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4 Tips for Making Good Displays for Trade Shows and Conventions

With trade shows and conventions, you need to have good displays because it can be very easy to get lost to the crowds. On average, a convention or a trade show could have around 50 business stands. This means that visitors to these shows might not be able to see your stand, especially if you’re not using the right displays for them.

However, you’re not the only business that is going to think of using this method. In this case, you will have to apply some more tricks and tips to learn more. Well-designed displays can give you an upper hand here but you do have to use them wisely. The following are some tips you can use to make good displays for trade shows and conventions:

1. Make it Noticeable

Inject some color, bright visuals, and easy-to-read fonts in your displays. Consider it in this light: due to the crowd at trade shows, displays aren’t always visible. You need to use colors that stand out, a font that is easy to read from a distance, and ensure that your company logo and branding is also visible. This ensures that your business doesn’t end up getting overlooked. If you’re looking for that extra pop of color, it is better to have your display custom-made!

2. Use Slide Shows or Videos

Digital displays can also be great for use in trade shows. It’s a good idea to design a slideshow for it if you are planning to use one. People enjoy transitional or active displays more than a static one. You can also play your videos on digital displays for trade shows and conventions. These can be a bit on the expensive side but, if you attend a lot of tradeshows, the cost could be like a long term investment – you’ll have a good return on investment (ROI) in this manner.

3. Consider Making Them Interactive

Interactive displays are more likely to catch the attention of your target market. They’re also very fun and could make your stand very popular. Interactive displays can be made for almost any industry so it doesn’t make a difference whether your business is food-based or retail clothes based. In either scenario, you can take a leaf out of Mattel or Old Navy and craft the most unique and visually pleasing displays that attract audiences.

4. Tie it in with Social Media Promotion

Social media-based displays for trade shows are becoming more popular now. Whether you opt to have a selfie wall or an IoT interactive display, your audience is going to love it. You can easily create a specific hashtag and get organic promotion for your brand and your social media page. If enough people post, you can have your hashtag trending with ease. It’s also a good way to raise brand awareness. If you incentivize this option by offering discounts or gift certificates for posting, you can boost engagement even more.

The best part is that you can work with different display designers who can give you unique displays for trade shows and conventions.

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