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A Basic Guide to Sign Boards

A Quick Guide about Sign Boards

While walking down the street, you must’ve observed different sign boards several times. They are a common sight for many us but how much do we know about them?

Not a lot! Well, we’re here to change that. Read on to know about the different types of sign boards and why they are important.

Functions of a Sign Board

If you think that sign boards are just used for advertising purposes, you might want to rethink that. They do so much more. Let’s find out.

For Providing Information

Sign boards are widely used for informational purposes. They are frequently used for indicating gestures, showing maps, and other instructions about a place. Signage boards also exhibit signs or symbols to indicate directions.

For Advertising

Sign boards are commonly used for promotions. Since visual perceptions tend to linger in your memory for a longer time, several businesses use them for advertising their business. An advertising board that is installed at a busy location will attract the attention of a lot of people. This will help you meet your business promotion-related goals.

For Safety Purpose

We often see sign boards that have safety signs or instructions on them. Some of these indicate potential hazards while others indicate mandatory actions that are required to prevent those hazards. They are used by industrial facilities and are also installed at public places like cliffs, beaches etc.


Now that you’re acquainted with the different functions of a sign board, let’s move forward to talk about the types of sign boards

Types of Sign Boards

External Sign Boards

These are the ones that are used for advertisement, directions, or informational purposes. They can be big or medium-sized depending upon the requirements and affordability factors of a brand. They are often used for call-to-action purpose because they quickly grab people’s attention.

Internal Sign Boards

These are usually used inside the lobby of a company or in the compound of the offices.

Illuminated Sign Boards

These are sign boards that glow in the dark. They are usually used for advertisements. Backlit displays are also another type of illuminated sign boards that are used in exhibitions or trade shows for business promotions.

Fascia Sign Boards

These are installed at the front head of a building. They have the brand name and logo and are used at the shop-fronts. Many of them have a 3D finish and are illuminated as well. 

Best Practices While Installing a Sign Board

  1. Try to make your sign board graphical. It helps to make it more interesting to look at. Incorporate images, colors, and creative font styles to make it exciting.
  2. Be mindful of the spot that you choose to install your sign board. Make sure to install it at a location that serves the purpose well.
  3. Keep the messages on your sign boards concise. Lengthy messages get boring.
  4. You can also incorporate a call-to-action in your boards to help people reach out to your business.


This was a quick guide to help you understand the basics of sign boards. If you want to know more, visit and explore new ideas.

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