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Floor Marketing to Beat Competitors

A person walking on a red and yellow floor graphic. Businesses are always looking for new and inventive ways to promote themselves in public spaces. While posters and billboards have always been popular promotional tools, floor graphics are quickly catching on as a unique and captivating method for promoting brands in public.

What are floor graphics?

Floor graphics are vinyl substrates that are stuck to floors for promotional purposes and for directing foot traffic in stores and shopping malls. While most posters and billboards are placed on walls and other vertical surfaces, floor graphics are stuck to floors to attract attention.

Why are floor graphics used?

Floor graphics are favoured for many reasons. These include:

Better visibility

People usually look at the ground in front of them as they are walking, so floors could be used as effective advertising spaces. Floor graphics are most commonly found inside stores where they bear the logo of a particular brand or feature arrows or pointers that direct people towards a particular product display.

Advertisements are also more effective when they are set up in-store, so floor graphics could be a great way to boost sales for a particular brand or product.

More effective use of store space

Retailers could also use floor graphics to avoid crowding their store walls with advertisements. Finding the right balance between wall advertisements and floor advertisements could increase your promotional capabilities without giving your store a cluttered appearance from too many ad placements.

Floor graphics are durable

Retail floor graphics are designed to remain fixed in place for months, or even years in certain cases. They are stuck in place with an adhesive that holds the graphic in place even under the heaviest of foot traffic. Floor graphics are designed to be walked on, so the risk of pedestrians significantly damaging or tearing the sign is generally low.

They are customizable

Creative floor graphics tend to draw the most attention from passersby. Many retailers often try and design novel and unique floor graphics that stand out from the other types of advertisements in their stores. However, the creativity of these floor graphics isn’t just limited to the designs themselves, as they can also be spread out in new and interesting ways.

For example, the floor graphics for a biscuit brand could resemble a trail of crumbs that eventually guides viewers towards the store shelf where the biscuit brand is stocked. This graphic style first piques the interest of passersby before leading them to the actual product.

The uniqueness of these creative floor graphic designs is limited only by the imagination of the designer, so out-of-the-box designs could be a cost-effective way of competing with advertisements from larger brands.

Creating effective retail floor graphics

Most floor graphics tend to be bold and colorful to grab the attention of viewers. They should be large enough to spot from far away, yet small enough to read from up close. The best graphics tend to embody characteristics of the brand’s logo so that people recognize the brand the graphic belongs to, even in the absence of text.

Floor graphics are the advertising format of the future, so small businesses and retailers should get in on the action while the medium is still considered new.

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