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How to become an amazon associate in 2022 to uplift your revenue?

Do you want to get into associate marketing but don’t understand where to begin? Becoming a member of associate programs is one of the easiest approaches to making money as a content creator. But, scouting out the proper programs for your target audience may be tough.

One of the excellent alternatives to keep in mind is Amazon associates. anything your niche might be, there are numerous ways you could include Amazon products in your content. for example, you can create gift guides, write product opinions, or put together product lists together with encouraged books or top doors tools.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the advantages of becoming a member of Amazon associates. Then we’ll show you a way to end up an associate, from putting in place your account to generating links for your preferred merchandise. permit’s get started! The Amazon affiliate program, also known as "Amazon associates," can be a smooth manner to monetize your website or blog. truly join up, acquire instant approval, and place Amazon affiliate links to your web page. when a person makes an Amazon purchase through one of all your hyperlinks, you get the commission it's that easy.

Reasons why should you need to be an Amazon Associate

There are different reasons you could need to remember signing up for Amazon associates:

  • It's free and easy to join. You don’t have to pay a membership charge or meet particular necessities to be regular.
  • it is home to millions of products. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to curating items for your target audience.
  • It offers several options for displaying products. you could generate customized links and widgets for the goods you want to promote.

Next, we’ll display to you how to end up an Amazon associate, so you can start being profitable by recommending relevant services for your target market.

How you can join the Amazon Associate program?

You must have a live website before starting Amazon associate program. if you’ve simply released a blog.

You need to publish some original posts or blogs earlier than submitting your application for Amazon associate program.

Having an active site increases your chances of having accepted your application. You can also set up an Amazon affiliate account for your YouTube channel or mobile app.

Amazon Associates accepts affiliates from all over the world, anyone from anywhere can join the program.

You just need a proper platform for promoting Amazon’s products to join.

Here are some options for joining the Amazon associate.

  1. Website

  2. Social media

  3. App


The most common way to enroll in Amazon associates is to sell products on your website. If that is your plan, Amazon associates say that your website has to meet the subsequent criteria:

Strong original content material Amazon says that a good rule of thumb is having at least ten unique posts on your web page, though this is open to interpretation.

Recent content – you need to have posted new content inside the past ~60 days or so.

Suitable content – your content can't be illegal, hateful, fake, defamatory, sexually express, or have some other similar problems.

If you don’t have a website, you can quickly start creating a WordPress website.

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further to having a website, Amazon associates can even take delivery of promotions through the subsequent social networks:

  • Facebook – private FB pages aren't allowed on the application, but you may apply the use of a public institution page or a fan/business web page. You cannot follow with a closed or private group page or a page with hidden followers, though.
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • tv

if you’re applying with a social media profile, your web page should be set up and have a decent quantity of organic followers.

Amazon recommends having at least 500 organic followers, though again, that is open to interpretation. Additionally, make certain to enter the exact URL on your profile/page on the social network when you practice – don’t just put “” or “Instagram”.

  • APP

You can also apply with a mobile app, as long as it can meet the policy. For example, they must be free to download from the play store.

Step by Step Guide to becoming an Amazon Associate

If you meet the above criteria, you’re prepared to join the Amazon associates program. In this phase, we’ll take you step-through-step thru the actual method of creating your account and applying.

  1. Go to Amazon Associates & click “Sign up”

If you already have an amazon account before you use it for shopping, you can use that to join the amazon associate program.

If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, first create one.

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  1. Fill out the basic details

Next, you’ll be brought about to go into some basic account information, which includes the contact details of the person to whom Amazon will issue payments.

In case you have already got an Amazon account, Amazon needs to import this information automatically, however, you could edit them if needed.

  1. Add your website info (or social media/app)

Subsequent, you’ll need to feature the addresses of the website(s), social media profile(s), and/or mobile app(s) wherein you plan to sell Amazon affiliate products. Don't forget, in case you’re planning to sell merchandise for your social media profile or YouTube channel, you need to go into the precise link to your specific page/channel. You cannot just position “” or “”

You need to apply with at least one website/app, but Amazon will help you to upload as many as 50 distinctive addresses if wanted, that's useful if you’re making plans on selling merchandise in multiple spots. for example, in case you’re making plans to sell products on each of your websites and your YouTube channel, you should add direct links to both.

  1. Now, you’ll need to put in a few additional profile info

First, you get to choose your selected associate’s id. Your Associates ID is the tracking code that will be delivered on your normal Amazon affiliate links.

Usually, you’ll need to make it something associated with your website. as an example, if I were growing an Amazon affiliate account to promote products on Themeisle, I might pick theme isle as the shop identity.

If you’re joining the America Amazon associates program, Amazon will append -20 to the give up of your keep id in tracking links. as an example – theme isle-20.

Don’t fear too much about deciding on the correct Amazon associates id because Amazon will permit you to create additional IDs once your account is authorized. For an instance, you may create a unique id for every website or platform on which you sell Amazon merchandise so you can preserve your links separately. After you’ve chosen your associate’s id, you’ll need to go into some extra information about what your websites are about and what kinds of products you plan to promote. Don’t fear you aren’t locked into only promoting those products it just gives Amazon a concept of the way you’ll be selling them.

  1. Enter traffic engagement methods

Similarly, down the screen on this page, Amazon will ask you how you plan to direct visitors to your website and consequently to your Amazon affiliate products.

You’ll also need to reply to a few other questions, including your average monetization strategies, the way you commonly insert hyperlinks within the content material, and what number of visits your websites get in line with the month.

Once you fill in all the details press the finish button from the right bottom.

  1. Now wait for approval

Now, you’re prepared! All that’s left to do is wait for approval from Amazon. if your website meets the necessities and you filled out all of the records correctly, you need to receive approval speedy. Typically, it best takes round sooner or later, but it can take longer or shorter for your specific situation.

  1. Additional Amazon locations

Amazon associates is a bit weird in that you want to use separately to each Amazon area save where you want to sell merchandise. for example, if you need to sell products on and, you’ll want to use one by one the Amazon associates program on both websites.

To quickly discover the Amazon associates program for different regions, you could use the area selector in the top-right corner of the principle Amazon pals web page.

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How to Earn from Amazon Associate

Once you become an Amazon affiliate, you need to do some further steps to start your earnings.

Add your Payment method: After you’ve been permitted to Amazon associates, the first thing you’ll need to do is add your payment methods.

  • Click on your email address inside the top-right corner.
  • select Account Settings from the drop-down.
  • pick a payment method.

You need to add up the tax information at that time.

Amazon Associates offers the following payment methods.

  • Check
  • com gift card
  • Direct Deposit

Amazon supports bank deposits in USA & 60+ countries in Europe.


Unfortunately, if your country isn’t supported, set up a Payoneer account to receive USD bank deposits, which can be done from any region.

Find Amazon products that you want to promote

Once you’ve got the housekeeping out of the way, your next step is to start finding some Amazon products that you want to promote. Personally, I think the easiest way to do this is just by browsing Amazon like you usually do, rather than trying to use the Amazon Associates dashboard.

Get affiliate links for the selected products

once you’ve found the products that you need to sell, you need to generate your affiliate hyperlink for those products. This guarantees that you get credited for all the site visitors which you send to Amazon from your website.

One choice is to use the hunt box in Amazon associates to search for the product’s call. you may then click on the Get hyperlink button to generate the affiliate link.

Steps for generating Amazon Affiliate links

  • Log in to your Amazon associate account.
  • Click on Product Linking in the top banner and choose Product hyperlinks.
  • Add the ASIN of the product OR search Amazon for the product within the bar they offer.
  • Click the move button.
  • Click on the Get hyperlink button at the proper side of the end result.
  • Alternatively, you could use the Amazon associates site stripe to generate Amazon associate hyperlinks at once from the product page.
  • Use the generated link for your website online or other promotional substances in step with Amazon's standards.

Create the content on your website/ social media profile that promotes that product

a good way to drive traffic to the affiliate products that you’ve found, you’ll want to create a kind of content material based on that products. One common strategy is “excellent of” listicles. for example, if you want to promote a few tents on Amazon, you may create an article titled “8 first-rate Tents for camping: camping is intense in these Tents.” Or, you can write a devoted assessment, or even simply include a passing point out in a relevant article. for instance, if you write recipes and you inform human beings to test the internal temperature of the beef, you may share an affiliate hyperlink that takes humans to your favored meat thermometer on Amazon.

In widespread, you’ll need to experiment here to find the proper kind of content in order to:

  • Attractive site visitors via search engines like google and/or social media.
  • Organic clicks for your affiliate hyperlink and make a buy.

Key Amazon associate rules to maintain your status

getting to know how to become an Amazon associate and including hyperlinks on your site is only part of the puzzle when it comes to developing your relationship with Amazon. In case you need to maintain your reputation as an Amazon affiliate, it’s truly important that you comply with Amazon’s regulations. some common associate marketing processes can really get you banned from Amazon associates, so you don’t want to be in for a terrible wonder.

here’s what to take note of:

  1. Make three sales within six months to escape deactivation

in case you need to stable your Amazon associates account, Amazon requires that you make at least three sales within the first six months. in any other case, they’ll deactivate your account.

Because of this, you would possibly want to wait to apply to Amazon associates till your site already has constant traffic.


if your account does get deactivated due to the fact you haven’t driven the ones 3 sales, don’t fear! Amazon will allow you to reapply for Amazon associates in the future simply wait till your website has some greater site visitors before you do.

Additionally, don’t try to meet this situation by using placing orders using your own associate link, as this is in opposition to Amazon’s regulations and could cause Amazon to deactivate your affiliate account.

  1. Add an outstanding Amazon associate disclosure

in case you’re taking part in the Amazon associates program, Amazon mandates that you prominently disclose that information for your website. that is additionally the regulation in many jurisdictions, consisting of FTC necessities for humans inside the united states of America.

Amazon gives the following disclosure statement that you can use for your website:

[INSERT_SITE_NAME] is a participant within the Amazon offerings LLC associates application, associate advertising, and marketing software designed to offer a method for sites to earn advertising and marketing prices through advertising and marketing and linking to [INSERT_APPLICABLE_SITE_NAME].

I recommend creating a committed page that holds this disclaimer. Then, whilst you’re surely adding affiliate hyperlinks, you may add a smaller disclaimer along with the following and link to your complete associate disclosure:

I may additionally earn a small fee if you buy through my link. learn extra at THIS_PAGE.

  1. Don’t cloak Amazon affiliate links

Amazon cannot help you cloak your Amazon affiliate hyperlinks.

In case you’re no longer acquainted, link cloaking helps you to make your URLs “pretty.” as an instance, in preference to displaying you may show

There aren't any “ifs, and, or buts” right here. Truly put, you need to honestly in no way cloak an Amazon affiliate hyperlink or use any form of redirect that hides Amazon’s link and your affiliate code.

If you’re the usage of an affiliate plugin to insert associate hyperlinks robotically on your content, ensure that you’ve disabled cloaking for Amazon links in the plugin’s settings. Due to the fact, the Amazon buddies program is so famous, maximum affiliate link plugins include unique features to deal with Amazon affiliate links in which you could cloak all your other links but leave Amazon associate hyperlinks uncloaked.

  1. only include prices if you use the Amazon associates API

This is a actually weird rule that’s specific to Amazon.

While you write about a product which you’re selling, you are not allowed to just write the present-day fee of the product in the editor. Amazon doesn’t like you doing this because the charges are often converting and Amazon doesn’t want people to promote inaccurate statistics.

If you want to get around this, one workaround is to apply fee references – e.g. “$” for low-price merchandise, “$$” for medium-fee merchandise, and “$$$” for highly-priced products. In case you want to display genuine expenses, you must use the Amazon associates API, so as to routinely replace the price if it changes on Amazon. the perfect way to try this on WordPress is to apply one of the popular Amazon associate plugins, which includes AAWP. Additionally, in case you’re displaying costs in a contrasting layout, Amazon calls for which you display each the lowest new fee and the bottom used price.

  1. Do no longer self-host product photos that you download from Amazon

In addition to being strict about charges, Amazon buddies are likewise very strict about the use of product photographs from Amazon to sell products.

You cannot download a product picture from Amazon and then re-add it to your website (AKA website hosting that image to your very own server). but, you can encompass those photos if you serve them directly from Amazon or through the API.

For example, in case you generate an “image + link” affiliate hyperlink thru Amazon’s internet site, you can have that image on your website online as long as it’s loading from Amazon’s servers. Or, you can use an Amazon associate plugin to insert product photos from Amazon properly. You may use other non-Amazon photographs to sell products, such as your own photos or photos immediately from the producer. but, if you do that, you cannot upload an affiliate link directly to the image. that is, you can’t make it so that people click on a third-party image and it takes them on your associate hyperlink.

You could, however, upload a button next to the custom photo that contains your associate hyperlink.

  1. 7. Don’t make purchases through your own Amazon associates link

that is a pretty not unusual rule for all associate programs, but it’s well worth reiterating that you are not allowed to make Amazon purchases through your very own associate links. Any purchases which you make might be disallowed and can put your Amazon associates account in jeopardy.

Affiliate advertising and marketing is a numbers game. You want massive website visitors and sufficient followers to make real conversions. right here are some hints that will help you end up a successful Amazon associate marketer:

Pick a niche

The area of interest or uniqueness you choose will decide your success as an Amazon associate. This technique might be less complicated in case you have already got a website or blog. clearly, the products you hyperlink can be related to your niche.

For brand spanking new associates, consciousness on a topic you’re captivated with given that you will speak approximately the topic a lot. This permits you to include product links organically and without sounding too promotional.

Create unique content for specific platforms

You should provide particular, content that will help you stand out, set up authority, and build trust with your target market. Take your content to the next stage by means of disseminating it on various systems. you can weblog about your knowledge and then difficult on it on YouTube.

Do product opinions and comparisons

Writing product opinions and comparisons is a fantastic way to boost your Amazon affiliate links due to the fact you could organically insert them into your content material. evaluations have the gain of being excessive-purpose content because the reader is probably a step far away from shopping. Alternatively, product comparisons give you more opportunities to consist of affiliate hyperlinks. you furthermore may offer your readers picks, so it’s a win-win state of affairs.

supply content material constantly

Preserve your weblog and social media lively. regularly update your platforms, however, the simplest accomplish that with content material. It’s better to publish blogs two times a month if they’re nicely researched and with substance compared to posting each week however with fluffy content material. Adopt a content advertising method and combine the right search engine optimization practices to help you write relevant effective blog posts.

 Prepared to start as an Amazon associate?

The Amazon associates program is a wonderful manner to begin your associate advertising profession. All you need is a website, a social media profile, or an app to join up to be a partner. once Amazon approves your application, you’re excellent to go.

If affiliate marketing seems like an excellent side commercial enterprise for you, the Amazon associate advertising and marketing program can efficiently assist you to earn additional profits. Your revenue increases if you select a niche, write content approximately it, integrate your Amazon affiliate links organically, and persist with Amazon associate policies.

Should you move your Affiliate career from Amazon Associate?

The Amazon associate program gives social media influencers and other content writers a way to monetize their traffic. The content creator will promote a unique hyperlink for its target audience to be redirected to the page of the associate producer. The affiliate gets advertising charges that go from 1% up to 10% relying on the product class.

Here is an example of how social media influencers can use Amazon associates. On his YouTube channel, this content writer did a brief product review and promoted his Amazon affiliate product within the video description.


Affiliate advertising and marketing is whilst an affiliate receives associate profits for selling products from a supplier, together with an Amazon dealer. The associate advertises a product they love thru a unique hyperlink. They promote it on social media, for example, and receive an advertising fee for every product offered they make. income is tracked via an affiliate link from one website to another. Ever because Amazon made adjustments to the associate fee structure of its associate program in 2020, a lot of associate marketers were considering whether or now not to move far from the Amazon associates program. Even though Amazon is one of the largest stores globally, it’s truly not the simplest one with a lucrative associate application.

There are other options available out there, each of which (like Amazon affiliate) comes with its personal set of benefits and disadvantages. In case you’ve been considering whether or not or now not you should move your Amazon affiliate advertising and marketing far from the retail large, examine the rest of this article to discover greater about the special strategies of associate applications available to you, as well as the pros and cons of every so you can make a higher-informed choice.

PROS & CONS of Amazon Associate

Amazon associates were released in 1996, making it one of the first a success online associate applications. Right here are some of its main benefits that make this system so attractive to a lot of associates:

  • Free to sign up for:

 The Amazon associates program is free to enroll in. you could start making a living from the Amazon affiliate link while not having to invest a single cent of your very own money.

Easy joining method: The technique is simple and straightforward. if you are centered on running a blog or growing associate websites and building an internet target audience, Amazon associates can be an amazing option for you.

Saturated variety of products: you could pick and pick the goods you need to promote for your Amazon associate website from a large list on Amazon’s catalog.

Truthful brand: Amazon is one of the globe’s biggest online outlets and is dependent on by using millions of customers throughout the globe. with the aid of selling an Amazon product, you supply yourself a higher chance of making conversions by way of using Amazon’s emblem promise.

Frequent Cookie: The retail large leverage universal cookies, because of this that whenever a vacationer clicks on any link on your internet site, you receive a commission a fee on every item they purchase on Amazon, now not simply the product referred to in the link.

In addition to these advantages, Amazon is also widely known for imparting unwavering, high-quality-in-industry charge protection functions. They offer top-notch protection and make sure affiliates always obtain their price on time.


The Amazon associates program comes with a whole lot of undeniable benefits. but, it also has some drawbacks, not least of which is the current commission cut.

Payout Cuts: After the major modifications made to Amazon’s associate commissions, which went from 3 – 8% per sale to at least one – to three% per sale for lots of product categories, maximum marketers have needed to take a big payout cut. The image below highlights some of the organization’s primary fee adjustments:


24-hour Cookie: Amazon’s cookie is most effective and valid for 24 hours from the time a consumer-first clicks the Amazon link. For affiliates, this isn’t a lot of time, particularly when considering that there are plenty of different groups that pay you for income made as much as 90 days after the preliminary click on of your associate hyperlink.

To make subjects worse, Amazon has a high price threshold and you may best be able to get your monthly charge if your Amazon associate debts the organization continues minimal threshold stability.

You also need to finish your tax information before you may receive payment. furthermore, there is no PayPal integration, and on account that that is one of the maximum famous payment methods, this is a huge drawback that may be an ability deal-breaker for a few affiliates.

How do Amazon associates get paid?

Amazon associates get paid by direct deposit. You’ll routinely receive the price range on your bank account. alternatively, you can opt to receive an Amazon gift card or a test by mail.

when do Amazon associates get paid?

Amazon associates receive a commission month-to-month, however, there’s a catch: you get paid 60 days after the end of the month you’re getting paid for. as an instance, you’ll receive a commission at the end of March for the fee you earned in January.

Important Things You Should Focus On

understanding the pros and cons of Amazon associates doesn’t truly help you decide whether or now not you should move far from the program.

Yes, there can be different applications that provide higher Amazon commission terms and plans, consisting of longer cookie lengths, and so on. but, there are some different things to hold in mind earlier than making your decision so that you can make sure that you’re actually getting the fine deal. You must verify your enterprise model, and to help you make an extra informed selection, I’ve listed some of the critical factors to consider before deciding whether or no longer you must don't forget a specific affiliate program.

  1. Conversion Rate

  2. As an affiliate marketer, your business is based totally on an overall performance-based lead generation model, which means that you need to diversify numerous components of it, the first of which is your conversion rate.

Since you are sending site visitors on your Amazon affiliate website, your success depends on being able to convert a positive percent into actual customers.

Whether you use Amazon or some other affiliate program, you must be able to get appropriate conversion rates, in any other case, your efforts might be useless.

  1. Average Order Value

The average order value (AOV) is the common dollar amount spent per consumer whenever they place an order on your website or mobile app. To calculate the average order cost for your business, surely divide the full sales by the whole number of orders made. knowing your business’s AOV will provide you with metrics for measuring the long-term value of individual clients so you can evaluate your pricing method, in addition to your online marketing efforts.

  1. Average Commission Rate

except you're selling area of interest merchandise, you’ll likely get a commission wherein the quantity you make varies across special product classes. By way of including those up and dividing by the range of categories, you’ll be capable of getting your common rate. Whilst running with structures like Amazon, wherein you have got so many product classes to be had to you, the average fee charged is a vital metric to hold music of. The lowest line is, that these 3 figures mentioned above are essential with regard to the diversification of your online affiliate sales.

You could multiply the 3 of them to get the real price, and this will help you whilst it comes time to search for new profit possibilities and evaluate capability commission systems. In different phrases, by way of searching those three vital elements, you’ll be capable of minimizing the danger of switching to a brand new affiliate application.

  1. Digital Advertising Strategies You’re Already using

some other crucial attention is what virtual advertising strategies you’re already the use of. a lot of those may be efficaciously incorporated with Amazon pals but can be higher implemented to other affiliate advertising channels.

For example, a number of exceptional e-mail advertising and marketing offerings may be used along with affiliate programs to boom sales. you could include an affiliate link in template emails, direct customers to a blog published with an affiliate link, or each. Moreover, when sharing snapshots, memes, videos, or simple textual posts on social media, you can include an associate hyperlink or direct users on your internet site as a part of a marketing funnel where a couple of associate hyperlinks are probably presented as a part of a blog article or landing page. When finding out whether your modern virtual advertising strategies are better designed for Amazon companion or an extraordinary affiliate marketing software, you’re assessing various factors along with expenses, ease of use, variable expenses incurred from the new software, and average recognition of the program.

Alternate Affiliate Marketing Methods

Now which you know the pros and cons of using the Amazon associates program, and the factors to consider before making the move to any other affiliate community, let’s take a look at a number of the possible alternatives available.


We’ll additionally encompass the pros and cons to make it simpler which will decide whether or how not to move your Amazon affiliate advertising and marketing away from Amazon.

but first…

It’s crucial to remember that Amazon did not minimize its affiliate charges in every category. The discounts had been centered on product classes, consisting of domestic improvement, garden, and garden, groceries, etc. Other corporations, together with fitness and beauty, physical books, music, and many others. remained unchanged.

What this indicates is that in case you were selling merchandise within the unchanged categories, then you definitely weren’t significantly laid low with the new fee costs.

However, for those selling the products with the associate fee lower, you may need to examine the alternative affiliate advertising strategies outlined below.

The affected classes are as follows:

  • Furniture, home improvement, domestic, puppy products, garden and garden, pantry (8% to 3%).
  • Splendor, headphones, business, business materials, and musical gadgets ( 6% to 3%).
  • Outdoors, equipment (5.5% to 3%)
  • Grocery (5% to 1%)
  • Sports (4.5% to 3%)
  • Baby products (4.5% to 3%)
  • Health and private care (4.5% to 1%)
  • Amazon fresh (3% to 1%)

In case you are an Amazon affiliate that turned into previously creating wealth thru hints for any of the products in these categories, you’ll be capable of generating sales by becoming a member of one or more of the affiliate business enterprise programs listed below.






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