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8 Tips to Choose the Right Sign for Your Business

Marketing via signs, whether large or small and digital or print, has been a sure fire way to leave your mark in the business arena. If you use the right sign to promote your business, it can give you bountiful results.

So, here are a few considerations and tips that will help you choose the right sign for your business.

1. First Impression Matters

Your sign should attract viewers’ attention; a sure fire way to do that is to come up with an original, unique, and out of the box design or thought that will highlight the innovative and creative side of your business and will resonate with your clientele.

2. Have a Theme

Your sign should have a proper theme; the colours, fonts, and message should all work well together. They should also complement your overall brand and your company’s website presence. The colour scheme should make your sign pop, the font should be legible, and the message should have a proper hierarchy, which makes it easy to read.

3. Size and Design

If your sign is too small or too large, then it will fail as a marketing strategy. The size of the sign depends entirely on where you want to place it. A sign that you plan on displaying at a slow-traffic road intersection can be small in size, but you need a larger, more striking sign for a building right next to a busy road.

4. Materials to Use

For materials, you need to look into the base platform, the substrate, and the graphics or lettering. The graphics can be created on metal, foam, wood, converse, or plastic. For the substrate and base platform, use a sturdy material depending on the size and mode of suspension for your signage. For instance, taut metal or wood poles work best for holding hardback signs in place.

5. Type of Sign

A large wall sign positioned on your company’s building will offer maximum visibility and set up a clear connection with your business. A pole sign, on the other hand, is perfect when you want your sign to be clearly visible even from a distance. If you have a huge budget, you can also look into digital signage; they offer a varied range of marketing strategies and are a class above the regular signage.

6. Location

The location you have in mind for your sign will impact your choice of mounting. For a heavy-traffic area, you will require a billboard wrap sign, while for a slow traffic location, you can opt for a hanging sign.

7. Consider Durability

Since you are spending a large sum of money on display signs, you should ensure that they are at least durable. Your chosen sign should be able to withstand harsh weather elements; it should be made of a material like vinyl that can stand for years without any wear and tear.

8. Permits and Restrictions

You need to be mindful of the regulations placed by your city or town on the size and type of sign that you can place. So, make sure you have a proper permit before choosing the right sign for your marketing strategy. Get to know about those regulations placed by your city’s authorities in order to make an informed choice.

Use these tips to secure the best sign for your business.

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