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Comparing Vinyl and Mesh banners

Mesh banner Vs. Vinyl Banner - Which Is Better?

Choosing the right type of advertising and promotional tools for your business can be a difficult but crucial task. When selecting any kind of signage for your advertising campaign or promotional event, you want to maximize function, durability, and ease of customization.

Promotional banners are an option that offers all three.

While exploring different kind of banners, companies often find themselves wondering whether they should go for a mesh banner or vinyl banner. Here’s everything you need to know about these two most popular types of banners so that you can make the right decision for your advertising efforts.


What Are Mesh Banners?

As the name implies, mesh banners are made of interlaced or weaved fabric that is breathable. In other words, they have tiny holes that allow air to pass through. This makes mesh banners ideal for installing in outdoor locations even when the weather is windy as they won’t tear so easily.

The criss-crossed weaved pattern may make a mesh banner look slightly transparent. However, printing them in a range of colors with graphics, images, and text is easily doable.


  • Mesh banners have an air flow friendly design that makes them much more durable.
  • The mesh portion also reduces the weight of the manner, facilitating ease of transport and installation, as well as, saving on costs.
  • Mesh banners are resistant to tearing.
  • Ideal for outdoor installation such as fencing mesh banners, scaffolding mesh banners, hanging mesh banners and more.


  • Printing on mesh banners can be more expensive compared to vinyl banner printing.
  • Colors, images, and graphics are not as bright as they would look on vinyl banners.
  • You can only print one side of the banner.


What Are Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners are made of scrim polyester mesh and vinyl and offer large size and full color options. They look eye catching whether you print them on one side or use them for double sided printing. They are one of the most versatile types of banners that can be installed both indoors and outdoors in all shapes and sizes. They usually come with grommet holes that allow for easy installation.


  • Vinyl banner printing is less costly and less time consuming.
  • You have the option to choose from gloss or matte finish.
  • Double sided printing is possible with superb ink finish.



  • Vinyl banners are more prone to being torn or damaged especially in windy conditions.
  • They can easily wrinkle if not handled properly.


Mesh Banner Vs. Vinyl Banner - The Verdict

As you can see, choosing between vinyl banner and mesh banner depends upon your particular needs as both of them come with their own advantages. Mesh banners are excellent for extensive outdoor usage and come with greater durability. You should go for them if you expect that your customers will see and read your sign repeatedly. Vinyl banners, on the other hand, offer superior colors and finish and are perfect for short term use during events.

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