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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Magnets

A man installing a car magnet on his car.

Car market branding is great for brand awareness. If you are new to this form of marketing or are curious about it, then we’ve got you covered.

We want to make sure our clients know exactly what they're signing up for when they opt for car magnets. That’s why we have put together a list of frequently asked questions that will help anyone who is wondering, “how do car magnets work?”

So, let's get started!

1. How do you install a car magnet?

Clean the surface of the vehicle and let it dry out. Remove the fling at the back of the car magnet, stick one side on the car and then gently apply the whole car magnet. Apply some pressure and smooth out the surface of the car magnet. This will ensure that there are no air bubbles between the two surfaces, and the magnet sticks properly.

2. Is it easy to remove the car magnet?

Most people are worried that once they have attached the car magnet it will be difficult to take it off. Well, now your mind can finally be at ease because it's quite easy to remove this car magnet branding tool. You can take them off, store them and then stick them back again, without even a hitch.

3. Will the car magnet come off when driving fast?

Most users are worried about this but be assured that this will not happen if you install the car magnet properly and as recommended. If the car magnet is flat against the surface and has no turned corners, it will remain in its position and will not fly off your car even at high speeds.

4. Will the car wash harm my magnet?

The chemicals used during the process can have an impact on the durability and quality of the car magnet. The pressure and speed of the water and cleaning equipment can make the car magnets fall off, so it's better that you take off your car magnet before taking your car for an automatic car wash.

5. Can the car magnet scratch my vehicle?

Well, this is a valid question. To put it simply, the answer is no. The magnet itself is made of thick material and cannot scratch your vehicle. However, if you don't take proper precautions while putting it on or removing it, you might scratch the surface of your car.

Final Word

Now that you have gone through these FAQ’s, you have all the answers to the question, “how do car magnets work”. Car magnets are easy to use and can help you raise brand awareness. So, use this tool for your business and you’ll notice the positive impact soon. You can get customized magnetic signs from our team of experts at Vividads! Get in touch with us today to fuel your marketing strategies.

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