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What are retractable banners?


A highly portable, easy-to-set-up alternative to pop-up banners, retractable banners are popular amongst those businesses and brands on the go. If you regularly attend different trade shows and conferences, you will want to learn more about retractable banners and their particular advantages.

What are retractable banners?

Also known as roller banners and roll-up banner stands, these banners are different from the pop-up option. Rather than being assembled from other parts, they simply have to be rolled out and set in place, a task that can be accomplished in mere seconds.

The benefits of a retractable banner

The quick set-up of retractable banner stands means you can get your conference or trade show space ready all the faster. What’s more, they tend to be smaller when they are fully retracted, making them much easier to transport. Lastly, they tend to be more cost-effective than pop-up banners.

A range of different banners is available

Most retractable banners reach up to 2 meters in height, though slightly shorter ones are available. A range of different widths is available, including ultra-wide options suited for logo walls. These banners can also be printed on one or both sides.

If you want to know more about our retractable banners and get a closer look at the options available, visit our product page to see which might be best to suit your needs.