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Types of A-Frame Signs in Sydney

The Different Types of A-Frame Signs in Sydney

A-frame signs in Sydney, also known as sandwich boards are directly in the line of sight of most customers. You can place them outside your store, your outlet in a mall or even at a trade show to deliver your marketing message to potential customers. They are some of the best ways to display discounts, offers, and even a special menu to attract foot traffic to your business.

Keep reading to learn about different types of A-frame signs in Sydney that you can use for marketing:

Plastic A-Frame Signs

Plastic A-frame signs are folding display signs that are made of durable polythene. They can withstand the test of time and can even handle bad weather. This means that you can use these plastic A-frame signs at locations where there can be rough wear and tear, like parking lots, busy marketplace, construction areas, etc.

Metal A-Frame Signs

Metal A-frame signs are extremely sturdy, durable, and use a top-loading mechanism to display posters. The entire frame holds the posters instead of relying on clips. The frame comes with magnetic lenses, which hold the display posters on the frame. Metal A-frame signs in Sydney can withstand strong wind gusts and bad weather, making them very durable for extended use outside a store. You can keep rigid signs in metal A-frames because paper signs usually wear out very quickly.

Changeable letter boards

Changeable letter boards are a very creative way of advertising your message and customizing it as many times as you want. It combines the durability of the A-frame signs and gives the flexibility to change the message according to your needs. You can use sets of numbers, letters, and symbols to customize easy-to-read messages for your potential customers. It also looks creative and adds a special appeal for the passersby.

Sidewalk Rolling Marker Boards

Foodservice providers usually use sidewalk rolling marker boards. These are easy to move and also give the convenience of changing the hand-written messages whenever you want. Their wooden frames and writing surface makes it easier for restaurants to display the menu specials that they are serving on a particular day.

You can also show discounts and other noteworthy deals on it. These types of A-frame signs in Sydney can also be used to write catchy phrases, quotes, or puns to attract the attention of your potential customers. These signs can boost your marketing efforts if one of your customers takes a picture and posts it on social media.

Wind-Resistant Signs

If you have a business that relies mostly upon outdoor advertising or you operate in an area with strong winds, you are likely in need of wind-resistant A-frame signs. Their design allows the extra weight to keep the display upright and stable. There are also different models of wind-resistant signs like swinger signs and T-style models. All of them help in keeping your display stable against the wind.


A-frame signs in Sydney are beneficial for your business. They can be as simple as you like, or you can go for more durable options like wind-resistant signs. You can choose any type depending on the needs of your business, to optimize your marketing efforts.

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