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Posters are the perfect way to advertise your business in a creative and eye-catching manner. So if you're looking for posters, we have them!

Posters can be framed or unframed to display on bulletin boards, walls or in windows. Our standard indoor posters give your product the publicity and visibility they deserve. You can use these posters for any of your campaigns; showcase creativity with our eye-catching designs that make an impact indoors too! All our printers are colour managed, and ICC is profiled for predictable and high-quality printing.

  • Made in Australia - Printed within 24hrs in our facility
  • High-resolution full-colour digital print
  • Printed on 200gsm Synthetic Film
  • Super smooth with a Satin Finish.
  • Printed on UV GEL Technology - no lamination required
  • Huge Bulk Discounts


Popular Paper Sizes And Printing Formats:

 Below, you’ll find a paper size chart detailing common sizes in the A-class (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 Posters). Our easy-to-use online poster printing service is ideal for shops and retailers to boost sales & marketing. 

Size  mm  cm  inches
 841 x 1189 mm
 84.1 x 118.9 cm
 33.1 x 46.8 inches
 594 x 841 mm
 59.4 x 84.1 cm
 23.4 x 33.1 inches
 420 x 594 mm
 42 x 59.4 cm
 16.5 x 23.4 inches
 297 x 420 mm
 29.7 x 42 cm
 11.7 x 16.5 inches
 210 x 297 mm
 21 x 29.7 cm
 8.3 x 11.7 inches


FAQs related to Posters

A poster simply means an unfolded sheet of paper. They are large in size and can be pasted or suspended from walls, columns, windows and plates. Large-sized posters are preferred by our customers as they offer visibility and grasp the attention of the people.  You can use posters to introduce your business to your customers. They can also be used to provide information about your business or to promote any offers and discounts.  
We use 200gsm paper poster for indoor and yupo poster for indoor or outdoor use. Yupo poster material is water and weatherproof. They are the preferred choice of our customers who are looking to order a large quantity at affordable rates.
No. We roll our posters if they are large in size or simply lay them flat if they are small. We don’t fold them for delivery.
We use digital printing for the production of posters. We use CMYK colours with different inks and toners to bring your prints to life. This is the most affordable way to print the posters. There are fewer components involved in printing and there is also no ink-drying time. The starting cost is also less as compared to other methods of printing.
We prefer using Startrack because of its highest reliability. However, we may use any other courier company as we may deem fit.

Vivid Printing

Using the HP Scitex, we’re able to deliver high-quality, laser fast results time and time again. Experience the difference that perfect ink adhesion and HP-certified UV inks make with Vivid Ads.

Cutting Edge Tech

We work with the industry-leading Zund G3, a high-speed precision cutter that ensures there is no room for human error.

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