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Trade Shows in Australia

What is a trade show? 

People from the same business get together at a trade show to show off the newest products and services and talk about them. Big trade shows usually last for several days and is held in convention centers in larger cities like Australia.  What is trade show booths? Companies in the area can meet potential customers at local trade displays, which can be held in a nearby hotel or stadium. Most trade displays, also called trade fairs or expositions, are only open to people in the trade or industry since their goal is to bring people in the trade or industry together. 

Trade shows with VividAds

The most common way to advertise your business is o held a trade show, which is a visual ad that put your brand in the audience and is the best gateway to have more audience at your business. 

Promotion with a trade show takes business advertising to another level.  have all the best items you need for the trade show to be held at your desired place. VividAds is with you to make your brand a successful one. What are trade show displays?  The best products of vivid include different products include pop-up lightbox walls, Shell Scheme Fabric Graphics, Octanorm Infills, Printed Tablecloths, Straight, Stretch Fabric Walls, Pop Up Display Stretch Fabric Walls, fabric banner stands, premium pulls up banners, and Portable Brochure Stands In this detailed article, we are going to know about all these best products of VividAds. Let's jump into it.

What goes on at trade shows?

Usually, trade shows offer:

  • Display space

  • Workshops

  • Chances for media to interact

  • Evening social events

  • Private events for exhibitors

  • Prize presentations

  • Exhibitors come to the event to meet potential new customers, build relationships with retailers and distributors, and make connections with opinion leaders and the media.

People go to trade show displays to see what new products are being sold, and to take advantage of special TRADESHOW DISPLAYS AUSTRALIA from exhibitors.

How you can get the best out of a Trade Show in Your Business in AUSTRALIA?

The trade show in Australia is a big event where businesses from a certain industry get together to show off their newest products and services and learn about how the market is changing. Why do companies exhibit at trade shows? At trade shows, companies can learn from their competitors, get the attention of experts in their field, and find untapped potential. Even though not all of them are open to the public, they all give a business a chance to be seen by the industry it works in and maybe even get some press coverage. What to wear to a trade show? Women should wear stylish, low-heeled shoes in neutral colors, and men should wear polished leather shoes. Your whole wardrobe should be perfectly put together and look great for the trade show. This means that the shirts, shoes, and pants need to be ironed, shined, and pressed.


The History of Trade Shows

If we want to understand how important and influential trade exhibitions are, we need to look at their legacy and history. Here is a brief history of trade shows:

  • During the Middle Ages, "trade fairs" became more popular, especially in the French area of Champagne. Regional traders would meet in cities for two to three weeks to trade things like spices, fur, leather, and other farm goods.

  • These fairs helped commercial capitalism grow a lot and brought back the economy of the Middle Ages. In addition, they spread cultural changes all over Europe.

  • During the 18th century, big industrial trade shows were common as the industrial revolution grew and new ways to make things and new tools were made.

  • In the 19th century, trade shows for specific industries became more popular, and in the 20th century, exhibition halls were built. Companies that run events have changed over time to help exhibitors get the most out of them.

  • In the 21 century, trade shows are very common, and there is a big list of events that are held every year.

What’s a Modern Trade Show?

Modern trade shows may have started in late medieval Europe around the year 1200 when commercial capitalism was just starting to take off. It was a time when modern capitalism made some of its first steps forward as an economic and social system. Farmers, craftsmen, and merchants would gather in towns for trade fairs to show off and sell their goods. This kind of capitalism led to a lot of economic growth in the 16th century, but by the beginning of the 19th century, it had been replaced by industrial capitalism. Even so, trade shows and exhibits continued, especially in Europe and North America, so that business leaders could show off the latest changes in production and technology.

Companies (called "exhibitors"), professionals (called "speakers"), and business representatives (called "visitors") get together at trade shows, which are specialized settings, to share information, goods, and services and to network with other people who are like them.

Exhibitors will have a place to set up, and it will be up to them to talk to and engage with the event's attendees. The trade show display case is for them to get leads, make connections, and hopefully make a few sales, but it's not always that easy!

Trade shows are good for business-to-business (B2B) companies, or "traders," because they give them a chance to talk to potential customers about their products and share information about them in a setting that is natural for them and their audience.

B2C companies are often seen at trade shows or exposition fairs, even though they aren't usually given display space or access. But some trade shows do let people in on one or two days when they are open to the public. All of it depends on the type of show.

What’s the Purpose of a Trade Show?

You might want to have an exhibit at a trade show for several reasons, such as

  • At trade shows, the key to success is making sales. This is also known as making direct sales or meeting a quota.

  • Lead generation is a key part of any marketing funnel because salespeople have no one to sell to if they don't have leads.

  • looking at the competitors and finding out what technologies and marketing strategies they are using. Keeping up with the competition is a good idea, but don't talk about them all the time.

  • Engage with your current customers. They are more likely to buy new products and services, so you can keep building your relationship with them and giving them more benefits.

  • Introduce new products and services: Both current customers and people who might become customers could benefit from them. Still, you'll have a better idea of which of your current customers your new addition will help the most.

  • Marketing based on a customer's needs: Before you go to a trade show, you should know who you want to talk to so you can make a plan that will help you convert them.

  • Get feedback: It can help you improve your services, sales, and marketing, and you might even get ideas that completely change how you run your business.

  • Recognize trends: If you want to stay current or stay away from fads, you need to be able to spot trends.


What Happens at a Trade Show?

Speakers or breakout sessions are often on the schedule at trade shows so that people don't just stand around in one place for hours.

  • Visitors have to get something out of an event, and you can do the same.

  • Workshops are talks or activities that focus on a topic or theme related to a certain industry.

  • Breakout sessions: During a workshop, you might have a breakout session where smaller groups break off to talk about more specific topics and then come back together to share their notes.

  • Costs will go up for media options, but more marketing may lead to media coverage and more interest.

  • During or after an event, some trade fairs or partners may offer networking events (and sometimes even a party!).

  • At some trade events, people who have worked in a certain business for a certain number of years or who have done amazing things are given awards.

  • Speakers are often experts in their fields or have a unique take on a certain topic. may have a lot of fans if they're liked.

  • Even if you only go to one of these events, you'll be more visible, known, and build stronger relationships there.


Can You Make Money at a Trade Show?

Why trade shows are important? Can you earn money at a trade show? Can People Make Money at a Show? If you do trade shows wrong, they can be disastrous. When you rent space at a big place like the NEC, it costs a lot. On top of that, you have to buy the stand and any other items you need and drive everyone there and back. Smaller events are often less expensive, but trade fairs can cost anywhere from £3,000 to $10,000, depending on several factors. Some businesses think trade shows are a waste of time and money because they spend so much on them without getting anything in return. We disagree because they weren't done right. There are some ways to get a good return on your investment at a trade show, such as: 

  • Don't buy more space than you need: If you buy more space than you need, you could waste money and make less money.

  • Get a stand that draws people in: a well-organized area adds credibility. Even if you only have a small amount of space, a beautiful display can still get people's attention.

  • It is important to be organized: Even though it might be tempting to throw away literature and marketing materials carelessly, keeping them in the back of your area encourages sales reps to start a conversation first, which is more likely to lead to a lead or a sale.

  • Use technology only when you need to: don't overdo it, since the main goal of a trade show is to drive sales through face-to-face networking.

  • Choose the right team: Going to an event with the wrong team is a waste of time. People who understand and care about customer problems but also know when to close deals are good for your business.

  • Tell people that you will be exhibiting; if there is no buzz about your presence at the trade fair, it may not be successful. Use marketing strategies to build up to the event and get people excited about it.

Why Do Companies Lose Money at Trade Shows?

If you don't set up your booth at a trade show at the right time or in the right way, it could be useless or even hurtful.

  • You're at full capacity. If you can't take on more clients, you're just losing money and boosting your ego.

  • You don't want to grow, so there's no point in going to a trade show if you don't want to grow your business.

  • If you worry that your team won't be able to complete transactions, you don't have the right people. So, you'll go home without anything.

  • You don't have support from the top, which you need because your efforts won't work without it.

  • You make the wrong choice. If you work in a specialized field but choose a popular performance, you'll end up getting lost in the crowd.


Tradeshow And Event Marketing: Features of Effective Trade Show Displays in Australia

What are trade shows for? Displays that work well at trade shows should make a good first impression. In a study done by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, people looked at trade show exhibits for about 3 to 5 seconds before deciding to leave or stop and talk. During that time, every possible customer who walks by your booth must be drawn in and kept interested. In the section below, we'll go over the seven parts of displays that trade show booths need.

  1. Better-quality

Graphics will draw people to what you have to say. Either they show how your service works or they answer the client's questions. The best presentations use visuals that are clear, big, bright, and easy to understand. Such canvases give the story of your brand a background that is both eye-catching and long-lasting.

Some exhibitors might want to stand out by using confusing or complicated visuals. Be careful, because so much detail in the art could confuse, distract, or turn off potential customers. Keep your graphics simple, and if you're not sure what to do, ask a professional graphic designer for help with trade show exhibit graphic design.

  1. Easy-to-Remember Headline

After the visuals, the person's attention is drawn to your headline. Keep your message short and easy to understand, but still convincing. A cleverly written headline will get people to come into your booth. A short, powerful title also stands out more on a trade show display and can be seen from all directions on the trade show floor.

  1. Description

As much as you might want to write down everything about your organization's history, don't. You don't want to lose a potential customer's interest after the title and images have caught their attention. In your description, as in the title, less is more. Use bullet points, shorten your sentences, and make sure that every word you use is important.

  1. Strong branding and logos

A successful trade show booth won't hide who your business is. Buy a unique trade show booth that shows off your name and brand in a big way. Make sure the logo can be seen from everywhere in the booth and is at eye level. You could also put a catchphrase or motto next to the logo. If your company doesn't have a logo, make one. It shows that you are a company that can be trusted.

  1. Best Use of Technology and Interaction

Don't just use the usual methods for a trade show in your display. Use monitors, for example, to connect with and talk to people by showing them short video stories or testimonials. You can also post interviews with clients on YouTube or live stream on Facebook. But be careful not to use these methods as a replacement for talking to your customers in person.

  1. A lot of light

Light makes your display much more interesting. When the sidewalls, back walls, and dark parts of your display are opened up with the right lighting, it gives your display more depth. ExpoMarketing booths are set up with the right lighting so that people can pay attention to what you're trying to say.

  1. Giveaways

Promotional items can remind people about your business all the time, bring more people to your booth, and give people your contact information. At ExpoMarketing, we think that practical promotional items should match your brand and be everyday things like mugs, pencils, tote bags, chargers, and USB drives.

Trade show displays can be made that do very well. Still, make sure that you can still be reached by potential customers. Answer their questions, start a conversation with them, and keep in touch with them after the event. If you need the best trade show displayed visit us at 

Ten Tips to make your Trade Show effective in AUSTRALIA

How to have a successful trade show booth? how to exhibit at a trade show?  Use these 10 trade show tips to make sure your booth at a trade show is a success.

Your company has been asked to set up a successful booth at a trade show, but you only have a small budget to work with. So, you decided to stick with the most common and smallest booth size: 10' x 10'. How can you reach your goals, stand out from the competition, and make the most of your limited financial and physical resources? It costs a lot of money to represent your business at a trade show, but it's also a chance to build your brand, grow your network of contacts, and get more exposure. In this blog post, people who work in the trade show industry talk about the best and worst ways to organize and decorate a 10' x 10' booth.

  1. Set your trade show goals and identify your target audience.

You need to know what you want to get out of a trade show before you send out invitations and display signs for trade shows. Ask yourself if you want to impress your current clients or if you want to get new ones. Are you trying to make your business known as a thought leader, raise brand awareness in a new market, or sell a new product? Your trade show planning will be based on the answers to these questions, including how you set up your booth and how you advertise before and after the show.

  1. Get in there with a great appearance

Start working toward these goals as soon as you have them. You can use a number of tools before you even step foot on the trade show floor. By buying the pre-show registration list, you can get in touch with trade show attendees through emails, postcards, and social media before and after the event.  The leading partnering organization for the world's life science community, says that sending individual invitations to your clients will let them know you will be there.

  1. Tips for running a small team

Companies that don't have a big presence at trade shows might feel bad about only having a few people at their booth, but even the bare minimum of friendly, outgoing staff may be the most important part of the experience you're building for visitors. Hundschell Dela Cruz said, "If you don't have the best people at your booth, you'll miss out on a lot of great opportunities." "You might have the best and biggest booth space." You should set up your schedule so that at least one of your representatives is always in charge of the booth. Hundschell Dela Cruz said, "A booth that's empty might give people a bad impression of your business.

  1. Let air into your booth

David Saef, Executive Vice President of the event management company GES, tells booth designers not to block the front of their booth with a table and chairs. "This is the kiss of death," said Saif. Your workers will sit in a chair away from the other guests and are more likely to check their messages than talk to them.

Another piece of advice is to put dark-colored carpeting in your booth. Since aisle carpets are usually dark, you want to make a smooth transition from the aisle to your booth. Using a color that goes with the aisle instead of one that clashes will get rid of any hidden problems. For example, if the carpet in the aisle is charcoal, use dark blue instead of white.

  1. Simple designs are the most welcoming.

Don't make the display signs for trade shows too busy. Don't let the pictures on your back walls become a wall of text that scares off new customers. People look at your back wall for 2.5 seconds before deciding whether or not to enter. You want people to stop at your booth, so you don't want to give them too much information that takes their attention away. Once the person is interested, you'll have plenty of time to go over all the details of your new product.

  1. Create the right atmosphere

At trade shows, it can be hard to get people's attention while also making an area where they want to hang out. One way trade show booth designers have been beating out all the candy bowls is by offering real food like appetizers, coffee, and even specialty cocktails. Food and drinks not only get people's attention, but they also create a more relaxed social atmosphere that is great for starting conversations about your company.

Note: If you do want to include food and drinks in the display signs for trade shows, we recommend that booth managers take all necessary steps to protect themselves and their guests from the COVID-19 epidemic.

  1. Think about where you'll be

Don't include pens and USB sticks in your plans for gifts and swag for your booth. Instead, choose a useful item that people will appreciate while they are at the trade fair. If the convention is in a warm, sunny place, you might want to bring sunscreen or sunglasses. If it's in a wet part of the country, you might want to bring umbrellas. When planning your trade show presence, think about the weather because people won't just be at the conference center.

  1. Invite people to events

Many businesses decide to set up a place to meet and put on an activity that has something to do with their brand. This is a great chance to get people involved in creative and memorable ways.

Virtual reality (VR) is a popular choice for exhibitors who want to create a compelling experience in a small space. With virtual reality, you can give customers a digital display that makes your trade show booth 10 x 10 look like it goes on forever instead of building a complicated, expensive physical display. Never underestimate the power of a physical, interactive game or activity to get people to join in.

  1. Locate your synergies

When you talk to other professionals in your field in person, the location of your trade show booth is important. Finding allies at the event might be better than setting up right next to a competitor in order to get the same customers. Companies that do business together sometimes work together to move people from one booth to another. 

  1. The end of the show is only the start.

During the event, it is helpful to post updates on social media to let people know that you are attending the trade show and any other events. It's important to follow up on any leads you may have gotten after the event, and it's also important to have planned touchpoints with both new and returning booth visitors.

The last and maybe most important of these trade show tips is to use the lessons you've learned each year to improve on your goals from the previous year and get rid of the strategies that didn't work. Measure the engagement based on your goals, and then use the information you get to plan engagement for the next year. Also, make sure to link your measurements of impact to your goals for business results. Then take the time and effort to teach your coworkers what you learned at the trade show, especially since trade shows are entering a new phase after the COVID-19 outbreak. This is good for your company as a whole.

Some Recent and upcoming TRADE SHOWS in Australia

Different types of trade shows and exhibitions held in Australia which are as follows.

2023 APCS Summit

From October 11–13, 2023, the APCS Summit will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center. It will cover Australian and international business news in the areas of business and entrepreneurship

Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo - Perth 2022

We are very proud of how important the show has been to the growth of Australia's small business and franchising sectors over its more than 35-year history. People want to work for themselves and take charge of their futures more than ever. This has caused a big change in the workplace and community over the last few years. The Expo gives exhibitors the chance to talk to qualified people who are interested in starting their own franchise or small business.

People who want to start their own business often find that the help and organization of a franchise is the key to their success. You can meet small business advisors and experts, talk to franchisors and franchisees, attend free seminars, and do all of these things under one roof. Each Expo has businesses from the most successful franchises and small businesses in Australia, as well as in-depth seminars, are given by experts in all areas of business, finance, and franchising.

Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo - Brisbane 2022

At the franchising exhibition, people will learn all the important facts about franchising and companies. If you are starting a new business or own a business and want to franchise or work with other businesses, this show may have all the information you need. The next franchising expo will give advice on both the legal and financial parts of buying and starting a business. People who come can talk to franchisees, business owners, and trade associations.

From Friday, October 14, 2022, to Saturday, October 15, 2022, the franchising expo was held in Brisbane.

World Business Forum 2022

On September 7 and 8, 2022, the World Business Forum will be held at the ICC Sydney. It will cover Australian and international business news in the areas of business, financial holdings, and enterprises.

OMAE | International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering 2022

OMAE 2022 is the perfect place for academics, engineers, managers, technicians, and students from the scientific and business worlds from all over the world.

To Meet, talk about, and show off the science behind technological advances. Advancing technology and using it in business, as well as bringing people from all over the world together to work on the ocean, offshore, and arctic engineering while sharing ideas and experiences. More than 900 technical papers will be presented, continuing the excellence of past OMAE conferences.

Some upcoming trade show events in Australia
  • 30 Jan 2023 Arab Health 2023 Business Program

  • 6 Feb 2023 Mining Indaba 2023 – Australian Mining in Africa Program

Types of trade show displays by Vivid Ads 

What are trade show displays? The following are some effective trade show display products for your trade show in Australia. 

  1. pop-up lightbox walls

  2. Shell Scheme Fabric Graphics

  3. Octanorm Infills

  4. Printed Tablecloths

  5. Straight Stretch Fabric Walls

  6. Pop-Up Display Stretch Fabric Wall

  7. fabric banner stands

  8. premium pull-up banners

  9. Portable Brochure Stands

  1. Pop-up lightbox walls

Your business deserves to stand out over competitors. A pop-up lightbox wall is the most effective way in the types of exhibition displays. With VividAds lightbox, you can enjoy the long-lasting effects of an eye-catching, premium fabric light box that will impress any audience with its stylish design and clear visibility.

How it works: Our beautifully light pop-up display can be set up without any special tools or knowledge of building stands. Because the frame is so smart and can stretch and lock into place, and because it is made of high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum, you can use your display at more than one event. Your art is printed on high-quality display polyester, and each panel has silicone edges.

The LED bars of trade show displays light box  that connects the top and bottom of the frame and rest behind your fabric print making this pop-up display stand out from the others. The LED bars shine light because they have built-in backlighting. The sides, top, and back are all made of polyester fabric panels that block out light, so no light can get in. Dye sublimation is used to make the textile graphic. The edges are finished with silicone edging that slides into a specially designed channel to hold your beautiful pictures in place and give them the right amount of tension.

  1. Shell Scheme Fabric Graphics

All of the Shell Scheme Fabric Graphics shown were made and printed for trade shows. Because of this, we can carefully check the quality of every product we make to make sure it meets our client's needs. During the printing process at, each panel is put through a series of strict quality tests to make sure the image is sharp and clear. So they are clean and ready to go when they get to your site.  Please note that the size of the Shell scheme panels may change a little bit depending on the technology that the event organizer gives. Please make sure your art is the right size so that it matches the shape of the shell. With our selection of high-quality printed tablecloths, you and your table can show off your brand at a wide range of events.

What is a trade show display used for? High-quality pigment-based inks are used to print each Shell Scheme panel. This makes it easier to create a full, bright image that will definitely bring out the best parts of your trade show exhibit graphic design. After the panel has dried and set, a layer of laminate can be added to help prevent nicks and scratches, especially during shipping.  Please note that the size of the Shell scheme panels may change a little bit depending on the technology that the event organizer gives. Please make sure your art is the right size so that it matches the shape of the shell. With our selection of high-quality printed tablecloths, you and your table can show off your brand at a wide range of events.

There are also gloss and matte lamination options for this. Make up a unique and creative way to sell your business to a wide range of people with different needs and backgrounds. Using the custom-printed Shell Scheme panels, you can turn a simple shell scheme into an interesting and appealing display sign for trade shows that will have the desired effect. See if you're not sure how to measure and set up the Shell Scheme panels correctly. 

  1. Octanorm Infills

Posters for trade show display walls are high-quality prints that are carefully sized to fit your Octanorm shell design and can be rolled up. We print your designs on our superior textured grey back PVC, which sticks like wallpaper to the smooth, crystal-textured surface of the wall panel and captures stunning color images with perfect photo realism in every detail. Please note that the size of the Shell scheme panels may change a little bit depending on the technology that the event organizer gives. Please make sure your art is the right size so that it matches the shape of the shell. With our selection of high-quality printed tablecloths, you and your trade show display table can show off your brand at a wide range of events.

We have two large sizes of personalized tablecloths for rectangular tables. Stretch Tablecloths are the easiest way to get a branded tablecloth that will cover an entire standard folding table. Check out our custom-printed round tablecloths for situations with round tables. And our table runners are the perfect way to add a sense of occasion to any trade show display table, no matter what size or shape it is. When printing on tablecloths, you have a few options for logos. Our custom-sized tablecloths are great for indoor and outdoor markets, fetes, fayres, trade shows, exhibition stands, conferences, award banquets, and more. Each one is made entirely of materials that can be washed and used again, and each one is completely hemmed. Since we print on the whole visible surface of the cloth, any color or design is possible. Check out our Octanorm films at 

Straight Stretch Fabric Walls

10 x 10 trade show displays of Stretch Fabric Walls have a strong, lightweight, tubular aluminum frame that is covered with a printed fabric. The print is on the front of the 260gsm stretch fabric cover, while the back is just white. It is made to fit securely over the frame (can be printed double-sided). The tension is kept by a zipper at the bottom. Even though one person could put the frame together, we usually recommend that at least two people apply the design. The time it takes to put together, which is about 10 minutes, can vary a bit depending on what size is bought. Check out VividAds 

Pop-Up Display Stretch Fabric Wall

Pop-up displays made of tension fabric are a popular choice for trade show booths and other events that need to be set up quickly and easily. A portable aluminum display frame can be made bigger quickly without any tools and display signs for trade shows. Stretch tension fabric graphics that are attached to the display with Velcro stay there during delivery. OneFabric, Hopup, Ready Pop, and RPL Displays are some of the best-known companies that make pop-up displays. For magnetic Trade Shows, you can also choose our Coyote and Big Wave pop-up displays. Where to buy trade show display shelf? Visit for your desired product.

Fabric banner stands

This category is a cross-over from the trade show displays near me category because it has a range of products that are sized and used more like standard fabric banner stands. These banner stands come with both silicone edge push-fit banners and designs that work with stretchy fabric pillowcases. Trade show display case are held up by banner stands with lightweight tube frames, while silicone edge graphics are held up by trade show display stands with aluminum extrusions that have slots where the graphic edge is placed. Both types come in a wide range of sizes, but pillowcase-style graphics come in different shapes while silicone edge graphics are usually more rectangular. Look at, and then get in touch with us if you have any questions or special needs.

Premium pull-up banners 

The premium pull-up banner is a great way to show what your business is all about in one eye-catching image. Thanks to the high photographic quality of our deluxe roller banner, people at a busy industry event will see the fancy, bright picture you choose. The banners, which are 85 cm x 200 cm and printed on 300gsm grey block polymer, are easy to set up and store. The premium roller banner also comes with a free travel bag, a lightweight but sturdy aluminum stand, and other extras. We want to make sure that your shop floor and corporate events benefit from our high-quality roller banners. To start making your design, click the link to display signs for trade shows. After the artwork is done, we'll start printing the banner and deliver it for free door-to-door. Check out all the detail of the premium pull-up banner at 

Portable Brochure Stands

Do you need an easy way to move printed papers between trade shows, promotions, and other busy places? Our portable Portable Brochure Stands can be folded up or rolled around, so you can put magazines, brochures, and product catalogs in front of your customers no matter where you are. With these portable pamphlet racks, you can take the show wherever you need to. They are light, keep printed materials and trade show display materials  well-organized and easy to find, and take seconds to set up or take down. Distribute product information packets to consumers using portable Portable Brochure Stands. This way, even if they decide not to buy right away, they will have something to read and contact you about in the future. Exhibitors often use these racks instead of an extra salesperson because they give potential customers a chance to learn more about your company before being helped or the chance to take a brochure with them if they can't stay for your whole presentation. Trade show display stands like Portable Brochure Stands that fold up is useful and fit well in our car or business van. With mobile trade show displays magazine rack , it's easier to move printed marketing materials between departments, and many of them have digital media displays for better advertising opportunities. Check out for a trade show.

Trade Show Marketing Strategy in Australia: What to Do Before, During, and After

Strategies for marketing at trade shows

Developing international markets is a difficult process. There are many ways to find and break into new markets, but each one requires a lot of time and money to get going. Participating in trade shows is a popular way for businesses to find new export markets. It's easy to find trade events that are geared toward their industry and their ideal customers, and the cost is low.

Making a trade show marketing plan can help you do better at international business events. What is your plan for a trade show? Even though many Canadian businesses know it's important to go to foreign trade fairs, not all of them have a plan for marketing at trade shows. Having a marketing plan for your business before, during, and after the trade show will help you get a better return on your investment and do better in your target market. With its help, you can even get money for trade shows! If your business has a booth at an international trade show, it needs to think about how to take advantage of these marketing opportunities.

Before the Show: Marketing Strategies for Trade Shows

Before going to your export market to participate in the trade show, your company should be committed to promoting itself and the trade event. Use technology, your network of customers, and strategic partners to spread the word about your business.

Some of the best ways to market before a trade show are:

  • Marketing on social media

You should take advantage of this trend to promote your business in the same way that trade show and conference organizers promote their events through social media. Using hashtags that are related to the event is the easiest way to do this. Most social media platforms use hashtags, so search for ones that are related to the event. Then, use those hashtags in posts to raise awareness.

  • Promote your website or blog

Your company's website is another great way to let customers and possible customers know about your upcoming shows. If you blog about the event and include a link to the registration page, more people will go, and they'll be looking for your business while they're there. This is also a great place to get the word out if your website has a " Events " page that lists your upcoming marketing or sales-focused sessions.

  • Mail Service

With so many marketing methods moving online, direct mail may now have a better chance of working than ever before. Using traditional marketing methods like direct mail can help you cut through the noise of online ads and reach your target audience, especially those who don't already follow you online. With a postcard-sized mailer and a well-segmented mailing list, you might get great results and let people know you'll be in their area and available to talk to if they go to the trade fair.

  • Booth Ideas

Wholesale trade shows Australia is the most common problem that businesses have to deal with. How to design a trade show booth? There are a number of things to think about when deciding whether to design the booth yourself or hire an outside consulting and design firm to do it. The first thing on the list should be the goal your team has for the trade show. Product sellers may choose a booth set-up that looks more like a store with shelves and other transaction-focused decorations, while service-based businesses may choose a booth that is smaller and more personal.

Marketing Strategies for Trade Shows: Showtime

During the trade show, your company can use a variety of methods to attract more people and turn them into customers. Even if your company's reps and ambassadors will be helping with marketing and sales throughout the event, there should be parts of the trade show displays setup that draw people in on their own. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to promote your business at trade shows:

  • Handouts with information about a product

One of the easiest ways to give leads something tangible at your booth is to give them marketing and sales materials. Handouts that work well at trade shows are usually one or two pages long and focus on topics that your guests will find interesting. The more personal the content is, the more likely it is that leads will remember this information after the event. You can also make marketing materials for a trade show that give a high-level overview of your business. Just make sure to give visitors options so they can choose what information they want to take with them.

  • Distributing promotional goods

Free stuff is great, right?  How to design a trade show booth? Visitors to your booth may remember your business and booth design long after the wholesale trade shows Australia is over if you give them free gifts with your company's logo or another way to recognize your brand. Watch out for people at a trade show who go from booth to booth filling their bags with free stuff. Connecting these freebies to your brand or product/service will help the visitor understand what your company does and why it's valuable.

The best way to use free goods is to bring them up in a conversation between a lead and a business rep during a sales pitch. No free goods should be sent. Instead, your marketing materials should be made so that they can only be given out after a lead's information has been collected or after they have shown other signs of wanting to work with your company.

You can be as creative as you want with the items you give away as gifts. Events, games, raffles, and competitions that are easy to find and interesting will bring in more people and help them remember your business after the trade fair. Big, loud, and annoying ways to market your products or services might work, but only if they attract customers who are really interested in what you have to offer.

  • How Goods and Point of Sale Interact

Be ready to make real sales since most trade fairs and conferences encourage sales enablement while people are there. You don't need a storefront full of goods to make sales at conferences, but you do need to be ready to accept payments and follow up with clients afterward. Mobile credit card readers are great for businesses that go to trade shows because they are cheap to buy and keep track of transactions. Making transactions possible at your booth makes it easier for potential customers to do business with you and gives you great data to look at and figure out how well the event went.

Techniques for Marketing at Trade Shows: After the Event

Even though the wholesale trade shows Australia is over, there are still a lot of great ways to market your business. Long-term success depends on keeping up with your leads and customers after the trade show. Luckily, this is one of the situations in which marketing methods work best.

After trade shows, the best marketing strategies are as follows:

  • Analysis of leads and sales

After a trade show, your marketing and sales teams should get together to talk about the leads and customers they got there. Make several lists to keep track of different types of visitors, such as those who stopped by the booth and talked to a company rep, those who bought something, or those who used their business cards to enter a raffle or contest. It might be helpful to say how leads were found so that interactions can be changed after the event and response rates can be raised.

  • Check on sales and leads.

Make sure to keep up with any conversations you started at the event, and use your wholesale trade shows Australia lead and client lists. Communication problems can be solved by personalizing messages as much as possible, such as by going over the product, service, or topic again and making sure the sender of the email is the same person who attended the event. You can decide what to do next, but don't miss this chance to keep the momentum going from the trading event.

  • Projects to increase exports need funding.

Trade shows are a great way for both new and experienced exporters to expand into new international markets. It's often seen as a must-have for Canadian businesses because it's a low-cost, low-risk option that makes market access easier. A great trade show displays marketing plan isn't necessary for success, but it will help you make a model that can be used again and again to help exports over the long term.

Trade shows are just one way that your company can think about growing its exports. Getting product certifications, communicating with foreign markets, and making strategic alliances should also be top priorities for companies that want to expand internationally.

Top 8 Factors That Make A Quality Trade Show Display in Australia

In this piece, we'll talk about these eight things and what makes a good exhibition stand.

  1. Performance 

Performance describes how well a product does its main job. For example, a car's performance would include how fast it goes, how well it turns, how safe it is, and how comfortable it is to ride in. For a fast food chain like McDonald's, performance would be how well the staff works and how good the food is.

Here are four standard measures of how well display stands work:

  • Easy to put together: It's meant to be easy to put together and take apart so that a regular sales rep can build the whole stand by themselves. It would be very helpful to be able to build it without needing tools or special skills.

  • Ability to switch out graphics: Who wants to pay a pro just to change their graphics? When you have a good display stand system, you and your team can do everything on your own.

  • Be open to different booth sizes: Sometimes, you might need a different size booth. A good booth for an exhibition should be able to fit different booth sizes.

  • Easy to get around: It can be folded up into bags that you can carry with you, so you don't have to hire a logistics company and risk being late to the event.

  1. Characteristics 

Many people confuse the way something looks with how well it works. Features are extra parts of a product or service that make it more appealing to the customer. Most of the time, features are used to make competitors stand out from each other. One thing that makes trade displays stand out from other presentation systems is that they can be put together in different ways. This means that you can change the way the stand looks in any way you want. There are also a number of accessories, like shelf units and TV mounting brackets, that you can use to make your stand look even more like you.

  1. Reliability 

Reliability is one of the most important things. No matter how many features a product has or how well it's made, if you can't count on it, it's not a good one. Depending on the product, this feature becomes more important when it is used for a task that needs to be done quickly. For example, farmers are very aware of downtime during the short harvest season because it could mean the difference between a good year and a bad one. Reliability is a big part of a company's reputation and image, and it can also be a huge competitive advantage. For example, a recent study shows that reliability is now the most important thing people want in a car.

How well do trade displays work? Reliability is one of the most important things we look for when building TRIGA. We know how hard it can be to deal with exhibition displays that change all the time. You have to set up the stand and make sure it works. The last thing you want is for the stand to be impossible to put together because a piece of hardware is broken or you don't have the right tool.

One way we made trade displays more reliable was by cutting down on the number of moving parts in the system. Since the system has fewer moving parts, there is less chance that something will go wrong. Trade displays are also great because it doesn't need a single piece of hardware or another component to work. This means that if one part of the system breaks, you can just fix or replace that part instead of having to replace the whole system.

4. Compliance or conformance

Does the product meet all the rules? In some way, specifications are part of all goods and services. When things are made, these requirements are set and a goal is set, such as the materials used or the size of the product. In addition to the target, the tolerance, which is the allowed range of difference from the target, is given. One problem with this method is that it doesn't really matter how well the requirements are met as long as the tolerance limits are met. Compliance measures in service firms often focus on accuracy and timeliness and include counts of processing errors, delays that were not expected, and other common mistakes.

Trade displays compliance

Industry standards for an exhibition stand would include the quality of the hardware of the trade show booth hardware, how it is finished, and, most importantly, how well the graphics are printed in terms of color. We have to make sure that the colors of the graphic prints exactly match the colors of our client's logos since the stand will represent their businesses.

5. Resilience or durability

The durability of something is how long it will last. It could also be called the value a consumer gets out of a product until they have to replace it or stop using it.

When trade displays were made, their durability was a top priority. We want it to be the trade show system with the best value for money. It is made and designed to be put together, taken apart, packed, and moved many times. Since we made our customers' show stands to last for years, the only thing they had to change was the prints.  If you've ever seen how crazy an exhibitor looks at the end of a show when they're trying to pack up their booth quickly so they can get to the taxi line, you know how much damage can be done in those few minutes.

6. Ability to work or serviceability 

How quickly a product can be fixed when it breaks depends on how serviceable it is. This also has to do with how the service is run. For example, how fast the service was, how friendly the staff was, and how many calls it took to finish the job. trade displays are a different kind of display stand than those that came before it. The benefit of this is that if only one part breaks, you only have to replace that one part. This saves you money and trouble.

In terms of service, we're best at:

The receptionist answers our phone calls. So, you won't have to press a few numbers and talk to a robot before you can talk to a real person.

Instead of talking to a different customer service rep every time, we give each customer an account manager. This way, you'll always be talking to someone who knows what you need.

7. Beauty or aesthetics

The way something looks is one of the most subjective parts of quality. This is because different people have different ideas about how something should look, feel, sound, taste, or smell. The iPhone or iPad brand from Apple can also change how a product looks.

Because an exhibit's main goal is to get people's attention, how it looks and feels is very important when it comes to exhibition stands. In this case, the top quality trade show displays of the images are very important. Pictures with lots of details Are the colors like they really are? Trade displays were made with an eye for beauty and with the goal of making our customers' brands look great. The trade displays display system is also flexible, so you can build U-walls, L-walls, or any other kind of curved wall. It also hides the frame, which is different from other systems that give you a more simple look.

8. Perceived quality

The brand of a company or product is one of the most important things that affects how quality is seen. Even though Apple's iPhone is made in China, most people still think it's a good product. Even though both iPhones and Huawei phones are made in China, Huawei phones are thought to be of lower quality. Customers' comments, word-of-mouth, and how people think of a brand all affect how good an exhibition stand is seen to be.

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