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How to Keep Your Trade Show Table Throws Wrinkle-Free

Custom printed table throws can be the highlight of your exhibition stand at trade shows. It reflects what your business is about and also adds some colour to your surroundings. But once you are done with the event, they end up in a storage box, waiting to be used at the next trade show. And no matter how careful you are, they somehow get wrinkled along the way.

Wrinkled table throws give your booth an unprofessional feel. That’s why it’s important to know how to keep table throws wrinkle-free.   

If you too have been searching for some ways to keep your trade show table throws crisp and sleek, here are a few tips.

· Rolling Table Throws

Vinyl table throws need extra care to prevent wrinkling, and that’s why it’s important to roll them up before storing. Take a cylindrical object and start rolling the table throw around it. This will prevent ripping and will ensure there are no creases on the surface.

· Folding Table Throws

There’s a special technique to folding table throws so that they don’t wrinkle easily. Always start folding the table throw from the side that has the seam. Fold it on top of the table and make sure you smooth out the fabric to prevent any wrinkles. Fold the opposite side on top of the table and then the sides. Next, fold the table cover in half and then a few more times. Make sure it’s small enough to fit in a cloth bag.  

· Storing Table Throws

Since vinyl table throws are waterproof, you don’t have to be particular about storing them. But when it comes to fabric custom printed table throws, you need to keep them away from damp and moist places. It’s better to store fabric table throws in waterproof bags. Just slide your folded table throw in the bag and zip it up. Never stuff the table cover in a bag or container. All the efforts you put into folding it right will go to waste if you do so.

Final Words

These simple tips on how to keep table throws wrinkle-free can save you from a lot of trouble later on. If you follow these tips every time you need to store your trade show table throws, it’ll be easier for you to use them at the next event.

If your table throws are already beyond saving, it’s time to invest in some new ones. Avail the best table throw printing services at Vividads and get custom printed table throws that’ll highlight your exhibition booth. Email us at to get a quote today or call us at 1300 72 16 14 for more information!

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