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Teardrop Flags Base options

Highly portable and bearing a distinctive shape, teardrop flags (also known as feather flags) can help catch the attention of your customers and help your brand stand out, whether in a crowded street or attached to a stall or cart. Here are some of the options we offer when it comes to the bases available for teardrop flags.

Wall Mount

A bracket moulded to a spindle that allows you to quickly attach your flag to any wall. It allows for 360-degree rotation, but the flag can be fixed in place, too.

Cross Feet & Water Bag

This option comes with strong stainless-steel base with protective caps that prevent damage to both the feet and the ground where the base is placed. The feet can be used with or without a flexible water weight bag that can help maintain its stability in cases of windy weather or soft ground.

Ground Spike

Perfect for flags being placed in soft ground, this is a heavy-duty ground spike that the flag can then be inserted into. Rust resistant and sturdy enough to resist strong winds, it’s popular for outdoor displays.

Metal Plate

A stylish, chrome effect plate that can secure all our teardrop flag options, regardless of size. Weatherproofed, with detachable spindles, and a handle for easy transportation make it an effective option.

From teardrop banners to a wide range of other advertising flags, we have multiple options to help give your business the display it needs to suit your needs. Take a closer look at our flag banner options to see the range of customization and choice at your disposal.