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How to Install Floor Graphics

Floor advertising graphics are a great and cost-effective advertising solution for your business. As they can be used for various purposes, including marketing, advertising, branding and wayfinding, floor graphics are the ultimate way to grab customer attention.
Installing floor graphics is not a demanding process, but you have to follow specific steps if you want them to last long.
Here are a few steps on how you can install floor graphics.

Placement of the Floor Graphics
Before starting the floor advertising graphics installation process, you must ensure that they effectively stick to the flooring surface. The most suitable covers for floor graphics include vinyl, concrete, ceramic tiles and marble. Floor surfaces other than these can be too slippery, making it difficult for the pictures to remain in place.

Moreover, the surface of the floor should be in good condition. Installing floor graphics on a broken or uneven surface will ruin the overall appearance of the art, making it look unappealing. You also need to ensure that the floor surface doesn’t have cracks and chips.

Additionally, any silicone on the floor will limit the anchorage of the graphic, making it difficult for it to remain grounded. Another essential factor to consider is the floor finish. If the floor finish isn’t well-bonded to the surface, it will eventually separate, causing the graphic to lift prematurely.

Surface Preparation

Once you have found the perfect location for the placement of your floor graphics, you will have to prepare it for installation. If the floor's surface is unprepared, the life and durability of the floor graphics will be cut short considerably. The surface of the bed should be clean, dry and smooth.
Here are a few steps to prepare the floor.
Spraying the Floor
Before placing the floor advertising graphics, make sure to spray the surface with detergent and water. Avoid using soap or detergents containing enzymes at all costs. You will now have to clean the area where the floor graphic is placed. Additionally, it is also recommended to clean the area surrounding the placement of the floor graphics as this gives you a margin of error.

Once the surface is cleaned, you will have to dry it using a lint-free paper towel. The point is to have a sparkly clean floor without any remnants of the cleaning material.

Another essential factor to consider when cleaning the surface is to keep it oil and grease-free. For this reason, you can moisten the lint-free paper towel with rubbing alcohol (avoid any lotions). To avoid leaving any residue behind, you need to wipe the surface before the alcohol evaporates.

Installing the Floor Graphics

Once your surface is prepared, it’s time for you to install your floor advertising graphics. You need to remember that if you want the floor graphic to last longer, you will need to use a more robust and more aggressive adhesive. You can read the manufacturer’s note or call professionals to install the floor graphics to do the job more efficiently.
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