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Benefits of In-Store Advertising

Benefits of In-Store Advertising

While planning a marketing strategy, most businesses emphasize on advertising at the storefront to attract customers into the store. However, one thing that businesses generally miss out on is using creative in-store advertising to engage customers that are already inside.

In-store advertising refers to marketing with promotional counters, posters, pull up banners, floor graphics, etc. to customers when they are inside of a brick-and-mortar business. Different strategies are employed to encourage customers to buy more products and services at the time of purchase. People walk into a store with a few specific items in mind; the goal of in-store advertising is to persuade these customers to buy more with well-planned in-store marketing.

Keep reading to learn how your business can benefit from in-store advertising:

Introduces New Products to the Customers

An essential advantage of using in-store advertising is that you can introduce your customers to new products in your store. New and unfamiliar products might not attract footfall to your store, but once they are inside the store, creative in-store advertising can succeed in attracting attention towards these products. With in-store marketing, you can introduce the customers to new products and explain their features and benefits to them.

Triggers Recall

Sometimes, customers forget about a good product they had used in the past. Seeing the product again on posters or pull-up banners inside the store makes them recall their good experience with said product. With the help of in-store advertising, you can trigger recall in your customers and encourage them to purchase that product again.

Encourages Impulse Buying

An advertisement on TV, social media, or in a newspaper might draw people to your store but by displaying discounts, promotional offers, and complimentary products, you can encourage impulse buying. With in-store advertising, you can highlight cross-sells and related products to motivate your customers to buy more.

Gives Customers a Hands-On Experience

Beside portable displays, you can also use other strategies to provide your customers with a hands-on experience when they visit your store. You can offer product samplings or in-store demos to persuade shoppers to make a purchase decision. This does not only help you sell the specific products you are marketing but also allows you to cross-sell, ultimately helping you increase your sales to a great extent.

Retains Loyalty of the Customers

Once your customers have a pleasant experience at your store, they are likely to return for shopping again. With well-planned and creative in-store advertising, you can make the customers value their purchase experience. With the ease of shopping and guidance with displays, you can turn the shoppers into loyal customers.

Gives Complete Control of Marketing to the Retailer

In-store advertising is easier to control, adjust, and customize according to the needs of your business and customer. Unlike a print or electronic advertisement, you have complete control to alter the message and designs as per your needs. You can instantly change offers or lower prices, depending on the conditions you observe at your store.


In-store advertising can be a great way to give a boost to your sales. It is, however, essential that your advertising methods and display match with the ambiance of your store. Ensure that you have not cluttered the store with excessive displays and too many props. The whole point of in-store advertising is guiding your customers during purchase, instead of confusing them further.

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