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Popular sizes of Pull up Banners

When choosing between different banner stands, the choice often comes down to pop-up and pull-up banners. They each have their advantages, but pull-up banners are usually preferred for the relative ease of transporting them, as they can quickly be collapsed to smaller sizes and are rolled out in mere seconds.

But does that convenience come at the cost of having fewer options in banner size? Here, we will look at the popular sizes of pull-up banners , and they're often used.

80 cm x 140 cm

These smaller banners are often preferred in shopping centres, where their small size fits better when space is limited.

80 cm x 200 cm

The most popular pull-up banner size. They are often used at events, trade shows, expos, open school days, and conferences. They offer decent exposure, but the ease of set-up and transportation makes them much easier to take to multiple spots in a short time.

100 cm x 200 cm

These banners are slightly wider than the most popular but are good options for giving your brand or booth more exposure.

1500 cm x 220 cm

The extra-wide option is popular when you need significantly more impact. They are often used as a logo wall or a backdrop for a larger conference space or booth; they are the most prominent option available.

Despite their relatively small size when not in use, the examples above show that pull-up banners are limited when choosing the overall length that fits your needs.