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3 Vinyl Banner Hanging Tips

Hanging banners at a grand launch, an exhibition, or an opening ceremony is a great way to grab attention or direct attendees. Vinyl banners are really versatile as informational and promotional tools. They can be hung indoors at tradeshows and exhibitions. Similarly, outdoor vinyl banners can be quickly installed at open air events and enhance the overall look of the event.

At a tradeshow, vinyl banners prove to be one of the most practical ways to promote your business, products, and services to prospective customers.

Regardless of what purpose they’re used for, you have to hang the banner correctly if you want to ensure that you get the most impact out of your banner when you use it. It must appear smooth and taut against where you’re hanging it up. A wrinkled or creased banner will never be able to catch any positive attention. Here are some of the best tips to ensure your vinyl banners are hung perfectly.

1. Get Banner Stands

Banner stands are a very handy option if you have to be move or adjust your banner frequently and quickly. They are super easy to install and eliminate the need of doing all the work to hang a vinyl banner yourself. You won’t have to worry about anything whether it’s taking measurements, drilling, or climbing. The banner will take care of everything.

2. Bungee Cords are a Better Alternative to Using Rope

Even though most people think of choosing ropes when it comes to tying up the banners, bungee cords are much more convenient to use. Moreover, they’re more durable too. If you plan to hang your vinyl banner attached to two poles on the sides, bungee cords will effectively distribute the stress on each grommet hole, preventing any damage to the holes. Not only that, but bungee cords also properly balance the banner and give it shape and body.

Bungee cords are also stretchable. This means when the wind is blowing, bungee cords will stretch, putting less stress on the grommet holes, hems, and seams of the banners. Thus, your banner remains intact for longer and can be reused for several times – an important advantage if you’re using outdoor vinyl banners.

3. Weave the Rope if Rope is Your Only Option

In case bungee cords are not available and you’re left with nothing other than rope, follow this simple tip to use the rope correctly. You have to weave the rope between the grommet holes. You will have to do it on the top and bottom of the banner, weaving from left to right. This will keep your banner balanced and prevent crinkling and scrunching, hence ensuring the presentation and longevity of your banner.

 Vinyl banners are simple to design and can serve as excellent tools for promotional and marketing purposes. Using the above mentioned tips, you can make sure that your vinyl banners are installed correctly and that their presentation is flawless. This way, you will be able to create the most impact with your banners.


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