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Pop Up Gazebos

Pop Up Gazebos

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Pop Up Gazebos

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About Our Pop Up Gazebos

Pop Up Gazebos - FAQ's

FAQs related to Pop Up Gazebos

We use heavy-duty polyester for our pop up gazebos. This is a lightweight but highly durable and sturdy material for outdoor use. It is also colour sturdy and flame retardant, making it ideal for outdoor use.
At this time, the only size we offer for our custom pop up tents is 3m x 3m. This size (3m x 3m) is an industry-standard size for a pop-up gazebo. It is ideal for trade shows, marketing events, sporting events, or any indoor and outdoor event where you wish to establish a branded presence.
The tent canopy is made of durable, heavy-duty polyester material. This material is weather-resistant, water-proof, and scratch resistant. Reinforced strips are sewn into each seam, preventing tears and increasing lifespan. Your custom graphic will be printed directly onto this material using an advanced dye-sublimation printing method.
The tent frame is made from heavy-duty (45mm) aluminium metal designed to withstand repeated use in outdoor applications. A welded footplate is at the bottom of each leg made to provide added stability. The interior lattice of the frame provides additional strength and support to the tent and allows a simple setup and takedown.
The reinforced straps are strips of durable fabric sewn into the seams along the edges of the pop-up tent. These strips are offered in either black or white and provide added strength and lifespan to your tent canopy without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. The colour you choose to have your reinforced strips in will be the same colour used for the thread on the edges of the canopy.
Knowing pop up tents are mainly used at outdoor events, we have been sure to make our pop up tents as weather-resistant and waterproof as possible. The coated 600 dimer canopy has been designed to repel water/moisture and will not fade when exposed to sunlight. The tent frame, made of 45mm aluminium, will withstand windy conditions using ropes and ground stakes (included in order) and leg metal weights (optional). If you are experiencing inclement or severe weather with high-speed winds, we recommend taking it down to avoid any damage. Such damage to the product is not included under any warranty.
We offer full-colour digital printing for your tent at no additional charge. Our advanced printers use edge to edge printing, giving you the option to cover your entire tent with any custom graphic.
The longevity of your tent will largely depend on the frequency of use, weather conditions when in use, care taken, and storage practices used. We strongly recommend following proper care and storage practices to ensure a long life for your custom canopy tent. With good/fair use and care, most tents have a lifespan of 1-5 years.
Yes. The comfort of standing in these tents varies according to the person's height, but even at the lowest height setting, this tent will comfortably accommodate most people. If you wish to have more room between you and the roof of the tent, increase the tent's height by extending each of the telescopic legs to any one of the four height settings.
Your custom pop up tent is not flameproof nor flame retardant.
Our custom design will be digitally printed at a high resolution using an advanced dye-sublimation process. This process involves having your design digitally printed in reverse on heat transfer paper, followed by both the paper and tent canopy going through a heat transfer machine that acts like a large iron. This transfers the image from the paper directly to the tent material, essentially dyeing your design into the canopy material. This results in a vibrant, high-quality graphic that will withstand rain, sunshine, and other outdoor elements.
Yes. If you need to order a replacement canopy, simply email us!
The premium carrying bag is portable and has rubber wheels that allow you to transport your custom pop up tent easily.
While it is possible to set up this tent with only one person, it is not ideal. Having at least one other person available to help will significantly decrease setup time and make the process much easier. When using two people, tent setup should take 5-10 minutes.
The tent canopy attaches to the tent frame using sewn-in Velcro strips on each corner. This ensures a secure and snug fit. To remove the canopy from the frame, retract the frame width to approximately 1-2m and peel each canopy corner away from the attached velcro.
When setting up your canopy at their premises, structural engineering certification is often required by government departments and event companies. They don’t allow gazebos that don’t have this certification. The certification ensures that the gazebo has been checked by a professional structural engineer so that it can withstand a certain wind speed. Our gazebos come with structural engineering certification.

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