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What Is a Shell Scheme and How Can I Make It Look Attractive?

Shell scheme is a very frequently used term in the world of exhibition displays. It’s the most common type of stand or booth that exhibitors are assigned while booking a space at a tradeshow event or exhibition. To put it simply, a shell scheme is made up of a box style design which is supported by vertical poles, held together at the top and bottom by cross poles. The poles are usually made of aluminium. Even though the basic structure of a shell scheme may be the same, every provider offers varying sizes and shapes. What you choose depends on your own design preferences and the specifications of the event organizers.

It usually comes in one metre modules and arranged by the show organizer. Exhibition organizers provide shell scheme stands for exhibitors who have an area of 20 square meters or less to put their booth up. These exhibition stands have 1-3 open sides making them easily recognizable in the floor plans. There are some shows that are entirely based on the shell scheme.

Most shell scheme stands consist of carpet tiles, basic walls and a company logo board. However, you can quickly transform a basic looking stand to something more attractive to the visitors. One way of doing is this is by using seamless shell scheme graphics. Here are some of the top tips that can help you with this.

1. Remove the Fascia

The fascia panel is located right at the front of your shell scheme stand. If you remove, it will make your stand appear larger and more open. The openness of your stand makes it more appealing to the visitors. They will be able to see all that’s on display more clearly and won’t have to stand at a place which appears small or congested.

The best part is that there’s no additional cost associated with this. All you need to do is to inform your stand provider about your requirements much before the show.

2. Make Your Brand Stand Out with Stunning Graphics

Your stand needs to encourage visitors to stop, take interest, and step ahead to talk to your representative rather than simply walking as a passerby. You have to make your mark with your brand and induce interest among attendees.

You can showcase your brand by adding interesting elements especially seamless shell scheme graphics, fabric display stands, promotional banners, standees, cube stacks, pop up displays, furniture, and more. The more of these products you can brand, the higher will be the visual impact you’re trying to make.

3. Add Some Lights

You can add a few bright wall lights to your stand and make your stand really inviting and appealing. Whether you go for LED lights or simple uplighters, good lighting can upgrade your stand and make your visitors feel welcomed.

Going for a shell scheme stand design doesn’t necessarily mean it has to look boring or generic. Use the above mentioned tips to give your basic looking stand a much needed makeover.  

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