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How to Pick the Right Gazebo for Your Marketing Event

Marketing event season is upon us – it’s time for businesses to head to trade shows and marketing functions in a bid to score more clients and market their brands. You must have spent the past few months planning for your marketing event – including what products you will showcase, your overall pitch, your design themes, etc.

However, have you given any thought to your gazebo or booth that you will utilize in your event? After all, a gazebo can indeed make or break your marketing event depending on its quality. Yes, you could go with a simple chair and table, but would that really make for a great first impression?

What you could do is invest in a good-quality, reasonably prized gazebo such as a pop-up gazebo and add some much needed visual appeal to your event booth. Here are a few considerations that will help you choose the right gazebo for your event.


You need to understand the physical parameters of your gazebo space in order to effectively counter the limitations and take full advantage of your location. So, make sure that you have answers to all location related questions – including the exact outdoor or indoor location, the footprint your gazebo will see in that location, any height or space restrictions that you’d have to account for.  

If the event is to take place outside, you might need to invest in a printed gazebo with branded walls that highlight your message. A walled and sheltered gazebo will also protect you from the elements such as the sun and unforeseen rainfall.

If it’s inside a marquee, you could go with a simple gazebo with supplementary Standees and A-Frame Signs placed around it. You can place counter Cards on your booth as well.


The material choices you have when it comes to gazebos are limited to two options – plastic and metal. The material you choose will depend on some questions that you need to ask yourself such as:

  • How sturdy do you want your gazebo to be?
  • What elements do you want your gazebo to be able to withstand?
  • What pattern should the roof and walls of your chosen gazebo be made of?


Gazebos at a trade show or marketing event are what translate into your brand’s first impression. How your gazebo looks inevitably expresses your brand and business aesthetic to your potential customers.

So, if you want your visitors to see your business’s fun and creative side, then you could opt for a bold and colorful branded gazebo that highlights your creative fervor. However, if you want to show your traditional or professional side, you could opt for a more conservative design, such as a singular color that highlights your brand’s theme.


The best way to determine the size you need for your gazebo is to ask yourself exactly how many of your team members and staff will be managing your gazebo at the event. Once you have a specific number, you need to look for a gazebo that can easily hold at least twice that many people since you don’t want your gazebo to appear overcrowded.

Don’t make the mistake of buying just any gazebo. Use the factors mentioned above to make the right choice for your marketing event.



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