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Using a pinterest business  account for marketing and promotion


Pinterest business account is a best way to grow business on a social media site where people can look at, share, and store images that they find inspiring, helpful, or fun.

Pinterest is a place where people feel safe to look into new ideas and try new things. They're looking for ideas, and they're looking for you, too. Start by getting a business account on Pinterest to get things going. It's free to sign up, and you'll be able to use special content formats, make your analytics, and more.

People on Pinterest want to try your ideas or shop at your store, not just look at them. It's a deeper kind of interaction than you'll find on other platforms. You can get in front of 431 million people who use Pinterest every month to find your best customer.

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Pinterest account for marketing is a set of strategies that help your business use Pinterest as part of a larger social media marketing plan to reach new people and spread the word about your brands and products. Another group that likes Pinterest is people who are looking for positive inspiration.

Pinterest Business says that social media marketers use the site to:

  • Reach a new group of people and build up your online presence.
  • Build-up business's website or online store by getting more people to visit it
  • Encourage people to sign up for a newsletter, buy tickets, or sign up for a class.
  • If you are using Pinterest for your business, you can reach many people and make money.

1.      Create a Pinterest marketing plan.

In the same way that you would engage with any other social media channel, start by drawing out a social media plan for Pinterest. Don't just start using it right away, though:

Developing a Pinterest marketing plan means:

You are setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Besides having a following on Pinterest, do you hope the site will bring people to your website, boost sales for a particular product, or get people to sign up for an event?

  • I am learning about the general Pinterest audience and the group of people who are most likely to use this service.
  • You are getting to know your brand's specific Pinterest audience.
  • Take a look at what your competitors are doing on this social media site.
  • You are preparing and adding on-brand content for Pinterest to your social media content calendar ahead of time.
  • Work toward your goals when you have a clear plan in place.


2. Pin engaging, captivating content:

Using Pinterest for business means making high-quality,engaging visual content that people share with their friends.

So, what makes a Pin interesting? The imagery going up and down data shows that 82 percent of people use their phones to look at Pinterest. You don't want to end up with cropped images if you shoot for a 2:3 ratio.

  • Consider how good your images and videos are. You don't want your pictures and videos to look bad, so try to get the best quality that Pinterest recommends.
  • It should provide a good piece of text. A good description can help you improve your SEO, add context to your images, and make people want to click on the links you put on your site.
  • Overlay of text. Consider adding a headline that goes along with your visual message.
  • The logos are tasteful.
  • Links should work. Broken links won't help your business. People who pin things should have a good experience if the link to your Pin doesn't go to a 404 and loads quickly.

Finally, stay the same. People who Pin every day are more likely to get results than people who start aboard and then fill it up all at once. And by pinning your content often, you make sure more people will see it.

You can use Hootsuite to set up Pins so that your brand can stay on top of its content calendar. You can learn more about using Pinterest with Hootsuite by reading this.

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3. Play around with different Pin formats to see which one works best for you.

You can share images on Pinterest. It's also a place to talk about other things.

Mix things up! Pin a video that encourages people to shop at your e-commerce store or add multiple photos to a Pinto to make a carousel to get more people to click on your Pin. For example, Nike makes videos to show people how its products work.

It also has a lot of different Pins that show a lot of other things. Even though 80 percent of Pinterest users find new brands or products on the site, don't just think about shopping and promoting your brand.

With 85 percent of people who use Pinterest saying they start a new project, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for new projects. Think about posting how-to Pins or inspiration boards so that your followers can have fun and get helpful information.

People who use Pinterest can get to know the brand of Nespresso by looking at step-by-step content.

4. Make sure you plan your boards well

As 97% of Pinterest searches are not productive, your brand's boards can help you reach new Pinners interested in specific topics or who want to learn about certain things.

For example, Oreo has boards with ideas for upcoming holidays, like its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board. They also have panels with recipes, like its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls boards.

In other words, the brand knows how to mix practical, engaging, and inspirational content boards with more promotional boards:

  • Oreo's Pinterest Board has seasonal pins and recipe ideas for different foods, like Oreo cookies.
  • Besides that, Aveeno also has boards for their products, like Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards. Pinterest boards with Aveeno product links are there.

But some of the brands also have other boards, like the Earth Day board, which includes Pins that show off the brand and show that the brand knows what their customers care about and support.

A Pinterest board called "Aveeno Earth Day."

5. Make sure your Pins are good for SEO.

You can use Pinterest as a search engine, so make sure that your business's when people search for them. Pins are easy to find. In your Pins' descriptions, on your boards, and in your hashtags, use words that people will search for when they search for them.

If you use designed Rich Pins to pin new content from your business's website and avoid pinning the same business content, your Pinterest SEO will also get a boost from this new tool.

Were you on a website and hovered over an image and saw a little red Pinterest button show up when you clicked on the image. That's the "Pin It" button, and it lets people who use Pinterest pin your content right from your site. The Pin button makes it easier for people to share your content, which means more people are likely to do it, too.

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Provide advertisement of the site:

Another good way to market your business on Pinterest is to put ads on your site, as well. Pinterest lets advertisers target their ads based on keywords, interests, location, age, and more.

Promoted Pins look just like regular pins on Pinterest. The only different thing is that you're paying to get your nails seen by more people.

If you want to show your business ad only to people in a particular area, you can use geographic targeting. Pinterest advertising can be very cheap, depending on the subject and keywords you choose. Some people will see your ad and re-pin it, and you won't have to pay for it."

You can have your Pin seen by more people than you pay for for a small fee. It is called a "snowball effect." There are some rules for Promoted Pins that you should follow,

  • People who have been to your website
  • People who have been interested in your Pins
  • People who have used the platform to read or watch similar content
  • From video ads to promoted Pins, there are many ad types that you can choose from on Pinterest. Take a look at this page and learn everything you need to know about Pinterest advertising.

7. Keep an eye on the metrics:

 When social media managers track, measure, and analyze important Pinterest metrics and audience behavior, they can determine which content performs best and which is a little less enjoyable.

8. Share your Pinterest profile:

It's also important to let your followers on other platforms know that you're also on Pinterest. Promote your Pinterest account:

  • you can promote by putting a link to your Pinterest account for business on your company's website. In your email signature, put the link. In this case, you can promote your Pinterest account for your business on your company's other social media accounts.
  • We are putting the news about the Pinterest account in a company newsletter.


It's important to use Pinterest for business, so it is important that you have a Pinterest business account and not just a personal account. To be able to:

  • Analytics can help you keep an eye on and measure your Pinterest marketing strategy.
  • Run a lot of different Pinterest ads.
  • Set up a Shop button.

The steps to setting up a business account on Pinterest are shown here, and we show you each one.

Sign up for a business account on Pinterest by going to the site.

Step 1: Find the bottom of the pop-up.

And then, click here to start. Get Started Here is the button on the pop-up that says "Get Started." Click it to start.

Step 2: To fill in the information

It is the third step. Fill in your report. 

  • Add your professional email address and age, and then choose a strong password. Ensure that the email you're adding isn't linked to any other Pinterest account before you add it.
  • Fill in your email password and your age.
  • Then, click the button that says "Create an account."

Step 3: Fill in the fields to build your business profile.

It is the last thing you do. When you fill out this form, your business name, language, and location, click the following button.

Step 4: Describe your business.

Choose the exact description that best fits what your business does and add a link to your website in the text box next to it. There is adding of the company's name and its type —a link to a website. Here we go! So now you're ready to start pinning and running ads now.



  • Make a business account.
  • Make sure your content fits into the right groups.
  • Do not use the same pictures and videos over and over again.
  • To use high quality keywords
  • To add hashtags to your content, add them to your posts
  • Do this on other social networks, too:
  • It's essential to follow and interact with other accounts.
  • Use the best practices for social media.
  • Analyze what you did.

These best 9 Pinterest marketing ideas are suitable for businesses of any size in any field. Because Pinterest is a social media tool, it's essential to think about marketing generally.

Make a business account:

To reach your target market on Pinterest, you should set up a business account. It's important to note that this free account gives you access to Pinterest Analytics, which we'll talk about in more detail soon, as well as other helpful marketing tools, like a business profile that makes it clear that you're a business.

The same thing can happen if you already have a Pinterest account and turn it into a business account.  If you want to improve your business account and run ads on Pinterest, you can upgrade your account and set up a payment method because this part of the site isn't free. You can then use the Ads Manager on the site to target your audience more effectively.

 Make sure your content fits into the right groups:

By choosing the correct category for your content to be shared, your Pins and boards will become more accessible for people who want to find content similar to your business. When people are on Pinterest, they can search for specific categories and then visit the "Categories" section of the profile to see all content that fits the bill.

The best way to make your content fun and unique is to make it exciting and fun. If you want to make your business grow well while having fun, there are many ways to do it.

Create widgets:

 You can make a widget for each of your boards. You can put it on your website to show people what they're all about, too. You need to click on three dots next to your board's name on the Pinterest desktop app. Then, click the Create Widget button to make a widget.

On the next page, you can choose if you want the widget to be square, in the sidebar, or at the top. You can also make your dimensions.

Show off your playlists.

 You don't have to pin images. Pin YouTube videos to make a playlist board. As an example, many people are into fitness on Pinterest. Companies that make fitness products could use this to break away from the norm of sharing workout guides and exercise gear.

Set up a reading list.

Pinterest is a great way to save thoughtful articles and books about your business. You can make boards of all the books and articles you think your customers will enjoy. Make secret boards with the articles and books you want to read in your free time, so don't get lost or forgotten in your bookmarks.

Make sure Videos and images should relate to the content:

People use Pinterest to find things about travel, health and wellness, and beauty. It is the third thing you can do to make your images and videos stand out.

Similar to other social networks, Pinterest has a lot of pictures and videos. Also, make sure your images and videos will be able to show off your brand and show off your products and services.

You'll also want to make sure they stand out from all other images and videos on that platform. In other words, why would a person choose to follow you instead of your competition?

some things that  make sure you're sharing great and unique images on Pinterest:

  • You should use branded images that don't have faces. These get 23% more Pins on Pinterest than those with faces.
  • To show off your products and company, make and share branded videos. Seventy-five percent of Pinterest users say they're likely to watch branded videos about things that interest them, and that's a good thing.
  • If you have the money, you can use Pinterest's Promoted Video feature if you want to.
  • Share images and videos of your products in action so people can more easily picture how they would use them.
  • Avoid a lot of blank space in your images. Images with 30% less space in the background are the most likely to be pinned.
  • Make videos between 30 and 90 seconds long because they are the most effective.

As a business, you might have a lot of data visualizations and infographics that your audience could use as resources for their companies. You might want to set up separate boards to share these images.

The use keywords:

If you use keywords in printest business profile, posts, Pins, and boards, you'll be more likely to appear in users' news feeds or search results. Users on Pinterest search for keywords and phrases related to the types of things.

Suppose you sell suitcases. You might use words and phrases like "vacation" and "going on a trip" all over your profile and Pins. These words will ensure that when someone looks up a term like that, your name and pictures of your suitcases will show up on their feeds.

Here are some places on Pinterest where you can add keywords to improve your chances of being found through search:

  • When you write your bio and your profile, you write about yourself
  • In the description of each Pin, you can find out
  • Board names
  • The board descriptions
  • Image-Alt-Text

With Pinterest ads, a tool called "keyword targeting" lets you target your ads to people who use the words you want to reach.

 Use hashtags in your posts:

You can use Hashtags in printest business account, which are keywords and phrases with the "#" symbol before them, are another excellent way to reach and market to your target audience more naturally. In the same way that hashtags work on other social media sites, like Instagram, they make your content more accessible for people to find.

Pinterest users use hashtags to help them find Pins and boards. It's easy for people to see all the tagged Pins have with the hashtag you put on your Pins when they click a hashtag you put on it. For a growing business, you can add hashtags to your Pins, boards, and promoted content (if you have any) so that they get the most attention.

Content sharing on another social network:

Share it with other people on other social networks when you have something to say.

To get more people to see and follow your Pinterest account, you should share your Pins, images, and videos in other places. For example, to get more traffic, you can claim your business' Pinterest account on Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube so your followers can quickly learn about the different platforms you're on and how they can see more of your content.

This way, they can easily find out where you are and how they can see more of your content. Sign up for an account to get analytics and data on all these Pins. This way, you can see which other networks your audience shows interest in completely.

As an option, you can also link up your Pinterest account with Facebook and Google accounts so that you can quickly add and find friends and share content across networks, speed up your logins on all accounts, and back up your profile in case you lose or forget your password.

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows you to link your content to another website – your website, in this case. This feature lets you share both written and visual content, and it also enables you direct people back to your website as they do so.

A powerful marketing tool can also help you sell more online. Many businesses use Pinterest to show off their products and share content. People who make clothing like other brands use this board as a source of travel inspiration. It also includes actual products from the company to get people excited about their brand, their lifestyle, and the idea of buying some clothes.

Follow, talk to, and interact with other accounts and people:

The more you follow and interact with other people on Pinterest, the more personal relationships you can start and keep up with between them and your business. If your followers feel like they're loyal to your brand, they'll keep coming back to your account for inspiration, ideas, and to buy your products.

As you market your business on Pinterest, here are four ways you can build solid and long-lasting relationships with your target audience.

  • People who say or show that they are interested in what your business does and the content you post should follow you
  • You can re-pin the content that your followers and fans share. You can also like and comment on the content that they share.
  • Respond to the comments your followers make on your content to make them feel like they're important and make them feel like they can trust you.
  • Engaging posts show your expertise in your field gives information to your followers.

To increase followers:

Pinterest is a great way to connect with other people. As long as you can search for and add specific friends by their name or Facebook account, this is a lot of work and would make it almost impossible to grow you’re following:

  • In place of that, think about the following ways to grow your Pinterest fan and follower base.
  • You can promote it on other social networks if you have a Pinterest account.
  • People you think will want to follow back should follow you back.
  • Should keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to get more people to follow them and learn from their methods.
  • Use keywords and hashtags in your posts, which we'll talk about later.
  • Ask people who have a lot of followers to share some of your content with them, so it helps followers to will see it, too.
  • Make sure you get Pinterest ads to account to run ads on the site.

Educate your customers.

You can find a lot of educational content on Pinterest. There are how-tos, infographics, tutorials, and links to more information. It's a great way to teach and connect with customers because it likes visual content.

While you're making and sharing content for your Pinterest profile and marketing to other users, think about who you want to reach.

 How you would make new products, build your brand, or post on other social networks. You want to make sure that the content you're posting on Pinterest is appealing to your target audience and current customers, as well as the buyer personas you're trying to reach.

Some ways to do this:

  • Look into your buyer personas to determine what kind of content they like best.
  • Check out the people who follow you on Pinterest, and ask them what they want from your business on the site.
  • See what your competitors are performing the task and what they aren't doing well. It will help you think of new ways to get your content out and make it stand out from the rest.
  • Look at their boards to help you figure out who your followers and customers are.

An example of a Pinterest board          

People who visit your website will be able to go directly from one of your pages to your Pinterest profile so they can start looking at your content right away (and, if they like it, follow you!).

Visitors to your website can see and follow you on Pinterest through these widgets and buttons on your website. They can also go to a specific Pin or board. The network's widget builder makes it easy to change quickly, complete, and add this feature to your site.

Check your results:

People who use Pinterest to market their businesses are likely to want to make sure that their work improves their business' conversions and brand awareness.

To keep track of your Pinterest marketing efforts, you'll need to look at your referral traffic, the number of engagements, leads, and anything else you'd like to know more about, so you can do that. , The best way is to use Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics gives you four main types of information:

  • Data about how you look as a whole.
  • There are many ways to find out how many people save and re-pin your content.
  • Platform metrics can help you figure out how people use your content on computers and their phones.
  • Data about the Pins that you like the most.


It's essential to know some critical Pinterest terms for business.

The language used on Pinterest is different from that used on other social media sites, and you should learn it so that you can be ready for success when you join. To help you, here's a glossary of some of the words.

Pins and different types of Pins


LinkedIn has users. Snapchatters are people who use the app, so they are called Snapchatters. And Pinterest has users, too. People who use Pinterest are called "Pinners. It is the term that the company operates.

Pins are the main posts on Pinterest. It looks like a website bookmark when a pin has a picture or video and links back to the source.

Pushed Pins

Pinterest ads called "Promoted Pins" are shown on the site. "Promoted" is written on these Pins. They show up in the home feed, category feed, and search results, and they have this label on them. They also have video Pins, carousels, and app Pins. There are many ways to advertise on Pinterest.


Share on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter are two ways to do this. A Repin is the same thing. It's when someone Pins a post they like but didn't make to one of their boards.

Rich pins

Rich Pins automatically add more information from your website to the Pin. This way, you don't have to think about it. The point is to give more details, like when products are available and how much they cost. They come in three types:

  • Rich Pins for Products,
  • Recipes and
  • Article Rich Pins, which are all different types of Rich Pins.

Pins for the Carousel

Instead of just one picture, carousel Pins have a lot of pictures.

A collection of pins

People who use Pins can now shop for similar products more quickly because of this new format. When a Pinner (the person that is using Pinterest) gives a click on the magnifying glass which is in the bottom right corner of a Collections Pin, white dots will start to show up on the Pin itself.

Pins with ideas

People don't use this kind of Pin yet, so it's not very common. Pins help to show your brand in a new way. You can change the colors and fonts in your Pin, make step-by-step guides, or put together collections.

Boards and types of boards


For example, you can use Pinterest to keep track of your ideas for a new look. Organize and save your Pins by making boards for each of them. To group Pins into groups, many people use boards. For example, you might make a board help plan a product launch event, find seasonal content, or get ideas for your wedding.

Boards for groups

A group board is the same as a regular board, except that more than one person can add content. As a marketer, you might want to share ideas or plans with your team in this way. Everyone can help, so it's ideal.

The secret boards

 When you make one, there will be a lock next to the board's name. These are good for planning things you don't want to show anyone else. Secret boards won't show up in the home feed, in search, or anywhere else on Pinterest that anyone can see.

Safe boards

Protected boards are like secret boards in that they live at the bottom of your Pinterest profile, and only you can see them. They are the same as private boards. As long as you have a direct link to one of these boards, you can see them on Pinterest.


General  Terms used in Pinterest.

An Audience Insight

People who have business accounts on Pinterest can see essential metrics and analytics through Audience Insights. Then, learn more about using Pinterest analytics and which metrics you should be keeping an eye on for your business on that platform.

Pinterest Lens

 A pinterest Lens camera tool lets people take pictures of things like a product or a Pincode. Then, they can look for related content on Pinterest.


People use pin codes, which are kind of like QR codes. If you want to use these codes in real-world marketing materials like business cards or press releases, you can put them on them and scan them with the Pinterest Lens app. The regulations then link back to a Pinterest account or board.


People on Pinterest can use many different tools to help them find what they're looking for and get to know each other. There are three main types of tools that you can use to help you do this: image design, account management tools, creation tools, and tools that help you grow your followers and your community.

Social media tools for management:

Manage your social media is to get some tools. Using social media management tools, you can set up posts and organize your content on any social network, like Pinterest, before you post it.

Do this to make sure everything is shared and pushed out as planned. If you want to use Pinterest Analytics with your social media management tools, you can also use them together.

Some of the most popular tools for managing social media and Pinterest are:

Hootsuite lets you set up your Pins in advance, look at your data and analytics, and see how well your Pins are working on Pinterest.

Tailwind gives you analytics about your Pinterest profile, a way to see what your audience likes, and advice about the best times and days to share your Pins.

Sprout Social lets you use many tools that will make it easier to find the people that really want to buy your products or best services on Pinterest. These include platform analytics, tools for getting people to interact with you, post scheduling, and information about what your audience wants.


 Pinterest's Image Design and Creation Software.

To take professional-looking photos and images for the Pinterest platform with image design and creation tools, you can design, edit, create and post them (along with any other social media site and your website).

Pinterest is a picture-based social network, so your content must look fabulous so you can get more followers and get more people to interact with your profile.

The following three tools are great for people who don't have much experience in fields like graphic design or art but still want to show off unique and polished content on their profile.

  • Canva: lets you make Pinterest images that look good because they have more than 1 million images, graphics, templates, and icons.
  • Pablo: If you want to make a picture that looks good on Pinterest, Pablo can help you do it in less than 30 seconds with simple effects and templates.
  • PicMonkey: lets you make and edit images, and it has a lot of advanced image editing tools, like masking, mirroring, and double exposure, that you can use.

Tools to grow your follower's community

Pinterest has tools to help you promote your profile and content, get more followers, and get more people to follow you and interact with your content. Three tools help you do this on Pinterest.

Pingroupie: If you want to join a group board, you can see how many Pins, users, and followers it has. In this way, you can decide if you want to join and Pin your content on it.

Loop88: helps you make shareable content that they think is good for Pinterest. It will help you reach your target audience and grow your following.

PinFollow: People who follow your Pinterest account in great detail with PinFollow. You can also know who you're following back and who isn't following you back.


Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool that can help you grow your brand make more sales, which helps to build long-term relationships with your target audience and buyer personas.

It's possible to do all of these things for your business if you follow the Pinterest marketing strategies we talked about and use the available tools and resources to help you succeed as a business on the platform.

To start, sign up for a business account on Pinterest and start making unique and exciting content that promotes your business to your customers and followers.

It's the perfect place to show off your brand, business, and products to a group of people who are interested and have a lot of money to spend. There are a lot of tips and hints in this guide that will help you set up a Pinterest account that will be appealing to your customers.

It's time for you to do something. Start pinning now!



What are rich pins in most print?

Rich pins are a feature of Pinterest that helps with SEO. Rich pins quickly spread brand awareness. They add context to your posts. Rich pins use code to get metadata from the website pages that they link to, so they can tell you more about them. Ninety-three percent of people use Pinterest to plan what they want to buy.


What are the keywords on Pinterest?

You can reach people on Pinterest when they search for a particular idea with keywords. To use keyword targeting, choose words that are relevant to the ad you're running. Suppose you're trying to sell living room furniture.

I can pin things on Pinterest. What can I pin?

On Pinterest, people use pins to save things they like. Search for Pins, save the ones you want, and click on a Pinto to learn more. You can use most print to spread the word about your products and ideas to people on the site.

Is there a way to make my pins more well-known?

Pin what people like. On Pinterest, it's always a good idea to stay on-topic and share exciting things.

  • Share images that work.
  • It's essential to write exciting and accurate descriptions that are also good for Pinterest SEO.

Exactly how many pins do you need on a Pinterest page?

Instead, stick to Pinterest's suggestions, and don't do anything else. 15-25 Pins a day is a good goal once you've set up your account and learned how to use the platform. In the beginning, you can keep your pinning on the lower end of the scale.

What can I do to increase my Pinterest following?

There are 24 proven methods for increasing your Pinterest following.

  • Understand the demographics of Pinterest's user base.
  • Assemble relevant discussion boards.
  • Post new and unique information regularly.
  • Make a statement with eye-catching images.

Is Pinterest advertisement cheaper than Facebook?

Many individuals believe that advertising on Pinterest is cheaper than advertising on Facebook. But this can be subjective. The lower competition on Pinterest means it is more economical to target high-volume keywords.

What is Pinterest's business model?

Promoted pins are the primary source of Pinterest's revenue. Ads that look like user-generated pins, using these pins (posts). A "buy it" button lets users purchase things straight from Pinterest rather than visiting a different merchant site for each item.

How many followers do you need to have to make money on Pinterest on there?

There are many things you need to do on Pinterest to make money: You don't have to have a million followers on Pinterest to make money, but it helps. Anyone who includes affiliate links in their pins or sells products on their website can make money online by following the strategies discussed in the text above.