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6 Tips to Create an Effective Media Wall

How to Create an Effective Media Wall

Media walls, with their striking designs and effective branding, are a vital part of all sponsored events. A well-designed media wall acts as an effective marketing tool – it allows you to brand your event, enhances the theme of your event, provides wonderful photo opportunities, and promotes your event’s sponsors.

So, follow these 6 tips to create an effective media wall backdrop for your event.

1. Keep it Simple

A media wall helps with branding and provides coverage to your event’s sponsors. So, make sure you don’t overcrowd your media wall with too many intricate designs. Also, ensure that the logos displayed on your media wall are well spaced.

Keep the design effective to create a solid first impression; however, don’t overdo it so much that your media wall backdrop becomes the centre of attention at your event. Follow the less is more approach in designing your event’s media wall. Resist the urge to fill your wall with unnecessary multicoloured graphics that will only distract your visitors.

2. Choose the Right File Format

Make sure that when you are branding your event’s media wall, i.e., putting your logos onto the wall, you have the right file size and format to suit the size of your media wall. Always choose a file with a high resolution and ensure that all logo designs are up to date.

3. Choose a Prime Location

Media walls work wonderfully well when paired with bollard signs and red carpets. A solid tip is to install your media wall at the entrance of your event venue. This location will ensure that your media wall faces high foot traffic and your brands and sponsors get maximum coverage.

4. Choose the Right Position

If you are not using a digital media wall, make sure that you position your media wall in a way that it sees adequate light in addition to the camera flashes of the photographers. Also, ensure that your media wall has proper support and fixtures and every piece is installed correctly.

5. Go for a Styled Media Wall

Enhance the theme of your event with a styled media wall. A media wall styled with different textures such as subtle floral arrangements, vertical gardens, fleur screens, etc., can make a great first impression. However, remember to keep it subtle and simple so as not to take the attention away from your main event.

6. Add Props

If it adds to the theme of your event, then you could add fun, engaging props to your media wall. This will likely encourage camera shy people to take entertaining photos while standing in front of your wall. People will post the photos on their social media accounts. This will give you and your sponsors more coverage.

Follow the above mentioned tips if you are using a creative media wall backdrop for your event.

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