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What You Need to Know About Open house signs

Everything You Need to Know about Open House Signs

Open house signs are a key tool in the real estate agent’s advertising arsenal. They have been using them since the beginning of times. In fact the success of real estate open house events is largely dependent on how well the agents market it to the neighbouring community with their outdoor signage.

Knowing the right kind of signage material and where to put open house signs is crucial for pulling people in from busy roads and offices and guide them to the right location in a way that they don’t have to ask questions like which house on the block is on sale and open for viewing.

A seasoned local realtor would be ready with his signs along with a fool-proof marketing strategy in for promoting the property on sale. In this post, we’re going to give you a roundup of everything you should know about open house signs so you can make the most of them.

Common Types of Open house signs

There’s a variety of open house signs available for you to choose from. Each type serves its own special purpose. Let’s have a closer look.

1. Riders

These are smaller signs used in combination with larger ‘House for Sale’ signs. They can be positioned above or below the main image and are designed to include additional supporting information such as certain appealing features of the house.

2. A-Frame Signs or Sandwich Boards

These multi-purpose signs are easy to set up on a sidewalk or pavement in the locality to advertise an upcoming open house. You can spruce it up with informational riders.

3. Directional Signs

These are mostly arrow shaped signs that guide potential buyers in the right direction and help them locate the open house easily. They can be very useful to be placed on nearby road intersections.

4. Flags

They can add a little extra flair to your open house advertisement. Flags are usually made of nylon or polyester and fixed to a metal or fibreglass pole for wind resistance.

5. Balloons

Bright balloons are also used sometimes to market an open house as an eye catching display. You can tie a cluster to the main open house sign. Some realtors go even more creative and form a =balloon on the driveway to create a happy and colourful atmosphere around the house.

Tips to Increase Buyers’ Attention with Your Open House Signs

·  Where to Put Open House Signs?

You should place your open house signs in high-traffic places. This does not only mean car traffic but also foot traffic. Busy streets and sidewalks are good locations. Directional signs are best placed on road and street intersections.

·  Follow Local Rules

Some cities and neighbourhoods enforce strict rules regarding the placement of open house signs. Make sure you know all the details well in advance.

·  Use Large Font Size and Clear Details

Your open house signs must offer maximum visibility even from a distance and should be able to attract attention quickly. Therefore easily readable colour combinations, large sized font and crisp and clear details should go on them.


Open house signs are extremely important tools to get the word out whenever you’re selling a house. Work with your real estate agents to create the best open house signs in order to attract maximum buyer attention.


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