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What are Car Magnets?

Magnetic car magnets

Maximize the use of delivery trucks, cars and vans by transforming them into itinerant advertisements. With custom car magnets you can get more exposure for your brand without hefty marketing costs! These magnetic signs will help promote your business across large distances while on-the-go or parked at any given time in an enclosed area like billboards do today. Install them now before it's too late so that we have enough room left when all those new competitors start popping up overnight due to their low prices (or high quality).

What are Car Magnets (Magnetic Car Signs)?

Car magnets are an easy, cost-effective advertising strategy. The custom auto signs can be printed on a 30 pt magnetic stock that sticks firmly and seamlessly to any vehicle for the perfect painted look! And because they're durable enough withstand UV rays in almost all weather conditions (and removable), there's no need worry about replacements or keeping up with trendy messaging trends – just order when you need them!

Boost attention to your message with custom car signs!

Car magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to drive more attention to your message or branding

Magnetic car signs are also available in custom shapes and sizes to make your message stand out even more. 

How to Install Car Magnets?

It is so easy to install car magnets! Before using them, find the best spot where customers will see your advertisements. Car Magnets are usually installed in two places:
Side of vehicle - Side placement makes it easy for drivers behind you can easily read a message as well while parked on street or if traveling and back – great place too because this allows other people around us who drive by .

Installing car magnets takes only a couple of minutes. Before using them, find the best spot where customers will see your advertisements. Car magnets are usually installed in two places: 

Now it’s time to put the magnets in place. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Before installing, place the magnet on a flat magnetic surface to flatten it.  

2. Wipe the vehicle surface and back of the magnet with a wet cloth and detergent. Let dry.  

3. Place one end of the magnet in the desired position. Line up the other edge of the magnet, making sure that it’s flat against the metal surface.  

Note: Make sure that the vehicle surface is flat and rust-free. Avoid installing on surfaces where there are bumps and curves because these will prevent the magnet from sticking securely to your vehicle.  

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