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Are Banners & Flags Good For Business?

Are you unsure if a banner or flag is the best option for your business? Get all of our design and print options here. Visibility is one thing that can make or break marketing campaigns - but it's also something we take into consideration when designing banners, flags, tablecloths, etcetera! Online advertising may be effective (depending on who's viewing them). However, they're not as potent in generating attention from passersby, which means people walking by could easily miss seeing what great offers/services are offered at local businesses without any signposting whatsoever. With an eye-catching product such as this,'ll always have potential customers looking up towards heaven with curiosity!

Banner & Flags

Banners and flags are some of the most cost-effective promotional materials out there. They can be customised to any shape or size, making them perfect for advertising events! The easily reusable design makes these items great in terms of sustainability, too - it doesn't get much better than that.

Some marketing efforts are more effective on irregularly shaped materials like flags. Here are the most common types of banners and flags that may suit your promotional needs:


  • Feather flags  the most common type of flag. It moves with the wind breeze, which helps grab people’s attention, making them perfect for the outdoors.
  • Sailing flags has a curved top with a scooped bottom which creates a sailing effect. Like feather flags, this type also moves along naturally with the wind.
  • Teardrop flags  shaped like a teardrop- promote sales events and grand openings. These are static compared to feather and sailing flags.
  • Rectangle flags are ideal for giving information or promotions with longer text since they vary in size and width.


  • Pull-up banners – these are great for trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions because you can display more details or attention-grabbing images. The vertical orientation of these banners is convenient for smaller spaces. Best suited for use indoors.
  • Pop-up banners – this type of banner has several dimensions and styles like a pod, shuttle, or oval. The unconventional shape grabs people’s attention. It’s also lightweight like other banners and flags.

Create Effective Banners & Flags:

How can you make your banners and flags more impactful? Here are a few tips for choosing the right colours, writing short sentences that are easy to read from far away, and adding images or logos.
A powerful image is critical when using any advertising medium, such as signs, because it will grab passersby's attention before anything else does! The colour should reflect what brand/marketing campaign they belong in, so use contrasting warm versus cool tones accordingly; this makes text legible even if set against distracting backgrounds like the sky (excellent)and ocean waves meeting shoreline pavement where there isn't much detail available within each graphic element:

How do Businesses use Banner & Flags?

Businesses have unique needs, but most of them use banners and flags for the following::

  • To boost sales
  • For promoting products, services, business, and events
  • To grab audience attention and spark curiosity from passers-by
  • As an informational tool for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and other events
  • As an enticing fixture in front of your business area
  • To draw attention to your premise, especially for home-based workers expecting a client on a specific day
  • For 24/7 advertising since it doesn’t have an expiration compared to digital ads

Benefits of Using Banners & Flags!

Creating an effective campaign for your business takes time and effort. Here’s why banners and flags are great for your promotional needs:

  • Affordable – these are cheaper than billboards, and their longevity can reach up to 12 months.
  • Easy to assemble – attach the poles, slide the print down over the bar, stick the flag into its base, and you’re done! It’s as easy to remove as it was to assemble.
  • Light and portable – easily transport and install your banners without a fuss.
  • Various sizes available – these are tall but also light and compact. Another good thing about flags and banners is that they use vertical space when limited space is strategically open.
  • Durable – these are made with plastic, durable in different weather conditions. The material also makes it reusable and great for repetitive use!
  • Customizable – you can make it attention-grabbing because it’s customisable and easy to print. Show off your event through good designs and vibrant visuals!