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5 Tips to Effectively Design Your Shell Scheme Graphics

How to Design Shell Scheme Graphics

Creative and cool exhibition stands that stand out from the crowd are what will attract visitors toward your brand in a tradeshow. An attractive and popular exhibition stand used by many businesses worldwide is a shell scheme. It provides you with the wonderful opportunity to decorate the inside of your stand with striking graphics.

Follow these 5 pro tips that will help you design attractive scheme graphics for your shell scheme.

1. Do Thorough Research

The first step to designing an attractive shell scheme is to do proper research. You need to avoid all the hackneyed designing tropes used to design shell schemes and come up with a design that allows your exhibition stand to stand out from the crowd. Sift the internet for cool exhibition stands and various designing schemes and try to come up with original graphics for your shell scheme.

2. Create Bold Text and Images

Make sure that you stick to simple yet attractive content for your shell scheme. Your stand graphics should not have run-on sentences or tiny images; instead, you need to keep your text to a minimum and focus on incorporating your brand’s USP, logo, and name into the designs.

Keep the text compact and effective by sticking to creative phrases and small sentences. Use clear and simple fonts that increase the readability of your content. The text you choose to add in your graphics also needs to blend nicely with the theme of your shell scheme.

A solid tip is to use bold, complementary colours for your graphics and backgrounds to stand out from the crowd at an exhibition event.  Also, make sure that your graphics have high-quality images that will retain their quality once enlarged.

3. Dictate the Mood of Your Visitors with Colours

Did you know that colours have the power to send out certain messages about your brand to your prospective clients? Yellow is known to be an uplifting colour, while blue is considered to have a calming effect. So, use the powers of colours to your advantage and decorate your shell scheme exhibition stand by aligning it with your USP and brand messaging.

4. Use the Panels to Your Advantage

A solid tip is to go for non-seamless images or graphics for your shell scheme since it will give you the opportunity to divide your artwork into varied panels of images and text to accommodate your shell scheme poles.

If you go with non-seamless graphics, then make sure that you don’t space your text over more than one panel. As for a seamless graphic to be placed in your shell scheme, large text and images work wonderfully well.

5. Be Aware of Your Shell Scheme Space

Be aware of everything else that will occupy your exhibition stand. If you plan on placing chairs and tables in your shell scheme, then make sure that your graphics are not hidden by them. Strategically place your graphics in locations that offer maximum visibility. Also, make sure that your brand name and logo are right at the top of your graphics so that it is visible to your visitors at all times.

Follow the tips mentioned so that your shell scheme graphics stand out.

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