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Benefits of Using a Selfie Frame

4 Reasons Why You Need a Selfie Frame at Your Event

Apart from banners, A-frame signs, and back-drops, what else can make your event more appealing? Have you thought of using selfie frames for a higher engagement at an event yet? Selfie frames or Instagram selfie frames are one of the most famous business fads in the world of trade shows and events. While they may only seem like a fun way to pass time at a serious event, they can actually give your brand more reach.

Selfie frames do not only allow you to add an exciting element to your event but also provide you with valuable marketing content for the future. They can turn many heads at the event and, as a result, improve visitors’ engagement. People will enjoy taking turns standing inside the frame. Your business will be able to reach more audiences without any extra effort when they show these photos around.

If you have not realized the potential of a selfie frame, these reasons can help you understand why you need one for your next event.

1. Selfie Frames are Inexpensive

While organizing any successful event or an amazing exhibition stand, businesses look for ways to entertain their visitors there. Entertainment options are usually expensive to arrange. When compared to other options like singers, photo booths, performers, etc, a selfie frame is relatively inexpensive and pretty convenient to arrange. Furthermore, if you are running on a tight budget, your options become limited. Not only do they account for a very small part of your budget but you can also use them again at another event.

2. Increases Visitors’ Engagement

Taking a selfie frame to an event or a trade show will turn many heads at the event. Many people will want to take a memorable picture, and it will draw many people to the amazing exhibition stand where all the fun’s at. With visitors smiling, laughing, and excited to take a picture, your exhibition stand will become the talk of the event. It is a very useful ice-breaker and will give your business a chance to lead the conversation to your products and value.

3. Boosts Your Social Media Marketing

Active social media presence is crucial for all businesses. You can optimize it, especially at the time of a relevant event, to get the most out of it. Posting pictures with customized selfie frames online will increase your brand awareness on social media. It will also get you more shares and likes, further promoting your brand without much effort. It is also a great way to display your brand values and how creating an experience for your customers is one of your top priorities.

4. Makes Communication Easier for Brand Representatives

Having fun and light-hearted environment at an event also boosts the morale of your staff. At an event, it might be challenging for your representatives to break the ice and engage visitors into a natural conversation. Besides, talking about the business right away can also make your customers and prospects bored. A selfie frame serves as a delightful way to bridge the communication gap between your representatives and prospects.


These party props are now a fast-growing trend when it comes to organizing successful events. From higher customer engagement to greater reach, using a selfie frame at an event has several benefits. Your business can enjoy the benefits of its use long after the event as well.