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Pop Up Display Sizes – Which One is Best for You?

Pop up display sizes can be confusing for the beginner because there are so many to pick and choose from. For most people, this can be the area where they face the most confusion. Luckily, it is not difficult to understand the different kinds of sizes that you can find for pop up displays.

Common pop up display sizes ranges from 3 x 1 to 3 x 5. You’ll notice that there’s no measurement used to define the sizes. This is because the sizes aren’t measured in general meters. Instead, they are measured by the number of quads that are used to make the stand.

So, a 3 x 1 stand is one that is 3 quads in height and 1 quad in width. You can apply this same measurement rule to the other sizes to better understand just how large the stand is going to be. To help clarify these further, the following is just a small guide that helps you to understand the different sizes available for pop up displays:

Small Sizes – 3 x 1 and 3 x 2

Going over 2m in height and lower than 2 m in width, the small sizes for pop up displays are favorites. These are great alternatives for roller banners and give great exposure. They’re commonly used in tradeshows because their size gives you more room for graphic use.

As a result, you can easily create signage that is high impact and has great visibility in a crowd. These are great display options to have when limited space means that you can’t have large displays. Additionally, you will commonly find these pop up displays near the reception areas or at promotional tables.

Medium Sizes – 3 x 3

The medium-sized pop up display is extremely popular because it fits the size capacity given by most exhibition places. It is also perfect because it gives more space for graphic design. Other flexible options include choosing straight or curved 3 x 3 medium-sized displays.

The straight option is perfect for when you want to use the display as a photo wall. You can also use the curved option for a shell setting. The flexibility and ease of use offered by this size make it a favorite choice for many businesses.

Large Sizes – 3 x 4 and 3 x 5  

If any brand that wants a larger impact, they should opt for the largest size pop up displays which are 3 x 4 and 3 x 5. The larger size gives more room for graphic design and is perfect for marketing products and raising brand awareness with ease.

You can also customize large sizes but there’s one downside. They’re not the easiest to use and do need a lot of space. For indoor tradeshows and conventions, space limitations can mean that you cannot use them unless you pay for more space.

All these stands are available in straight or curved variations. Just remember to keep the available space of the show in mind when picking from any of these pop up display sizes.

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