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Promotional Table Covers: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Promotional Table Covers: Fitted or Throw?

Choosing the right promotional accessories for your business events and conferences can be a daunting process. With a plethora of options available, entrepreneurs often find it difficult to make the right choice. It’s important to know about the need of your business and product so as to select the most suitable option. Be it a trade show, a business exhibition or a conference, branding is a vital part of the process and with promotional table covers at your disposal; you can make the right impression.

One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to promotional table covers is whether they should go for fitted covers or throws. Both of them are a great choice, but there are a few factors you need to consider first. We are here to help you make the best choice for your next business event!

·  Size and Fit

4-8 feet is the standard size for promotional table covers, but when you opt for the right service provider, you can be sure that they will offer you a few customised services. The size of the cover can be altered based on your needs, but it’s actually the fit that you need to be concerned about.

The size of your promotional table covers can help you overcome a lot of common issues. If you have some extra stock but no place to store them, you can keep them under the table and the cover will easily hide them. Your stall will looks less crowded too. They are also a great way to hide unsightly tables.  

Since both of these options are available in the sizes you want, it comes down to other factors to help you determine the best choice for your promotional conference.

·  The Right Look

Some people prefer the immaculate look of the fitted promotional table covers, while others love the convenience of the throw. Both of these options satisfy the needs of a different market, so you need to be sure of the look you want for the specific event. If you want to portray a more put together look, the fitted table covers are the right addition to your exhibition pull up stands. For a more informal and laid back appearance, it’s better to go for the throw.

What Vivid Ads Can Offer

When you opt for the services of Vivid Ads, you get more than an average business can offer. You can opt for either a backside open promotional table cover or one that has a closed backside. If you have a corner booth, an open backside cover will do well, but if you have a stall in the middle of the room at the exhibition, it’s better to opt for the closed option. Make use of these resources to decorate your exhibition pull up stands to impress and attract the right customers!     

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