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Best Pop up Display Placement for Your Exhibition Booth

Whether you’re exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow or are looking to market new products around your retail store, pop up displays could be just the solution for you. They offer a number of advantages over conventional stands, counters, banners and other signage such as ease of assembly and portability. Traditional exhibition display simply cannot compete with pop up displays.

Pop up display signs are most commonly used at trade show booths as a backwall. They are economical and highly effective in getting your message across with minimum set up hassle but if you want to get creative and go beyond the basics, pop up displays offer a lot of flexibility to create unique exhibits with just a little bit of adjustment in their orientation and placement. Keep reading to learn the different ways in which you can use your pop up displays.

1. Standard Booth Space

Also known as the inline booth space, a standard booth space usually has space that measures 10x10 feet. It’s one of the least flexible configurations, especially if your stand is in the middle of a row as opposed to being on the corner. However, you can still add impact by using backlit pop up display towers or pop up counter table near the front of the booth is one way to create interest while abiding by the space and height restriction.

2. Perimeter Booth Space

The perimeter booth is similar to the standard inline booth but since it’s supported by a wall at the back, you’re usually allowed to go up to a height of 12-16 feet. Since these booths are often used by visitors as thoroughfares on the exhibition floor, you get an opportunity to gain entice passersby through attractive displays. This makes them ideal for interactive multimedia displays. You can use large pop up towers with monitor mounts at the back of your booth and promote your brand at a height, ensuring that your displays get noticed from far away. Pop up SEG backdrops also look really good at the corners of your booth.

3. Peninsula or Island Booth Space

Island booths that are surrounded by aisles on all four sides and peninsula booths that are bound on three sides by aisles provide the most flexibility for orientation, placement, and flow of traffic in your trade show exhibition space. Placing pop up displays creatively can have a huge visual impact on your overall booth. It’s best to use larger sized pop up exhibits such as back walls, towers or projection walls at the center of the booth. You can use design these displays to be multisided and/or backlit to make your message prominent from all ends.


Pop up exhibition displays offer great flexibility and variety to the design and orientation of your exhibition spaces no matter how big or small your promotional budget is. Use these creative ideas to spruce up various types of exhibition booths by playing around with your pop up displays.

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