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What Are Banner Flags and How Are They Used?

Banner flags can be ideal for promoting an event or product outdoors. They’re brightly coloured and catch people’s eye when they’re walking by or when they’re in their cars. If you’re thinking of using this option and getting your banner flags custom made to advertise your product, or inform people of an upcoming event, they could be a great investment.

Read on to learn more about what banner flags are and where you can use them.

What Are Banner Flags?

Banner flags are usually made of cloth or similar material and have a symbol, logo or a short description or message that represents your event. They’re usually placed on poles, like street lights. Since they are placed in places where there’s heavy traffic and many people passing by, you don’t usually only have one banner flag for your event.

You might have noticed that when you’re driving on the road, there are multiple bow head flags hanging from consecutive street lights. Whether you get flags, or vinyl banners, what matters is where you have them placed and how they are used.

How Are Banner Flags Used?

Banner flags can be used in a variety of different ways, for events, upcoming product launches, or spreading the news of a major sale. There are two broad categories of where banners are used, depending on whether they are used indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Use

If you want to use banner flags custom made for an indoor advertisement, you can have them hanging inside a mall or small retail store that caters to an audience similar to the one you want to appeal to.

You can either have them hanging from a window, so people can see them when they walk by, or hanging from a ceiling. When hanging banners from a ceiling, you usually opt for vinyl banners because they are larger and can be seen from a distance.

Indoor banners can be of all sorts of shapes and sizes, as long as they fit the theme of the area you’re using them in. They can be bow head flags, pinwheels or cylinders. Your only job is to find the right information that you want to have displayed on them.

Outdoor Use

When it comes to outdoor use, banner flags are usually used on street poles, or placed into the ground, attached to an extendable rod, like an actual flag. Outdoor flags are a great form of advertisement because they reach to a larger group of people than ones that are placed indoors.

You need to make sure you have enough information that tells people what your product or event is about, but inclines them to want to know more. You can’t have too much information on an outdoor flag, because people are too busy to read more than a few lines.

Final Words

With an aesthetically appealing, creative design and just the right amount of wording, you can make great use of a banner flag. As long as you know where to use them and how many you need, you will gain much more exposure for your brand than before.

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