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4 Reasons to Opt for Modular Exhibition Stands

Business exhibitions and tradeshows provide a powerful platform for businesses to showcase their brand and engage with existing and potential customers. Exhibition displays should be designed in a way that they enhance your branding strategy and are capable of garnering greater attention in order to increase traffic at your exhibition stand.

However, for a number of businesses it’s not possible to set up large, complicated exhibition stands. But this doesn’t mean they can’t create a lasting impression at the event. Small to medium sized businesses can benefit from modular displays that are not just within their budget but also provide greater flexibility. These modular displays can easily be redesigned to fit into variety of spaces.

In this post, we’re going to look at the all the reasons why businesses should choose a modular exhibition stand to showcase their brand at their next big tradeshow. 

1. They Offer Portability

Exhibition stands designed using modular display structures are much easier to be transported than custom built designs. They are easily broken down into smaller, more manageable parts to be moved around. Moreover, they are easier to be packaged into compact bundles.

This means you can easily carry them in travel bags and place them into cars, buses, and even planes. Furthermore, they provide ease of shipping with reduced freight and storage costs. They’re light weight and do not require heavy machinery such as forklift trucks to be delivered to the desired locations and to be set up there. 

2. They Come in Attractive Design Options So There’s No Compromise on the Look

Choosing modular displays for your exhibition stand doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the overall impact of your brand. As an exhibitor, you won’t miss out on anything thanks to the structural versatility and various graphic design features that they bring in. Therefore, you can easily design visually appealing and high impact exhibition displays using modular design framework. And the best part is that you get this only at fraction of the cost and in half the time as compared to custom built exhibition stands.

The graphics are interchangeable and portable allowing you to be flexible with your exhibition stand. You can create eye catching visuals and images so that your booth stands out at the event.

3. They are Reusable

One of the major advantages of using modular exhibition stands is that they offer the very attractive reusability factor. You can use it repeatedly at events and even bring in a new touch to the design every time. They can quickly be dismantled to be used at future events. Thus, they are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option when it comes to exhibition displays.

4. Easy to Set Up

You will not need to have a huge workforce or hire the services of a third party to set up a modular exhibition stand at the exhibition venue. A small team can very easily install their exhibition stand without spending hours at the venue. No specialized tools or skilled labour will be needed, reducing your overall assembling cost.

Modular exhibition stands are a smart way to display your brands at tradeshows and corporate events. We hope that these reasons are enough to convince you to give modular displays a try at the next exhibition that you attend.

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