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How to sell products on facebook marketplace


About the Marketplace:

The Facebook Marketplace was launched by Facebook in 2016 and quickly became a popular place to sell things to people in your area. Facebook Marketplace is the safest and most user-friendly way to sell stuff in your area. How many people? 2.8 billion people use Facebook every month, and an estimated 800 million people use the Marketplace every month.

The "platform" is built into Facebook's desktop and mobile app. It only takes a minute to set up a listing on the Facebook Marketplace, and the process is straightforward. There are many more steps when you buy something on a site like eBay than when you buy it at a store. More fields can make it take more time to get your items up and running.

People think of the Marketplace as a place where people can sell or trade their used or unwanted household goods. It started as a place for people to buy and sell things in their area. If you want to do retail arbitrage, which is purchasing popular products from a store and then selling them online for more money, this is the best way.

A best-selling marketplace

If you don't know how to use the best Marketplace, take some time to look around and see what kinds of things are for sale there. Like other markets, place almost anything you can think of. You can buy and sell cars, couches, video games, furniture, and more.

Everyone! Many businesses, entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, woodworkers, and other people who make things by hand use the Facebook Marketplace. People who have extra things they want to get rid of can use them to sell them. People who sell stuff on Facebook and other sites like Amazon or eBay don't use very different strategies to make money.

Easy to use than another marketplace:

In contrast to other eCommerce or reselling marketplaces, Facebook doesn't charge you to list your items if you want to sell them in your area. The seller only gets charged 5% of the sale price in this case. It's easy for new and experienced eCommerce sellers to list their products on Facebook because there isn't much money involved.

Categories on Facebook Marketplace

It is how you can list things: Classifieds

  • Deals on clothing
  • accessories,
  • electronics
  • entertainment
  • family
  • hobbies, and more

A home and a garden can store vehicles.


To start selling on Facebook, you need to figure out what you need to do. This guide will show you how to sell on Facebook Marketplace step by step.

There is nothing else you need to start selling on Facebook Marketplace. All you need is a Facebook account. How simple! You need to take an extra step if you want to ship your items. You need to enter your payment and shipping information into the form.

STEP 1: Go to the Facebook marketplace page:

Setting up your Facebook Marketplace account is the first thing you need to do in Step 1.

You can use the Facebook Marketplace service if you have a Facebook account. Toward the top left of your Facebook page, you should see a "Marketplace" tab that says "Shop." If you feel difficulty searching the Marketplace on Facebook, search for "Marketplace" in the search bar, and it will show up. It will show up.

·        Analyze things that sell on Facebook:

 What do you want to sell on your Facebook business page? Like eBay and Craigslist, you can sell almost anything on Facebook Marketplace. It's the first step in marketing on Facebook to look around your house or garage to see if there's anything valuable that you can sell.

It could be

  • old furniture,
  • old electronics,
  • video games, kitchen appliances,

 Take a simple look around the Marketplace and see what other people in your area are selling.

·        Visit Sections on the Facebook Marketplace:

You can sell a lot of different things on the market, like

  • clothes,
  • musical instruments, and
  • pet supplies.

The full list of categories is shown here in full:

  • Vehicles and property for rent
  • Apparel \sClassifieds
  • Electronics, entertainment, and free things for the family
  • Hobbies for the garden and the outside
  • Goods that belong at home
  • Supplies for home improvement
  • People buy things for their pets.
  • Goods for sports
  • Toys and games

On Facebook, there's a category for you if you sell cars, computers, or even real estate.

Visit other seller's products:

In the meantime, look at what other sellers have to say about their products and look at their photos. How do you think things could be better?

For example, did the seller include the product's dimensions and well-lit photos from many different angles when they sold it? In the process of making your listings, keep in mind what you've learned.

STEP 2 Take research on products:

Before you start selling on Facebook Marketplace, you should do some research on the products you're going to be selling to make sure they'll make money. It is an important step, especially for people who want to start an eCommerce business on Facebook.

It looks at how many units of a particular product have sold over time. At what price, and how many other sellers compete for the same customers in a specific niche.

It primarily sells one-of-a-kind items in your area, and we don't have much information about what sells and doesn't. But that doesn't mean we have to guess what will sell. We can look at what works on other markets like eBay and Amazon to see what sells there and what doesn't work.

STEP 3: To analyze profit of products from tools:

There are shortcuts to figuring out how profitable your business will be, and there are many eCommerce business tools that do all the work for you. The Jungle Scout tool is one of them.

You can use powerful tools like Product Database and Keyword Scout to look at Amazon sales data and find profitable opportunities with just a few clicks. And even though Jungle Scout's product research tools are made for the Amazon market.

·        Manual ways to analyze profit

You don't have to use software to do product research. I'll show you some manual ways to do it. It's a good idea to always follow data instead of your instincts when selling something online.

No fees for selling products via  Facebook marketplace:

It will help to think about profitability, demand, and competition when you do product research for an eCommerce site. These are the three main things to look at.

In contrast to eBay and Amazon, you don't have to think about selling fees on Facebook if you want to sell things near you. People who want to sell their homes don't have to pay for anything.

·        Shipping fee:

If you add shipping to your ad, Facebook will only charge you a small 5% selling fee, but it will still cost you money. This fee is there to pay for the costs of processing payments if you use their checkout system to buy things.

Suppose you sell something for $10. Facebook will charge you 0.50 cents to sell it.

  • eBay charges a fee of about 14% of the sale price, plus the shipping cost.
  • There are two fees on Amazon: 15% for the referral and 15% for FBA fees.

To figure out how much money you could make, subtract your buy price from your selling price.

STEP4: To analyze the demand for the product

To get a good idea of what's selling, we need to look at data from eBay and Amazon. Facebook doesn't give us any.

There are many things that we can see on eBay, so we can figure out the sell-through rate, which is the number of sold listings compared to the number of listings that are still available. If you read our guide to selling on eBay, you'll see that we go over this process in great detail. We'll go over it again here.

 Many of the products on the market are being sold. It means there's not much demand for a product if it has a low sell-through rate.

Reasonable sell-through rate: What is that? If you want to sell your products quickly, look for items with at least a 50% sell-through rate. It takes some weeks or even a few months to sell below that.

Use of tools to find high demanding products:

Use Opportunity Finder to find products in high demand and have little competition. Opportunity Finder shows keywords that are in High Demand and have low competition. It helps sellers find profitable product niches they may not have thought of before.

A Competitive high marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a place where you can sell almost anything, from a used couch to a car to a product you made. You'll have to compete with a lot of other sellers.

To come up with product ideas, you need to know this. If you can't figure out what to sell on Facebook, look at eBay's "Trending Deals" page for some ideas. There, you'll find products that are popular and in demand.


find those items that r new items that people like.

Take advantage of new products that people want. For example, resellers bought up a lot of the new Xbox and PS5 gaming systems to sell them on eBay and Facebook.

Watch for new trends.

You can check new trends on the market, which are highly demanding for buyers. For example, Pokemon trading cards have become very popular again in the last few months. People are looking to buy them.

Seasonal goods

As the seasons change, think about what you buy that you don't buy at the same time every year. The winter months are the best time to buy jackets, coats, and other things for the winter. People like to use inflatable pools and swim gear when it's hot outside.

Everyday things

To be a good eCommerce seller, you need to sell things that people want to buy. People ignore things that are reliable and popular. If you're going to sell items like furniture, cleaning supplies, books, and glasses, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to do it.

Use reliable images of product:

You'll need to fill in some information so that you look like a natural person on the Marketplace. It is an important step that will make you seem more trustworthy on the site. People won't want to buy from you if you don't have a picture of yourself and some basic information about yourself on your account.


Facebook is a great place to find things that will sell. How do you get your hands on these things? Most of the time, it's the same thing as sourcing products on eBay or Facebook. We'll start with retail arbitrage, which I think is the best way to make money. But there are some other ways I want to talk about.

Products from retail stores can be vend:

Keep in mind that people notice products that have been marked up a lot, and people on Facebook aren't afraid to criticize sellers who try to do this. It is best to price your arbitrage products reasonably and not pay too much for them to avoid these people. Eventually, you'll get messages from people who want to buy.

  • People who shop at Walmart, Target, and even grocery stores should look in the clearance or sales sections of those stores and other places. More than likely, you will find great deals to sell.
  • You can use the eBay app while you're out shopping and use the sell-through rate method to find profitable items.

Sell your private-label goods.

It's likely that if you have a product that you sell under your name, you already know about Facebook Marketplace as a place to put it up for sale. 10% of Amazon sellers (who mostly run private-label businesses) already sell on Facebook, and another 8% plan to do so in 2021.

If you don't know what a private-label product is, know that selling your own branded products on Amazon is a surefire way to make money. It's also a great way to make money on Facebook. It's important to remember that Facebook Marketplace has more than 800 million active users across the country. It means many people could become new customers.

Read More:

The private label model has many advantages:

  • You come up with your unique product and brand.
  • You can sell something that no one else can, making you stand out from other sellers.
  • You can buy your products from people outside of the United States to save money.

 You can visit a local thrift store to look for things you can buy cheaply.

You can always find some hidden gems whenever you go to thrift stores. One man's trash is another man's treasure, they say. Keep looking, and you will find some fantastic deals on things that are way below market value.

Vintage or designer clothes, used but still, good video games and toys, furniture, glassware, and other things that have value are things to keep an eye out for, as well.

Can do business of Garage sales and estate sales

It's possible to find perfect things at a great price at the garage and estate sales. They usually have these sales because they want to clean up their home or move, which means they'll give away things cheap.



Then, after we've talked about product research and sourcing, let's talk about how to make money on eBay. Facebook makes it easy to put things for sale on the site. In this example, we'll do it on a computer, but know that you can list products on your phone, as well.

Setting up a new ad on Facebook is very simple and quick. To make sure you get it right, here's a shortlist. When you are done,

  • click "Choose your listing type." For example, you can sell an item, a car, a home, or a job. You can also choose to sell a position.
  • Choose "Item for Sale."
  • You'll fill in all of your product information and add product images in the next step.

Some major points are as follows:

Take a look at Facebook Marketplace.

It is on the left sidebar of a computer and the "shop front" icon.

Create a list.

To sell something, click the "sell something" option. Then add your item to the site with pictures and descriptions, as well as pricing, location, and whether or not you'll ship.

Optimize lifting

Add relevant product tags, a price, keywords that you think people will be looking for, and high-standard quality pictures to your website to make it easier to find what they want. Make sure your ad meets Facebook's rules for commerce. You can't sell some things, like alcohol or pe

provide customer response as soon as you can.

Keep in mind that if you want to sell something, make sure you answer questions and requests as quickly as possible.


  • Our first step in listing optimization is to make our product more visible to customers, so they'll see it more often when they search for it and are more likely to buy.
  • You need to make sure that your listing title and description are filled with as many relevant keywords as possible to improve your SEO. It makes your product more prominently in the search results when a customer searches for similar products.
  • The more detailed information and keywords you include, the more likely people will see your product.

Give a detailed explanation.

Offer as many details as you can about the item upfront to cut down on the amount of back-and-forth you'll have to do with people who want to buy it. If the brand, manufacturer, and model number are available, be sure to include them in your report. It's essential to provide accurate measurements and any vital information about the item's condition, such as flaws and signs of use.

Be honest when you describe the item, especially regarding its size, where it came from, and how it looks now. It will waste the buyer's and the buyer's time the item doesn't match the description when it's time to pick it up.

Make sure to add search tags.

Before you do anything else, make sure that your product is in the correct category so that it is easy to find. If a seller wants to make it easier for buyers to see what they're looking for, Facebook Marketplace lets them add search tags to their listings. People who buy vintage mirrors will look for labels like "vintage," "mirror," gold, old, and so on. Facebook now allows up to 20 tags, and it's best to use as many as you can.

Take care of questions quickly.

Facebook Marketplace transactions move quickly, so it's essential to watch your messages when you have an item for sale. Respond to interested people as soon as possible to answer questions or work out a price. If you don't answer questions within 24 hours, people may have already bought a similar item from another seller.

Be willing to work out a deal.

Potential buyers often try to get a better deal on Facebook Marketplace. You should think about your bottom line before setting a price and be willing to negotiate if someone wants to pay a little less than the price you've put on the ad. Most of the time, it's better to be flexible and accept reasonable offers rather than wait for a few dollars more.

If you decide to sell your item for the lowest price you're willing to accept, be sure to make it clear in the listing that the price is set in stone and can't be changed.

 Read More:

 Make an offer to give.

If your item doesn't sell quickly, think about adding delivery. Buyers who aren't sure if they want to buy a more significant item (like furniture) might be more likely to buy if they get free delivery. Especially if you live in an urban area, many people who want to buy the item may not quickly get a car to move it. Consider shipping an item to people outside of town to get more people to buy it.

 Keep your expectations in check.

You may have to wait for the right buyer to come along if you want to sell a unique item on Facebook Marketplace. Some things are in High Demand and will sell quickly. If there isn't much interest or the offers you get are significantly lower, you may want to lower the price of the ad after a few weeks or so.

You should also be patient. You can also keep your listing up to date so it reaches a new group of people who might be interested in buying it. Every two weeks, you should get a new one. Consider cutting the price by between 5% and 10% each time you renew.

Know the limitations of the platform.

If you want to sell something on Facebook Marketplace, you should first check the site's rules. So there isn't any confusion, Facebook lists its Terms and Policies in an obvious way. Some of the things you can't sell on Facebook Marketplace are not for sale there:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco and other things that go with it
  • Legal substances like recreational drugs aren't permitted.
  • Products for medical and health care
  • Some things aren't real, and that violates intellectual property.
  • When I used cosmetics, I did it
  • Weapons and ammo are what you need to fight.

Set a fair price.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell things, but it can be hard to figure out how much you should charge. Even though you want to make as much money as possible, it's essential to set a fair price to sell your item quickly.

To keep it simple, it's a good rule of thumb to always list things for 50 percent or less than they cost at the store. Check out what other people in your area are selling and how much they charge for the same things.

If you want to make a quick sale on face-book market place, you may want to price your item a little lower than other items on the market. Or, if you think your item is better than other items on the market, you can set a slightly higher price and include details in the item description that show why your listing is good.

Do the research you need for your project.

Before you put up your first ad, do some research. Take a look at the Marketplace to see what prevalent items are in your field. You can do this by sleuthing through categories to find the best-selling items and going to business pages to see what they have.

Post-best-selling items at the top.

Take the time to see what's popular on the platform so you can figure out how much there is and how much it costs. You can also think about how you can stand out from everyone else.

Use Facebook Ads:

Then, when you know which products are popular, you can make Facebook ads for them.

Besides, you've done your research and know that there's much interest, so you'll see a much better ROI and more sales. Ads also let you retarget people who have bought from you before and follow your Facebook page.

Add Keywords to Your Listing

SEO isn't just for websites and bloggers, but it is also essential for businesses and other businesses. These are same rules apply to the Facebook Marketplace. If you want your listing to show up in the search results and be found by your ideal customer, you need to use the right keywords.


Your primary keywords should be in the title of your ad and keywords used in the description of your product. For example, let's say you want to sell an iPhone. would want to know things like:

The model is a way to show how things work

  • Storage space
  • The color is
  • The state of the device
  • It comes with what kinds of things (like a charger, AirPods)

Those are all the words you want to use in your listing to get it to show up higher in the algorithm.

Improve your photos with these tips.

Ninety-three percent of people say that the way a product looks is the most important thing to consider when making a purchase.

Your photos are blurry and pixelated, and you haven't made any sales. You need to improve your product photography skills. However, you don't need to hire a professional photographer to take your picture. If you have a smartphone, you can take high-quality photos. some tips for capturing images better:

  • Lighting that is good and not too bright
  • A white background (a solid black or white background works best)
  • As you can see, there is a tripod in (if you have shaky hands)
  • These are the settings you can choose from when you start a (you can find free ones for Lightroom Mobile on Pinterest)

With these four things in your toolbox, your listings will look better right away. Remember to show any flaws and warranty information when you take photos of your products. Do not use stock photos. It will make your ad look fake.

 Record the Strong of Sales.

People who sell things on Facebook get two different badges for interacting with people. If you want to improve your reputation, trust, and sales with new customers, make it a goal to get both badges. It's called a "Very Responsive Badge," and it's given to sellers who respond quickly on Messenger to potential buyers.

Include Delivery/Shipping

If you want to make your business stand out and give your customers a "wow" customer experience, you must make your business unique. Shipping and delivery should be taken into account when you write a check.

Always Decide on the Right Type

People hate spam. You don't want to put your DSLR camera in the appliances section. I wouldn't say I like that, and it's easy for your account to get flagged and even blocked. To make sure that the people see your ad is right, you need to choose the correct category.

People who want to become better photographers don't go to the appliances section. Don't waste your or anyone else's time.


Read the Facebook Marketplace Commerce Policies if you want to find out more about Marketplace, like what kinds of products can and can't be sold.

There are rules for Marketplace, buy and sell groups, page shops, Instagram Shopping, and all of these things.

Items that

are prohibited from vending:

 Facebook has a list of things that can't be vend on Marketplace. These things are:

  • Adult goods or services.
  • People use digital media and electronic devices.
  • A ticket for an event.
  • Give-aways.
  • Items for health care (thermometers, first-aid kits)
  • Whether they are illegal, prescribed, or for fun, drugs.
  • Tobacco products or things that look like tobacco are illegal
  • There are dangerous supplements that don't work.
  • Some kind of weapon or explosives is illegal.

2. sell something that can be seen.

Anything that isn't real you can't be sold out. As an example:

  • in search of:
  • lost and found blog posts
  • Jokes/News.

The item's description must match the picture.

To upload a picture of an item, you must match the title and description you give it.

Before and after pictures are not allowed.

Items for sale on Facebook can't show a picture of the item before and after being sold (example: a photo showing weight loss). FB has taken many precautions to ensure that Marketplace is a safe place for people to buy and sell things on the web.


If you used to sell things on Facebook marketplace, you could no longer do that now. It's a fast, easy, and cheap way for you to grow your e-commerce business quickly and at a reasonable price. With Facebook's massive reach, you can find new customers without building a huge platform or spending money. Just start this journey and upload your offer to the platform. Then, follow these sales-boosting tips, and wait for the money to come in.



You need to take many steps before you start selling your things on Facebook Marketplace, so make sure you know all of them.

1.Is it safe to sell things on the market?

It's true that there can be risks when you buy and sell on Facebook and other online markets. However, be careful and follow these Facebook Marketplace rules, and you will be safe while making good deals.

2.Is there any fee for listing products on the face-book Marketplace?

No not at all. Facebook Marketplace doesn't charge any fees for listing items.

3. How can I get more people to buy things on Facebook?

In the Facebook Marketplace, there are some rules.

Read the Facebook Marketplace Commerce Policies if you want to find out more about Marketplace, like what kinds of products can and can't be sold. There are rules for Marketplace, buy and sell groups, page shops, Instagram Shopping, and all of these things. Items that seller cant sell:

 Facebook has a list of things that can't sell on Marketplace. These things are:

  • Adult goods or services.

4.I want to talk to someone on Facebook Marketplace. How do I do that, please?

You can go to Tap the Request review button to see what other people have said. We'll look at your appeal and get back to you in 24 hours. Check your Support inbox or the email that comes with your Facebook account to see many new things.

5. Is there any compulsion to give me my phone number?

No, you should not give your phone number to the Facebook Marketplace. Personal information should be kept safe. If you want to sell something online, you don't need to give someone your phone number. Make sure you know whom you're talking to before you share it. Don't give out your phone number to the public in social media posts.

6.When will I receive money from the Facebook marketplace?

You'll get paid 15-20 days after you mark the item as shipped and enter a tracking number or five days after you get a confirmation that the item has been delivered. The money goes to the bank account you used to set up shipping.

7.Is the Facebook marketplace asking for the fee?

Unlike other markets, Facebook Marketplace doesn't charge you to list your products there.

8..When you sell something on Facebook Marketplace, how much does it take from the money?

It costs money to sell. We take a fee out of your money when you make a sale. A selling fee is what we call the money we get when we sell something. To sell, you pay 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of less than $8.00 that are sold.

9.When I use Facebook, how do I get money?

From your friend, start a new conversation.

  • To add a card to a message, click on the Add Card button.
  • Add your debit card and set up your account for the first time so that you can accept money.
  • The money sent is sent right away (it may take one to three business days)

10.If you put something on Facebook Marketplace, do your friends know?

It only shows up in the Facebook Marketplace if you post about something you want to buy or sell. Friends won't be able to see it, and it won't show up on your timeline at all.

11.Is it possible to get scammed on Facebook?

Using Facebook Checkout to buy directly from an online store is always a risk because there's always a chance that you'll get scammed. In that case, Facebook has Purchase Protection that can help you.