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3 Benefits of Advertising with Street Signage

Social media marketing has become so prominent that some businesses end up overlooking their street signage. While social media does make a difference in marketing and yields results; so does your business signage.

Signage is said to have a more direct impact because your consumers aren’t viewing it from a screen – they’re right in front of it. This means that you should invest just as much in your business’s signage.

Don’t think so? Here are a few of the most prominent benefits you can enjoy when advertising with street signage.

1. More Foot Traffic

Good signage can bring in more foot traffic to your store. It’s been reported that around 76% of visitors went into a new store because they liked the signage being displayed. For this reason, you should make sure that your signage is not only interesting but also vibrant in colours.

Additionally, street signage doesn’t just refer to a billboard. You can use teardrop flags, A-frame stands and even bollard signs. When used properly, your signage can allow you to increase foot traffic without any issues.

2. Highlight Special Occasions

Suppose that your business is situated in an area where a parade or a local event is going to happen. This is the perfect opportunity to have business street signage which catches the attention of the crowd. You can also incentivise and show your support for the event by offering a discount to anyone attending the same one.

Sure, you might have posted about this fact on social media but, signage is still necessary here. As previously mentioned, effective signage will not only catch the attention of the user, it will also make it easier to get foot traffic to your business.

3. Has a Bigger Local Outreach

Dominating the local market can be tough but it is not impossible. If you want to interact more with your target market, you have to make yourself visible to them. Sure, your business might be on listings like Yelp or Google Maps but when and how does anyone find out what your business specializes in?

When you start collaborating with local businesses.

In this case, you can let them keep their signage on your door while they do the same for you. It creates a sense of local camaraderie and also helps the shopper. They will be able to find the products they need efficiently. In this case, you want to make sure that you’re doing this with their permission. Once you have that, make sure your street signage is the best one available!

Let Vivid Ads Help You!

If you want the best street signage in Australia, get in touch with Vivid Ads! We can give you professional quality, custom-made signage which is durable and weather resistant. Our services are available in the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth areas.

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