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How to Brand Your Table Throw for a Trade Show

Do you want to turn heads at a trade show and want people to remember your brand after the event? A custom trade show table cloth is just what you need.
Custom trade show table cloths are a great way of branding at business events. They give your trade booth a professional look and make it look more credible. You can choose from different designs while keeping your logo and brand name visible. Not only will this draw the attention of the visitors at the trade show, but it will also improve brand recognition.
With customised trade show table covers, you can improve brand visibility too. Here’s how to brand your table throw at a trade show:

Limited-Print Area

If you have branded sufficiently at a trade show, you can keep your table display simple and print only in a limited area. Use only the front of the table to print your logo and brand name. This will keep your promotional efforts from looking too overwhelming. Choose a contrasting background colour to make your logo pop from a distance. Make sure that the size of the logo is big enough to be visible.

All-Over Printing

You can use all-over printing for your table throw if you have limited promotion space. Not all venues have as much space as you would like. It is also possible that you do not have other display options like backlit displays or LEDs. In this case, you can use the all-over printing option to ensure that your table throws are spotted even from a distance. You can also print a powerful marketing message along with the details of your company. All-over printing can help you turn your table throw into a promotional board. You can use this technique to attract more footfall at the trade show.

Front and Sides Printing

Another option is the front and side printing option. Print your logo and brand name on the show's left and right sides. You can also choose a promotional image to print on the table throw.

Table Runners

Table runners are a strip of fabric that you can drape over a standard table throw. If you have chosen a plain table throw, using a table runner over it can be a great option. Drape it over from front to back. You can also use a lateral table runner that runs the length of the table and drapes over the short sides. The print usually appears on the front to visible to the audience. You can choose from two different sizes, 28” and 57” wide.

LED Lights

If you want the spotlight on your trade booth, use LED lights that throw light over your table cover. LED lights are great for highlighting your custom trade show table cloth without creating glare. You can choose more dazzling display lights that emphasise your branding on the table throw.
Custom table throws to give a personalised appeal to your exhibition stand. While display tables are functional, they are not dull and unappealing. Covering your display table with a custom-created table cloth is bound to do the trick for your audiences.

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