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What is the A1 size for paper?

The A1 poster size is the perfect option for posters meant to catch people’s attention and interest. The ample space provided by this paper allows you to put more relevant information about your brand or event while also advertising engagingly with all that juicy detail!

Paper format: A1
Dimensions in millimeters: 594 x 841 mm
Dimensions in Centimeters: 59.4 x 84.1 cm
Dimensions in Inches: 23.4 x 33.1 in

A1 paper size is the best choice for technical drawings such as architecture and engineering drafts. It's also an effective tool when doing flip charts or posters because they have a large enough space to fit all of your design needs in one place, without any risk that it will be affected by weather conditions like outdoor marketing does -- making this type ideal indoor use only!

You can also use the A1 poster size to promote your brand’s top-grossing product and services. This also makes a great alternative when marketing in high traffic areas, such as malls, theatres, and conferences. Go for our A1 poster size the next time you order your promotional item with us for an efficient indoor marketing campaign. 

When printing an image of A1 format, the print resolution has to be 594 x 841 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Your design also has to include bleed to ensure that there will be no white borders around the printed products you ordered. InDesign has a tool that allows you to add bleed easily, but in Photoshop, you will have to add it manually. A bleed of 3 mm on all sides would be sufficient. Not sure if you included bleeding the right way.

Check our free design templates for the product you're interested in. Click here!