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Road Sign Advertising

Road Sign Advertising Tips

Road signs are ideal for advertising your business or product outdoors. Roadside advertising signs are capable of doing a lot in a short time from grabbing the attention of the drivers and conveying the intended message to motivating them to buy—all without being a dangerous distraction.

You have different options like aluminum signs, banners, rigid signs, etc. when it comes to choosing a road sign for marketing. By using some smart methods and avoiding common mistakes, road signs can be a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business.

Read on to learn about some useful tips for road sign advertising:

Deliver a Clear Message

The first thing to keep in mind while designing a roadside advertising sign is to come up with one clear message. People driving by or even walking past a sign will not stop to read or understand the message. Give them only one clear idea rather than talking about three different products. This is to ensure that they get your entire message without getting distracted. Your roadside advertising sign should hence be brief but impactful.

Use Appealing Visuals

Another useful tip is to make the road sign aesthetically appealing to attract the attention of the maximum number of people passing on the road. You should use high-resolution vector graphics as a regular image will break up into pixels, and the image would look blurry. You can take professional help in designing the sign and deliver your message in a visually appealing way.

Choose Contrasting Colors

For making your road sign pop, the use of the right color combination is significant. It is ideal to use two contrasting colors—one for the background and the other for the image or text. Using a lot of colors diverts attention to other things instead of your advertising message. You can keep it simple and bright while using an inviting and professional look. Your goal is to make the drivers read your message.

Keep the Message Precise

You’ll certainly feel tempted to put a lot of interesting facts and information into your ad, but putting in too much detail will only make it hard for the reader to interpret it. Drivers do not have the time to read and understand a long message. A good tip is to keep your marketing message between three to eight words long.

Place the Sign on an Effective Location

You have the flexibility of placing roadside advertising signs where you need them most. Although more and more signage regulations are limiting where and how you can display and advertising sign, by considering a few factors, you can prevent the authorities from pulling down your sign. Firstly, ensure that you are following all the local regulations regarding signage, and then choose a major intersection or a location outside the entrance of a plaza for the placement of your road sign. Do not place your sign on private property and always keep a distance from the nearest business.

With a visually appealing, creative design and just the right number of words, you can make your roadside sign very eye-catching. Follow these tips to get across your advertising message in an effective way.

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