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The Truth about Backlit Panels

Backlit panels as trade show displays are one of the recent innovations in advertising and promotional tools used by exhibitors all over the world. These attractive backlit panels or boxes mostly utilize LED lights to illuminate a printed surface seamlessly. The bright LEDs bring an extra definition to your customized graphics, images and text.

These backlit panels make use of a specialized material for the printed surface so that the LED light shows through it. This material or fabric can be customized and any kind of graphics can be printed on it just like ordinary banners or signs. However, the backlighting effect makes all the difference and regular signage cannot produce the kind of visual impact these backlit panels create.

Here are some important facts to know about backlit graphic panels.

1. What Are The Main Features of Backlit Panels?

Backlit panels are constructed using special backlit material either a fabric or SEG graphic murals that allow light to pass through them. Along with that there are LED lights installed inside them together with a transformer that powers the unit. 

2. Are These Backlit Panels Complicated to Set Up?

They may seem like complicated tools, but the good news is that these backlit graphic panels are super easy to set up. The components are very portable and can be quickly assembled and your display would be up and running with a simple plug and play action.

3. Do They Generate Heat?

LED backlit exhibition displays don’t emit any heat. Even though light and heat usually go together, LEDs are perfectly safe to use and do not generate any heat at all. Furthermore, these backlit displays are specially engineered and tested for their safety. Other lighting sources such as halogen bulbs are never recommended for backlighting graphic panels as they can get warmed up too fast and create a fire hazard.

4. Is it Worth Investing in Backlit Panels?

Our answer would be, yes! They might be slightly more costly than conventional exhibition display and signage options but if you can make some room in your promotional budget, you must go for backlit displays.

These panels create a much superior visual impact than non-backlit exhibits. They are easy to assemble and easy to store. They are also highly customizable so the design and content options with backlit panels are endless. Moreover, LED lights have a very long lifespan so if you’re a frequent exhibitor, you can use these panels over and over again without a worry.

To Sum up

Backlit panels can add up to 40% more attention to your brand message. These illuminated signs will not only attract more customers to your booth but also make it easier for them to see and understand your message even if they are viewing them from a distance. This will create greater curiosity among visitors to walk inside your booth and interact with you.

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