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Top 20 Standout Professional Bio That Inspires You

Does your professional bio make a declaration?

Here we've brilliant professional bio examples you need to evaluate yours and a series of free bio templates you could use to make it best.

If you’re something like me, you probably do not consider your expert bio until you’re suddenly requested to "shoot one over through e-mail." you've got approximately one afternoon to come up with it, and that's when you scramble, and the bio finally ends up reading like this:

"Rodney Erickson is a content marketing expert at something, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps businesses appeal to site visitors, convert leads, and close clients. formerly, Rodney worked as a marketing manager for a tech software program startup. He graduated with honors from Columbia College with a dual degree in business management and innovative Writing."

Woof, that becomes stupid. Are you still with me? I swear, now not even including a tidbit about his cats would liven that bio up.

To be fair, in positive contexts, your professional bio does want to be extra formal, like Mr. Erickson's up there. however, in lots of cases, writing a readable bio even conversational is a truly excellent element. which means dropping that traditional layout of listing your accomplishments like a robotic and cramming as much professional-sounding jargon in there as you can.

Here, let's dive into how you could create your own expert bio with templates for both long and short bios. Then we'll dive into the great professional bio examples we've ever seen.

Your bio shouldn’t be a laundry list of accomplishments, but a window into the individual behind the accolades. You’re more than your most recent position (especially when you have a modern startup title; I’m looking at you, ninjas, and rock stars), so consider the strengths that make you appropriate at what you do and the qualities that make you unique. these are what you need the person reading your bio to come away knowing.

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 Professional Bio Template

The template below is designed to help you write a “master” professional bio that you can then tweak for different situations. This template is meant to offer you a general framework only—if you find that you need to add an extra couple of sentences or determine that a section we’ve included doesn’t feel relevant to how you wish to present yourself, feel free to tweak it.

[Name] is a [role] who [how you help clients, customers, or your employer] by [something unique about your process or output]. [First name] [knows/believes] [what you know/believe about the work you do].

[First name] has [landed/secured/garnered/worked at/supported/mastered] [insert your most compelling experiences, accomplishments, and skills]. Currently [he/she/they] is/are [working toward/studying/planning to] [your next professional goal or some way you’re developing as a professional].

[First name] is [trained/certified/awarded] in [relevant trainings, awards, honors, etc.]. [First name] holds a [ degree] in [area of study] from [University].

When [he/she/they] are not [a brief phrase that describes what you do], [First Name] [can be found/enjoys] [brief description of compelling interests or hobbies you’d like to share].

Here’s an example of how this template could look filled in.

Matthew Chang is a social media manager who excels at creating campaigns and posts for nonprofits that make followers take action by combining strong writing and design with insights about the org’s audience. Matthew believes that the right post, seen at the right time, can inspire people who believe in a nonprofit’s mission to help the causes they care about and ultimately allow that org to make a bigger impact.

Matthew has driven more than 10,000 social-influenced donations to three different nonprofits, with over $200,000 raised for important causes. Currently, they’re working with GoodBoyGirl dog rescue to inspire not only donations, but also pet adoptions through Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok posts. (Matthew is always happy to share pictures of dogs they’ve helped find forever homes!)

Matthew holds a HubSpot Social Media Certification and has taken several graphic design courses through The New School. They hold a bachelor’s degree from UCLA where they double majored in marketing and English.


Every running professional needs a brief bio to make a positive statement about their ability set. whether it’s for a LinkedIn bio, Twitter account, or commercial enterprise website, this bio needs to be short and striking to captivate readers and invite them to examine greater about you.

  • Everybody desires 3 types of bios, long, short, and -liners.
  • The long bio can be a web page and goes on your website.
  • A quick bio is ready a paragraph and is used as your default bio.

Your bio should summarize your expert qualification and revel in accomplishments, and competencies. Each of these bios should make you stand out from different experts. They should provide an explanation for why people would need to work with you. With that in mind, here are 20 of the best brief professional bio examples. hopefully, you could use those examples to create your attractive bio.

When they’re not crafting social media campaigns, Matthew can be found biking around the city with their chihuahua Kyra on their back (don’t worry, the pup has a tiny helmet!) or taking in a Broadway show.

List of top 20 Professional Bio

  1. Ann Handley

Ann Handley’s bio is an excellent example of how even a few words could make the best impression. She is a skilled marketer and, even though many can declare this to be genuine, she inspires this type of credibility with her preference for words.

She encourages readers to examine extra by clicking a link on her website with little statistics she gives. Even after clicking the about page of her website, she continues things brief and easy by using dividing information into bullet points. If readers are interested to examine more, she offers a few applicable hyperlinks.

This bio used as her header highlights her achievements as an author, speaker, and associate in a major advertising and marketing employer.

  1. Allison Zia

First impressions are counted. Having a placing first sentence to your professional bio can hook your readers into learning more about you.

these first sentences are typically some words long however need to have a long-lasting impact. Allison Zia does this with the most effective five words: “I like to resolve issues”. It’s a formidable statement that makes you want to study more.


Allison’s actions directly to her work enjoy, specialties, and skills to maintain her reader’s interest. She additionally consists of relevant examples to relate to readers.

  1. Raphael Parker

You have to include your professional experience in your bio. Raphael Parker shows off his experiences in a very precise, unconventional manner. He makes use of the term ‘ex’ to refer to his work history. He then indirectly discusses his current work by offering it as a passion instead of a profession.


  1. Nikki Ivey

Being relatable is an extraordinary way to hook up with potential leads and customers. Nikki Ivey does this by sharing a heartfelt story about the struggles she needed to face to become the “sales teach wing-girl” she is these days.


 Her story shows empathy and allows readers to narrate to her. It additionally encourages communication among readers who may also have experienced a similar scenario. With this shared history, readers can get emotionally invested in her and make them open to working with her.

  1. Fernando Silva

Expert bios almost continually begin with the ‘professional’ element instead of the bio. It’s a common system to exhibit your credentials earlier than including a private touch to make it appear friendlier and more approachable.


however, Fernando Silva mixes things up with his LinkedIn bio by starting with private statistics first. He kicks matters off by describing himself as a “city dweller who likes to travel” and then proceeds to more professional details like his enjoyment of SaaS. Even though short, it is a totally passionate bio as it showcases things that he loves, like traveling and meeting new humans.

  1. Darrell Evans

identifying client pain points is vital in setting up advertising and marketing campaigns or an enterprise in standard. pain factors are specific troubles that potential clients can be experiencing. in this bio via Darrell Evans, he brings up a common pain point that most businesses suffer from: spending money on advertising and marketing and now not the return on funding. Darrell then offers them a solution by using telling readers about the kind of work he does and the benefits it offers.


Going similarly, he introduces who he is and what his organization does. He additionally offers readers some information and figures to indicate that his professional services are exceptional and assist them to solve their advertising predicament.

  1. Genevieve McKelly

LinkedIn is one of the most vital channels for promoting yourself. you will need this perspective when crafting your professional bio on LinkedIn.


A social media marketer’s mission is to instigate engagement or start a communique among readers or clients. Genevieve McKelly encourages this communication by way of giving readers ebook and podcast hints within a previous couple of sentences of her bio and, in flip, asking the readers for tips too. It’s an amazing ice breaker and makes her sound friendlier.

Apart from requesting brilliant reads and listens, she also throws in an enterprise-associated question. She then ends it with approachable words that welcome discourse.

  1. Gijo Mathew

another good use of the listing on LinkedIn bios is this situation from Gijo Mathew. A listing can help enhance readability and prepare information that, if written otherwise, can appear complicated. look-smart, it also makes the bio seem more compelling. in this bio, Gijo makes use of bullet factors to list data to express why customers should


Select to work with him. It makes his LinkedIn profile look extra thrilling and clean to understand.

  1. Karen Abbate

we love a very good listing. Lists are a very good way to arrange ideas or thoughts in a less complicated way for readers to understand. at the same time as it’s an unusual method in writing expert bios, it’s probably extra unusual that this example from Karen Abbate uses numbers rather than bullet points. In her listing, she provides six vital and superb things approximately her professional and private information. She makes use of an assured and professional tone, just sufficient now not to sound conceited. She starts by way of bringing up stunning brands she’s worked with and discusses her love for the whole thing on the internet.


The bio additionally details her instructional historical past, work enjoyment, and passions. She also stocks a non-public backstory and relates it to her work. All in all, it's far a revolutionary bio.

  1. Katrina O.

Katrina Ortiz does this in her LinkedIn bio. the first sentence alone sparks intrigue by using a line like “caught fire coding.” It’s unique and, in turn, intrigues readers. Even her name ‘Katrina O.’ catches your interest.


In just 3 words, Katrina should captivate readers and deliver them and concept of her work. As an enthusiastic software developer, she highlights both her professional and private reviews. She additionally shares the programming languages she is gifted with.

  1. Anthony Gioeli

Observe how his expert bio has suitable formatting. He does this via the use of a series of paragraphs and bullet points to provide information to readers.


while keeping your professional bio short and concise is powerful, you can also be specified like Anthony– you just want the right format.

  1. Richard Branson

Richard Branson starts off his professional bio by means of introducing the Virgin institution, a British agency he founded. he is a person recognized similarly for his disasters in addition to his many successes.

His bio summarizes his career, but the previous few sentences are the highlight. He shifts from an expert tone to more fun and personable one by using the time period “tie-loathing adventurer” and referring to himself as “Dr. yes.”

  1. Shaquille O’Neal

most professional bios, like some of the examples above, are written in the third person. which can make it sound extra expert. It also allows human beings to list their experience and qualifications without sounding like they’re bragging. Writing in the first person can also be particularly powerful.


This is exemplified via NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s LinkedIn bio. other than being a famous athlete, he also has a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate.

Since it’s something he is maximum known for, Shaq starts his bio together with his greatest success as a basketball participant. He then proceeds to his accomplishments and credentials outside of basketball by detailing his commercial enterprise ventures with a number of the big brands he’s worked with and his speaking occasions national. He is a man of many capabilities, and expert bio writing is one of them.

  1. Tim Cook

Tim cook is the CEO of the multinational technology company Apple when you consider that 2011. you'll assume that, with such a big title, individuals who go to Apple’s internet site have already got a pretty desirable concept of who he is.

though, Tim’s expert bio on Apple’s website doesn’t anticipate this. it's miles professionally written and highlights his function as Apple’s CEO. it's also the truth that he serves as one of its board of administrators.


Moreover, it narrates information about his earlier career and his time as COO of Apple. even with such an outstanding resume, he gives readers all of the information they need to recognize about him.

  1. Megan Gilmore

Any other top example of an expert bio on Instagram is from cookbook and food writer Megan Gilmore.

Most professionals try and set up themselves on one or systems first in place of selling themselves short on over five or ten other structures. specializing in a few structures lets you personalize the content for each platform, which means you’ll need two exceptional bios.


you may use those bios to pass-promote your brand on every platform.

Megan does this by highlighting her “no fad” writing style and listing down a few books she has written. After this, she uses a pointing emoji to link to her LinkedIn profile wherein readers can get entry to her recipes. This is a fantastic way to expose her credentials to potential ebook consumers.

  1. Marie Mikhail

When organizations search for recruiters, they might want to lease a person passionate and actually interested in the field and your product. Marie Mikhail makes this especially acknowledged to the readers. now not best does she specify her love for recruiting, but she additionally gives an applicable tale about it. Telling a story is also an awesome tactic in expert writing.


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A few won't find expertise acquisition the maximum exciting professional path out there, however, Marie does an awesome process of turning an especially dull topic into something exciting. This LinkedIn bio from her profile info her professional studies and her love for the enterprise’s merchandise. She also includes applicable qualifications to accumulate her profile.

  1. Corey Wainwright

Corey Wainwright’s expert bio on Hub Spot’s website is the definition of maintaining it adorable and simple. As mentioned in her bio, she is a content marketer for the company, among different things. With much less than 25 words on her bio, she offers A very approachable and friendly vibe to the readers. although it’s written in the third person, the bio has character due to its informal and private content. It’s almost as though she’s giving readers a chunk of her private life.

This expert bio connects to her social media profiles so human beings can learn greater about Corey. This type of bio doesn’t work in each scenario. Website sites require a more extreme tone, so it’s important to assess the medium before crafting your expert bio template.

  1. Audra Simpson

Another extremely professional bio example on the professional website is from Audra Simpson, an Anthropology professor from Columbia College. right here is the bio that she uses on the college website.

Professional bios are often written inside the first man or woman to present a personal contact, but in this case, it’s written within the third person to offer it extra authority. It additionally permits the writer to exhibit her outstanding accomplishments and qualifications without sounding boastful.

In a constrained area, the expert bio stocks her work revel in, and hobbies. It presentations Audra’s credentials, specializations, and even her work ethic.

  1. Lena Axelsson

You have to use a nicely-written professional bio in case you submit content material on enterprise-relevant websites. niche websites are an incredible spot to percentage your expert reports with folks who work in your area. In this example from Lena Axelsson, she starts her bio by first connecting with the readers. She recognizes the issues that her audience is suffering from and empathizes with them.


She then proceeds to explain how she helps customers and the advantages they could gain from her offerings. more importantly, she highlights her professional competencies and qualifications, how she differs from different practitioners in the area, and why she would be fine acceptable to assist the customers and their families. The final paragraph then showcases her educational background, a critical piece of information for readers. normal, the expert bio is compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable– tendencies which can be important in counseling clients.

  1. Rebecca Bollwitt

You have to include an expert bio on all your social media accounts and website. a few people craft a single expert bio template. however, every platform is unique, so it’s important to mix it up consequently.

LinkedIn is an expert community where you can show off your professional heritage and qualifications to prospective customers. Facebook is extra geared towards personal interactions, while Twitter is extra concise and direct. meanwhile, Medium requires a deeper and more targeted bio.

How to adapt your bio for distinctive situations?

Now that you have your “master professional bio,” you’ll need daily tweak it for specific conditions.

For every iteration of your bio, consider a particular reader and what they’d need every day to recognize approximately you, and then write for them. as an example, let’s say you’re on an alumni panel at your college. student attendees will want daily realize what they day-to-day are doing now every day to get the career they have got. In this case, your bio day-to-day reflects much less of your work obligations and more of the beyond campus activities, classes, and early-profession internships and jobs that led you every day in which you are.

We’ve outlined particular recommendations for a number of the most commonplace eventualities wherein you’ll want to put in writing an expert bio under along with examples.

  1. Your LinkedIn summary

Start with the aid of identifying how you operate or would really like to use LinkedIn. Are you content with your job, but trying to enlarge your community? Are you looking to attract recruiters?

Something you’re searching for, your LinkedIn summary has to assist your interest on the web page; a profile focused on networking in the enterprise will study differently than that of a person aggressively attempting to find a new activity. after you’ve diagnosed your cause, it will likely be a great deal simpler to tweak the above template for your LinkedIn summary. You’ll nonetheless need to guide with your function and different information from the first paragraph of the bio template. Then move on to something talents or accomplishments are most applicable to your LinkedIn desires. ultimate, share those goals. here’s an instance of a LinkedIn precis that follows this strategy.

As a field income supervisor with over eight years of revel in driving marketplace proportion growth in targeted territories, I have mastered the bits and bobs of pharmaceutical sales and territorial prospecting. After honing and executing those specialties to reach several organization goals, I was venerated with an invite to join the countrywide advertising Council. Now, I spend the majority of my time brainstorming income techniques and connecting with other industry specialists who're interested in talking keep. You can continually add assisting content on both aspects of this skeleton paragraph, together with a personal anecdote, preceding positions, or a project declaration. if you want a bit more inspiration, look at your hints for outside reviews on what makes you unique.

  1. Your Twitter bio

Even a snappy, 160-person bio can assist set you apart. to write an exceptional bio for social media, grab the first two sentences of the bio we just drafted. We’ve stuffed a lot of top-notch data in there: who you're, what you do, who you do it for, the way you do it, and what you believe approximately the work you do. Then make sure you’re stating it as succinctly as feasible. ultimately, squeeze for your pizazz. Keyword: squeeze. Don’t consciousness of unrelated quirks or superfluous info.

As an example:

Software program engineering whiz @belly spreading nuggets of coding gold related to mobile applications. 8-yr member of, an aspiring member of The Avengers.

If you’re trying to create a more critical social presence, although, you may pick to pass over the pizazz at the same time which includes all the same critical info:

A proud eight-year member of and lead software program engineer @belly. passionate about improvements in coding and cell applications.

  1. Your corporation website blurb

A bio on your enterprise websites like on a group or team of worker’s web page is in which you can opt-out of a few trendy details, inclusive of your name, in prefer of factors that distinguish you as a pro (or a person). in the end, everybody analyzing this knows where you figure and your task name will probably be listed via default. so that you can use the second and 1/3 paragraphs of the template to craft a bio targeted at what makes you unique.

Margot has handed every Clara bridge income aim by means of at least 84%, which landed her within the pinnacle CEM-dealer spot and prepared her for the challenging role of strategizing sales strategies for the countrywide affiliation of income experts. Her eager and modern insights in the regions of forecasting and sales pressure development have enabled Clara bridge to grow to be a national chief, with a sharp and certified group in tow to preserve the usual she helped set.

If that’s too formal for the culture of your office, and all your colleagues point out their favorite meal trucks, you can goal for a 50-50 break between the professional and private or something balance suits the company’s emblem.

Margot tops the income charts at Clara bridge. In reality, she’s beat each intention with the aid of a minimum of 84% without ever missing exercise as the train of her son’s (undefeated) soccer crew. Fueled via loaded nachos, she landed the top CEM-dealer spot and took on a position brainstorming sales processes for the countrywide association of sales professionals. now not best is she a seasoned in relation to forecasting and sales force improvement, but she can also propose a crew on wherein to find the excellent unfastened occasions inside the city on any given weekend.

  1. Your personal website or portfolio “about Me” page

Here’s in which you want to lay all of it in your target audience. you may use tons of the bio you wrote from the template above as you notice match and feel free to expand on something sections you’d like. Craft you’re About Me” web page so ability companions or employers understand what you could do for them and why you’re the man or woman they ought to rent.

For an instance: Chad Wilborn takes complicated technical ideas and distills them into person-friendly visuals to improve digital advertising and marketing campaigns for businesses along the West Coast. He has training in traditional advertising and a historical past loaded with marketing and image layout projects, targeted around modernizing the consumer enjoy. Chad’s portfolio demonstrates his potential to capitalize on every pixel for the overall gain of startups or established firms looking to reach clients. His offerings have gained multiple designs and branding awards, and he is excited to assist add your employer to his listing of successes.

However, don’t forget your brand! in case you want to show off yourself as an extra unique or quirky mild, choose a primary-person version with more light-hearted language. I am a current magician, except I transform complex technical ideas into consumer-pleasant pictures earlier than the eyes of your organization’s clients. I consider telling relatable stories via images, so I studied the basics of traditional marketing earlier than working my magic on company marketing projects for corporations along the West Coast. My portfolio showcases a lineup of my maximum latest tricks, which range from visual startup campaigns to Fortune 500 tasks—each of which has received design and branding awards. I’m always prepared for new design opportunities and have masses of room up to my sleeve for some more award-prevailing performances.

Things to keep in Mind

  • Understand your limits: just as your resume is best when it fits on one or two pages, your bio possibly also requires a positive period. whether or not it’s sentences, two paragraphs, or 160 characters, appreciate the restriction or threat it being arbitrarily chopped down.
  • keep away from jargon and buzzwords: when you spend nearly a 3rd of your life at work, it’s easy to forget that the rest of the world doesn’t speak your industry’s (or employer’s) language. Use your bio to percentage information and effect in phrases anybody will recognize.
  • Use your own voice: Write about what you already know best and write the manner in which you communicate. in case your bio readers ever meet you, an individual, they have to feel as if they already know you.
  • Write multiple drafts: Don’t simply throw something together and send it off. Write it, sleep on it, then come return to it and ask: “could I want to satisfy me?” Or better put: “might I need to hire or paintings with me?”
  • Don’t forget to update your bio: Your bio should evolve as you do. if you start seeking out jobs in special industries, have a new and interesting accomplishment to observe, or just feel ready for a refresh, go for it. Now that you’ve been given this draft down, it’ll be clean to transform your expert bio.                                                                                                      Read More: 52 marketing strategies for home service business in Australia    

Professional Tips for Professional Bio

The trick to writing a powerful bio is to maintain it succinctly, yet consist of all the most essential information that will spotlight your knowledge and experience. If you will be sending out your bio, for example as a part of a visitor put up, as opposed to posting it on a particular social media channel, it’s additionally a good exercise to conform your bio in order that it emphasizes the skills in an effort to best in shape that specific platform or consumer. that will help you make the maximum of the short area to be had, the following are a few pointers for how to shape your bio.

  1. Encompass your first name and surname first

The most important component that readers need to remember after studying your bio is your call. So, make sure that this is the data that you encompass first.

If you are related to any emblem or have your very own business call or alias, you may consist of these records as nicely after your name. To create a logical link, you can consist of your position or title on the business.

2.Describe the duties of your role

In addition to citing your job identify, you must additionally devote a couple of strains to describing your major responsibilities. you may use this as a possibility to highlight to readers the know-how you can provide.

  1. Boast about your achievements in moderation

much like it’s quality for organizations to percentage the achievement stories of their customers, you too must talk over what you have got finished professionally. In different words, what fee are you able to carry?

4.Point out your values

what's your riding force? Why do you do what it's miles that you do? Do you have particular beliefs about your industry?

While others in your enterprise might have equal achievements, your values can set you other from your competition. through in short describing your values, you may Assist destiny clients to recognize what price you can convey to the table and why it is going to be worthwhile to work with you.

  1. Add a private element

All work and no play will make you sound stupid. So, make certain to put in writing something approximately what you do while you are not operating. it is able to be about your own family life, pastimes, and/or pastimes. perhaps you've got began a promising side hustle?

Authenticity is becoming increasingly crucial to brands and with the aid of sharing something about yourself on a personal stage, it'll be easier with a view to foster a deeper reference to others. you can even try and consist of humor. By wrapping up your bio with a personal revel in or something unusual, people who read your bio will remember you for the right reasons.

Tip to Write Short Bio

in case you're posting a bio on a social media account or sending a quick blurb to a client, you need to keep it brief and candy however, you also need to make sure you are including all necessary additives to exhibit your accomplishments.

To do this, when writing a quick bio, you'll need to include the following:

  • Name
  • Current job title
  • Personal or expert goals, or a personal challenge statement
  • Skills or areas of expertise
  • 1-2 achievements

Your persona! (Which might be high-quality portrayed via a comic story, a mention of a hobby, a fun fact, or a few emojis related to your interests)

Don't forget, you may usually hyperlink out on your non-public internet site and include a longer bio there. Your short bio is only a teaser of who you are, what you care about, and what you can do for others.

Moreover, if you're sending it to a client or capacity employer, attempt out a distinctive iteration that highlights your talents as they pertain in your customer or employers' needs.

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