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What are different types of printing?

Different types of printing

Many people are familiar with digital printing, screen printing and laser printing. But do we know what they mean? For example, we might use laser printers in the office or at home. Still, we need to use a professional print company for marketing material such as leaflets, booklets, stationery, or flyers.

When it comes to professional printing processes, there are three main types:

  • Offset litho printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen printing

So what’s the difference? Below we take a look at all three.

First, what is the offset printing process?

With offset or “litho” printing, the image (your artwork) is transferred to metal plates and then from the leaves to a rubber blanket. Then the inked blankets transfer the image onto paper. The process is called offset because the ink is first transferred from plate to blanket rather than going directly onto the paper. Because of the time and costs required for the setup, leaves, and ink before anything is printed, offset isn’t cost-effective for smaller amounts and is usually only used when huge volumes are required.

What is the digital printing process?

Digital presses use powdered toner instead of traditional inks, and with the digital printing process, your artwork goes straight from your pdf to print. Early digital presses couldn’t compete with the quality produced by full-colour printing. However, substantial technological advances in the last couple of decades have resulted in digital print that’s impossible to tell apart from litho. Because there’s no setup cost or minimum quantity, digital printing is also perfect for smaller amounts.

What is the screen printing process?

Screen printing as we know it has been around since the early 20th century and is used for printing fabrics, wood, glass, signage, etc. The image is transferred to a fine mesh, and areas to be left blank are covered with a substrate. Printing involves pushing ink through the openings in the mesh onto the end material.

What is a high-volume print?

High volume refers to large print runs with tens of thousands of copies. The price per copy printed goes down when you reach these quantities. 

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