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How to Use Table Covers in Trade shows

Printed table covers are potential lifesavers during a tradeshow. Stylish and trendy table covers help give off a good vibe and attract audiences to your stall. The table covers are specifically helpful for the more intimate conferences, as they allow you to present your brand image.
Generally, the table covers for tradeshows involve centrepieces as they effectively display the brand image and logo to a larger audience. Unlike the table cloth you use at home, the centrepieces are designed to reach the bottom. The centrepieces are designed with materials that don’t have wrinkles or stains that reflect poorly on your brand and representatives.
Here are some other important considerations that you need to remember when using table covers for tradeshows.

Types of Table Covers you can Use

 Before discussing using a table cover, it is imperative to study the types of table covers that work well during a tradeshow.
Heavy vinyl- Heavy vinyl is the perfect option for tradeshows held at a dusty location. The material can withstand the dust and dirt and look as good as new once the tradeshow is over.
Cloth- Cloth is another feasible option of table covers for tradeshows that you can use. The table cover provides you with the aesthetic touch needed for the presentation.
Basic Vinyl- Another option you can use is basic vinyl. Table covers made of basic vinyl are available in multicolour options. The choice is widely considered as it protects your delicate fabric from leaking water and drink spills.

Rules to Remember

The table cover you use depends primarily on the event you are looking to participate in. The colour scheme and the presentation style should reflect the brand image while staying true to the nature of the tradeshow.
In addition to the one mentioned above, some rules will help you effectively use the table cover.

  • Ensure that the colour scheme you choose complements the design of the booth. The signage and the banners displayed in the booth should have colours and techniques similar to the table cover

  • A brighter colour generally works in your favour as it attracts the audience.

  • Remember to ensure that the material you use for the table cover is durable and can withstand the weather conditions and the pressure in the tradeshow.


In addition to looking classy, using table covers offers us various advantages that help us gather a crowd at our booth. However, since the tradeshows often carry on for long durations, you need to ensure that the table cover does not lose its beauty and functionality.

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