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Tips for Designing Pop Up Display Signs for Tradeshows

How to Design the Perfect Pop-Up Display

This means you just have those few seconds to make an impression on the attendees. The design of your tradeshow display and signage can, therefore, make a huge difference to the amount of traffic and sales your company gets at the show.

Pop up display signs are a great choice for using at your exhibition space. They make your investment well worth it for their ability to be used repeatedly and they’re also very easy to assemble.

In this post, we’ll cover the basics of creating effective pop up displays for your exhibition. Keep reading to learn how to design a pop up display that catches all eyes.


1. Consider the Structure and Dimensions Carefully

Pop up display signs are available in a variety of sizes and structures. Selecting the right size of the display stand is vital for your making your exhibition stand to look appealing. If you want to create an impression and have enough room, fog or large-sized curved pop up displays. They will help you stand out at the exhibition and catch more visitor attention.

2. Come up with an Eye-Catching Design

Your exhibition signage is the first thing that most visitors will notice about your brand, so it’s important to design it right. Your main goal behind the design should be to capture attention and tell about your brand’s uniqueness, values, features and core benefits.

However, you have to keep the message simple and interesting rather than persuasive. This is your chance to get people talking about you and drawing close to you. It doesn’t have to be overly promotional.

You should also add attractive graphics, images and colors in the design that speak of your brand and are in line with your branding strategy, company logo, etc. Make sure the images and graphics are of the highest resolution possible.

3. Be Careful with the Panel Joins

Designing pop up display involves lining them together and then cutting by hand to make sure that the transition between panels is seamless. It looks great if you choose large text and logos confined to each individual panel.

If your text is small and detailed and the graphics are spreading across multiple panels, readability may get compromised. Therefore for maximum clarity, confine logos, text, and image to individual panels.

4. Focus on the Benefits Rather Than Features

If you’re going to use pop up display signs for showcasing your products or services, don’t make them too lengthy or full of features. Instead, keep them concise and focus on how your product or service benefits the customer and how it offers the solution they’re looking for.


Follow these simple tips and create the most fabulous looking pop up displays for your next big show.

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