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4 Exhibition Stand Design Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

There’s nothing more competitive than a business looking to stand out at a trade show or a convention. And with good reason too. There are so many other stands and not enough time for the people attending these shows. In this case, exhibition stands that are distinct and have that “wow” factor are the ones which are going to succeed.

This also means that you have to spend some time designing your stand. Most businesses focus on exhibition stand designs that will help them stand out but that shouldn’t be the only goal. Good design makes you noticeable, boosts engagement, raises brand awareness and generates leads.

So, how do you make an exhibition stand like that? The following are a few tips which will help you out:

1. Think BIG

Exhibition stand designs don’t always consider adding height but you really should try to make use of the available headspace. Large venues usually have no restrictions and if that’s the case, the ceiling should be your limit! This is also one of the simplest ways to ensure that your signage is going to be very visible.

Suspended props or signage or a rotating tower sign can be added with ease which will make use of this space effectively. This will also ensure that you catch the eye of your audience as soon as they enter the exhibition area.

2. Keep Text Short and Sweet

Try to apply the rule of less is more when you’re adding text to your exhibition stand design. Be concise and keep your message short and succinct. Even if you’re using a single sentence, keep it short and to the point. If possible, try to use a slogan that is catchy and easy to remember for your audience.

Pick your font type and size very carefully here because you want to make a positive impact. Remember that font types are associated with a certain emotion. Avoid Comic Sans at all costs because it is childish. If you’re a traditionalist, use Baskerville or Georgia since they incite trust. Avoid picking Times New Roman as it is a dated font type. If you’re in doubt, just pick a neutral font type like Helvetica.

3. Complement with Lighting

Did you know that the lighting can make a huge difference in your exhibition stand design? When used correctly, the lights can make your stand look aesthetically pleasing whereas incorrect lighting will have the opposite effect.

Focus more on using your lighting to create an ambiance which is in line with your business. While most venues do offer lighting options, take additional lights with you, especially if the venue doesn’t offer the ones you need. This is an extra step which can be a bit of headache but the end result is worth it.

4. Incorporate Some Tech to Your Stand

Make your exhibition stand more interactive by incorporating some tech into it. This makes it more likely for attendants to stop at your stand. The kind of tech you add is really up to you and what you’re aiming for.

If you want to educate your audience, product demos are a great way to highlight how automated something is. Additionally, it also allows attendants to remember your stand more. We’re generally more impressed by something we can look and touch than something we can only see.

With the help of these tips, you can use an exhibition stand design which will make you stand out with ease.

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