting in the area can greatly diminish its impact. It won’t be as striking for your audience as you would expect them to be, and your brand message may not be effectively conveyed. To seamlessly convey your message, consider illuminating your subject and brand message using light box backdrop. Here is everything you need to know about light box backdrops:

What Is a Light Box Backdrop?

If you’ve heard about exhibition backdrops, understanding light box backdrops shouldn’t be difficult. Lightbox backdrops are just the illuminated versions of exhibition backdrops and are displayed in box format. Like lightbox signs, these are illuminated from the inside, making the graphics and text glow. This greatly enhances the visibility of your brand message.

Why Use Light Box Backdrops?

If you wish to make your graphics pop and make them come to life, light box backdrops are an ideal solution for you. They will make your stand more noticeable among, while also turning your SuperWall into a portable lightbox. As per your needs, you may also interchange the graphic skins.

Another important reason to use light box backdrops is that they come with LED light bars that are clipped at the top and bottom from the frame. The LED row produces a smooth, even illumination. If you already have light boxes, you can acquire backdrops for light boxes too.

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