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Why Use Corflute Signs for Your Business

4 Advantages of Using Corflute Signs

Image Description: A real estate sign made of corflute

Have you ever heard the word “corflute”? You probably know it’s a material used for signs, but what is it exactly? Corflute is mostly used by real estate agents because the sign has an aesthetic appeal to it. It has this shine to it that makes the sign stand out. This is one of the main reasons why people are now opting for corflute signs for their businesses.

What Are Corflute Signs?

A corflute sign is made of fluted plastic and corrugated polypropylene that is rigid yet lightweight. The plastic is shaped and extruded in a certain way to achieve large rectangular flutes on all sides. The material has average outdoor longevity, which makes it perfect for temporary signs.

So, what makes this signage material so popular? Well, it’s easy to cut and is relatively cheap as compared to other signage materials. Corflute freestanding frames allow you to place them anywhere. Yes, they are lightweight, but a little wind won’t tip them over. The inherent strength of the frames is what makes this possible. These signs have different thicknesses, but the standard width that most people opt for is 3mm to 5mm.

Now that you know the basics of corflute signs, let’s have a look at the advantages it offers:

1.They Are Heat Resistant

You never know how the weather will be the next day and if you are living in a particularly hot area, your business signs can quickly fade away. For example, metal signs become quite hot under the sun, which makes handling them more difficult. Depending on the quality of the metal, the material might warp and hide some of the text.

Corflute signs do heat up under the signs, but to a small degree. They last longer in the sun and do not burn you if you touch them.

2.They Can Withstand UV Rays

Your number one concern should be heat when installing a sign for your business. Temperatures higher than 48° can cause serious damage to the signs. Furthermore, UV rays destroy the signs and make them unreadable. The good news is that corflute designs come with their very own sunblock! The signs can be treated with a UV resistance coat that will make them last for years... and with no signs of fading!

3.Can Be Installed Easily

We now know that corflute signs don’t burn up under the sun... not to a degree that it becomes difficult to pick them up. If you have installed a corflute sign on the ground with bolts, then removing it and installing a new one will be quite easy. Since the material is made of special plastic, it is lightweight and easy to handle. You can easily pick it up and toss it in the back. If you are installing the sign on a vertical surface, then securing them with cable ties is the best option.

So, there you have it — the advantages of corflute signs that make them so popular. The overall cost of installing these signs is quite less because they come cheap and last longer. If you are looking to buy corflute signs online, then visit Vividads. The company offers various types of signs and boards. To know more about their products, call at 1300-72 16-14.

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