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4 Exhibition Lighting Ideas to Consider for Your Next Event

Companies who showcase their brands at trade shows and exhibitions want to make the most of the platform and the investment that has gone into setting up their exhibition stand. This is why there’s a constant need for the exhibitors to come up with unique ideas to make their exhibition  stand look more appealing and attract higher traffic on their booths.

At the trade show venue, the right lighting can make all the difference between making a lasting first impression or a bad one. A dim environment or an off-colour tone will put off attendees while a warm and creatively lit exhibition stand makes visitors feel welcomed and eager to learn more about your brand.

In this post, we’re listing down some great exhibition lighting ideas and tips to enhance the overall look of your stand design.

1. Try Backlighting

Backlighting has become one of the most popular trends when it comes to trade shows. This technique places lights behind fabric panels or inside frames or signage, creating backlit displays. Backlighting is becoming one of the top favourite exhibition design ideas because it draws attention to 3D logos, promotional banners, fabric graphics and more.

The best part about backlit displays is that it’s a simple technique and also cost effective, while providing a considerable payoff. Backlighting with subtly changing LED lights can make a dramatic difference in catching a passerby’s eyes.

2. Use Mobile Light Box Displays

Mobile light box displays are another attention-grabbing design element that can boost your exhibition space. The ones that come with double sided graphic displays are even better as you can place them centrally so that it catches the attention of your visitors entering from all corners of your exhibition stand.  They are available in custom sizes, graphics and signage to suit your branding needs. And the ease with which they can be moved around makes them even more useful.

3. Set the Right Color Tone

Choosing the right colour tone for your booth lighting goes a long way to enhance and support your brand image. Incandescent lights have the tendency to throw yellow-hued lighting that can alter colours and soften details.

On the other hand, LED lights offer the advantage of greater flexibility with their wide range of colour tones. Therefore you can choose a tone that goes with your brand and even modify the tone at various sections of your exhibition stand if it’s large enough.

Cooler, white tones portray true colours and accuracy of details such as sharp text and graphics making your booth more visually appealing.

4. Track Lighting

Track lighting can help exhibitors bring attention to a series of products in an impressive way that’s also not too overwhelming. Track lighting can be used alongside your main display banner as well. White lights are the standard choice for track lighting, but you are free to use coloured lights to go with your theme.

These lighting ideas can make your create impactful exhibition stands that are sure to catch everyone’s eyes on the day of the show!

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